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HUH!?! where have i been. As a black man i’m kind of on the fence about this one. Adoption by either one, or two loving parents is always a good thing and if colour wasn’t an issue in her reasons for choosing him, then fine. She may have been in an orphanage or childrens home and just fallen for him. But if she specifically asked for a black baby, then is that ill conceived. At least thelittle bundle of joy will have a better chance in life… right?

Vacant lot


Anyone who copped copped The Medium should be well up for this one. Remember the date.

karma karma karma karma….

love super ep lp

Got these in the mail from yesterday. Some definite niceness to be found on both titles. The LP is not simply an extension of the EP so it’s well worth taking a look at both. Enjoy!

Love Supercedes: EP / LP

look out Behind you


Do as the mixtape title says, Don’t Get Left Behind, DJ IQ on the beats and Joker on the mouthpiece. Enjoy!

Don’t Get Left Behind Mixtape

The Viking Warrior Clutches The Cobra

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Well, i'll be...

How often does this happen? Beaten in his previous fight, as Andre Ward snatched the WBA belt from Kessler's grasp as he disected the Dane's defense, Kessler has made an almighty comeback and claimed the coveted WBC title afte beating Froch on a unaminous points decistion...

But lets have a quick recap first, now I know its been a while since I contributed to the blog, and I know not many of you may have a high interest in the sweet science, but the super six tournament has had its twists so far and I need to cover this. Now these twists have spiraled out into a chaotic confusion of who will win the tournament and be crowned supreme being of the super middleweights. First Froch beat Dirrell and Arthur Abraham K.o'd Jermain Taylor. Then as I said above, Ward dethroned Kessler then Direll defeated Abraham and now Kessler has claimed the WBC title from Froch. All within 7 months.

So what about tonights fight?

Well Froch is disputing the judges decisions that it was a hometown win and of course he would say if the fight had taken place in Nottingham then the decision would have gone the other way...what a load of sanctimonious bullshit, of course he would say that, yet Kessler was technically sounder of the two and he took it to Froch.

The fight was even stevens for a fair few rounds but Froch was laying back and rallying on with his power punches and countering all night while Kessler pressed and landed with punches. It was in the seventh that kessler staggered Froch and then it became apparent that the champion was struggling.Froch then went after Kessler. The Dane, however, responded magnificently, smashing Froch's prominent nose and seeing the champion reel bloodily.

It was Froch's turn to cut Kessler in the ninth, but the tenth was inconsequential until the Dane cut loose late in the round. The challenger kept it up in the 11th and Froch looked tired, but did enough to make it a decision-necessary fight.

The crowd was on its feet, baying for Kessler, and the two men traded punches into the final minute when they gave a grandstand finish.

it’s been Emotional

Album out now. Go grab that!!!

the love Below


A superb band that fuses Jazz, Horns, Funk and Hip Hop via a bangin’ live band. The outcome… supernice. Especially the Funk factor of track 2, J-Street. But damn Gabe only four tracks!?! Is there an album dropping? Enjoy!

Above/Below EP

AB’s Mypace

isn’t that the kingpin?

cover 2 Newby(to me anyway) The Boss has come through with some neck snappers. Sonny Jim, Dr. syntax, Delusionists & Skrein are amonst the chosen few. Don’t sleep. I look forward to many more bruv.

Mr. Boss – The Landing

adventures in Bandcamp #5: Bean edition











Anyone who’s read my prose approving the efforts of Dyme Def (or those who have simply heard of them already) will have been inadvertantly been alerted to the talents of BeanOne. Dopkwe’s Heroes Theme Music is entirely produced by Bean and leans on some 80’s & 90’s soulful niceness. On The Right… well… its pretty self explanatory. Nas, Common, Trey Songz and The Supremes (yep) get the treatment. Enjoy!

BeanOne Remixes

Dopkwe – Heroes Theme Music

Sticks and stones


Skitz as been in pushing out beats/remixes for many a year and is regularly touted as an inspiration by some of the new school. Sticksman is finally due to take a bow on the 7th of June and the folks he has brought along for the ride make up quite a list. Rodney P, Iron Braydz, Masta Ace, Brotherman, Deadly Hunta, Wordsworth… i’ll stop now. You done know the good people should partake. For Now peep another taster. Enjoy!

Skitz – Sticksman promo mix

Soulbrother #2


 This guys comes to the table with on some aternative Hip Hop, if you will. Make no mistake though, the ‘alternative’ part is super nice. Enjoy!

Soulbrother Simon – Remixtape

SoulSi’s Myspace / Reverbnation

far from a Crisis

flyer-width-web I reckon I would really struggle to find a UK ‘Head’ who wouldn’t want to be here if they had the chance. Hehe… I have the chance.


The ‘Sledgehammer Kisses LP’, is coming

i broke my ipod Docking station

Those of you UK/Euro headswho aren’t yet familar, I suggest you acquaint yourselves quickly. These clips will help you.

These ‘moments’ happen worldwide.

I think nowadays the word ‘text’ needs to be exchanged for ‘ping’

Let It all hang out

MMoon Blazers. The purveyors of quality Hip Hop that they are, are giving away their latest collection for free. How on earth I hadn’t happened upon these guys sooner is anyone’s guess. What a superb, reminisce inducing EP. So superb that i also copped THIS. Enjoy!

Moon Blazers – Let Yaself Go