DMC DJ Finals

Get down there tomorrow.

ready to connect?

And another one! Yes i know i'm cheating but i have been away for a while and these blends are bloody superb! This time its the unmistakable voice of the real King of NY (BIGGIE!!!) and laid back smooth beats of The Foreign Exchange. Enjoy!

Download: The Notorious Exchange


Where have I been. Nappy DJ Needles is a blend king and with A Tribe Called Kast he has put together my two favourite groups. The beats of tribe and the flows of ts free so get involved! Enjoy!

Download: A Tribe Called Kast

Treasures from another world

Deeq and Rawz combine their vocals with visuals from Sabir, presenting something exquisite and sublime to create this beautiful combination.

Sabir Facebook

White Forest Records Facebook

Pierce ya damn hearts!

Today is the day! #Pierceartists #BBP #boombappro 


No lack of compassion here

AKD & Deepstar set it off something lovely with that vintage vision of a perfectly executed piece of modern music for the real. Oh yeah and it features AG. Killer.

Buy It Here

Edstrumentals Vol​.​3

Edstrumentals Vol. 3 is a selection of beats produced by the one and only Evil Ed consisting of 20 beats taken from various releases between 2000-2013. Heavyweight gems.

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beauty is more than skin deep

I got this in the mail today and i am loving it. Smooth boom bap coupled with a very light airy vocal. I want and expect to hear more. Enjoy!

be very socially aware

I love this dudes flow and I love his cohort's (Leaf Dog & Illinformed) beats. This is one that will most definitely be making its way into my collection. BVA has been doing his thing for a long while now and his soon to be released album, Be Very Aware, is well overdue. Promo minimix after the break. I must say High Focus are on big tings nowadays. Enjoy!

i spye with my little eye

Bloody hell what a tune!!!!! I had never heard of this guy but happened to chance upon this clip while searching for something else. I am very glad to have made his acquaintance. Everything about this is nice and the scratched hooks.... wow! I cant seem to find any date on an EP/Long player release though. Come on now bruv!?!