rough drafts


Whoa! where have I been frequenting while Tom’s been releasing these. Tom Caruana, after listening to these i have to wonder just how good the beats are that he isn’t giving away. And as you can see from the MC’s he has chosen to remix, Tom knows his craft. Enjoy!

Tom Caruana: Rough Versions Volume 1-5

deep new things are covered

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One of my favourite MC’s, Skuff. has just let loose 2 projects for the good people to digest. Deep Covers is just as it sounds. It sees Skuff going over some recognisable (and some not so) beats, that according to the man himself is a project that he will keep adding to from time to time. The second is an extension of he and Inja’s Skuff and Inja Show, entitled New Year Special (in February?). Enjoy!

Deep Covers / New Year Special

just clap ya handz to the beat

Just happened across this while doing my usual youtube scans. This guy is super nice! Peep the clp and find out why.

MC Xander – Fight For Ascension

indiana jones and the last Krusade

Krate Krusaders - Bootlegs and Beatapes

OHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEE! Just finished listening to the Krate Krusaders latest creation. Bootlegs & Beat Tapes is a remixathon of awesome proportions. Many of the best of British are present. Jehst, Yungun, Phi Life Cypher, Tommy Evans, Taskforce, Kyza, Clarity, Rodney P, Lewis Parker and more are all accounted for. Plus with Badhabitz bring that staple KK Boom Bap diet (for free) thre is no excuse to sleep on this one. I have left some tasty tidbits for the good people to sample. You saw it here first (cheers 1 step). Enjoy!

Phi-Life Cypher: Cordless Mics at 20 Paces

Jehst: Alchaholic Author

Tommy Evans & Yungun: Silent Mobius

Krate Krusaders presents Bootlegs & Beat Tapes

time for sunday (a)mass


‘777 and Beit Nun unveil their latest offering, a collaborative project showcasing the ever-evolving styles of both artists, in this unspoiled collection of ideas, emotion and sound, creating a project that is upmost refreshing, yet exceeedingly complimentary in both style and direction...’

To clarify. this is a damn nice EP. At only 3 tracks and a remix deep (by Jabba the Kut) i’m hoping that this is a precursor toan upcoming long player. Peep the taster.

on the Fly

Fly Spittin Front

Those folks over at Fly Spittin have been supporting the UK scene for a while now. The first volume of there soon to be regular mixtape series is a who’s who of up and coming UK talent. apparently volume 2 is coming soon too. Enjoy!

01. Beit Nun - Let Me Be
02. Blessed House - Drunken Masters Part II
03. Chattabox And Rola - Seize It All
04. Verbal Contact Ft Jefferson - Rumble
05. Double Deuce - Fly Spittin Freeverses
06. Chad The Lad - Triumph and Despair
07. Disiple, Evil Eyez & J Toker - Ode To The Realest
08. Uppacut&WordzLike - Fo'Mo'
09. Sensa - Haters
10. Werd (S.O.S) - My Perspective
11. Frid - It's Not Over
12. Instance - Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash
13. Suus - Backhand
14. Jefferson Price - Can't Leave
15. The Elevatr - Arch Nemesis
16. Gorilla Tactics - One Hell of a Drug
17. Spee Six Nine - I Make Moves
18. Prose - Life Times
19. The Primate Response Unit feat Switches - The Cypher
20. Scizzahz Ft Sonnyjim and Koaste - Moving On

Fly Spittin Volume One

oh what a Sonny day

Q U A L I T Y ! Everytime I hear this guy spit, i’m dumbfounded by his awesome flow. Never ever sleep on Sonny Jim!


Only $3.00 (£1.87 in my money) for the EP. Quality stuff!

how rewd!


Niiiice! Skandal has had a rebranding. Now known as Rewd Adams, he has released a yop drawer album and is giving away to the masses. Rewd Awakening has skan….errrr i mean Rewd, supported by a superb supporting cast including Jon Phonics, Beat Butcha, M-Phazes and Sivey on the boards and Klashnekoff, Graziella and Black The Ripper joining in on the mic. Do NOT miss out. Enjoy!

Rewd Adams: Rewd Awakening

what dreams are made of

It is officially Black History Month. I shouldn’t have to tell you what you should spend at least part of this month brushing up on. But then again it shouldn’t take a special month for you to get the grey matter in gear. p e a c e

Black History Month UK

he’s Mental

Mentalist _ Make You Proud (2011)

Whoa this is a free album!?!?! Mentalist is right because there must be a little out there to be giving away an album of this quality (hehe). what also makes this release stand out is it’s sense of We rather than I. He is not so much bigging up himself as bigging up his family and Hip Hop as a whole. Superb stuff.

Mentalist – Make You Proud

consenting adults

This is why Hip Hop is the conduit to youth consciousness. Peepz that would never normally watch the news or any other current affairs program need only listen to artists such as Poetic Pilgrimage or Mohammed Yahya  to find out what’s really going on. Poetic P’s second album', Starwomen, is coming soon. Peep the clip.

Poetic Pilgrimage’s Myspace