9th & Murray Are Avenged!!

The sign of a great producer has always been his/her ability to evolve. When Hip hop by & large turned it's back on him, Primo produced Christina Aguilera's best work to date. When everyone & their mother started biting Timbalands style, he took hiis sound to new levels on Missy's second album. When everyone started questioning whether he had actually produced all those Death Row beats, Dre formed Aftermath & continually brought the bangers. I'm a big 9th fan but & i'm not saying that he is on any of the aforementioned's level, but (on a smaller scale) his journey so far has been the same. When he 1st came out via The Listening, every supposed underground heads wanted him for themselves so they lauded him only in their inner sanctum. But when The Minstrel Show (which in my eyes is sonically & conceptually a superior album) came out & others began to take notice, they had the cheek to question his talent. The main arguement was always that his beats all stemmed from the same drum patterns & sampling

On the other hand, While those in the know were always giving Murs his props, I was never a big fan at first. I bought living Legends Classic on the strength of the group as a whole. I bought The 9th Edition on the strength of The beatsmith. I never even got hold of any of his earlier work until these past 2 years. His was an aura that never got me stirring. Until I bought A Tribute To Lisa Bonet. I'm not sure what got my attention as lyrically it's not his best work. But once I actually took the time to listen I was hooked on the mans demeanor on the mic. Then I went back & listened to The 9th Edition again & his amorous adventures had me nodding my head both in laughter & agreement. He has an ability go take you deeper into himself & address current issues without dampening the mood of the songs.

Listening to each of the 3 projects in turn, it's easy to see the progression in both these artists. The formula across all 3 is a great one. Quality over Quantity is always the best policy. 10 tracks deep every time. Short & sweet meaning the next project is always eagerly anticipated. 9th is always expanding his pallette with each release & although the same 9th essance is there throughout, he has mastered the art of varying his ingredients. So whereas the tempo from The 9th Edition through Murray's Revenge is pretty similar, Sweet Lord varies across the 10 tracks. These 2 have a definite chemistry, one that in my view surpasses 9ths efforts with Buckshot. And the clincher.....it's freeeeeeeeeeee!!! But don't be a miser & make a donation peepz. Freeness of this quality should only be celebrated.

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