natural progression

I do remember some time ago the Oz crew known as Lyrical Commission. Well one of their own ,Trem, is Prepping ‘For The Term Of HIs Natural Life’ for release. This is the clip for the 1st single, Omega Man. A great track with substance to boot.


Heads should recognise the sample. But everything the Associated  Minds crew put out is niceness anyway. Taken from Blaktrix’ forthcoming album, 'Some People Never Go Crazy’. Enjoy!

i’m not afraid to say that i slept on these….


….in 2010. Some of these I bought & overlooked for a while (Rhyme Asylum, Maddslinky). Some were sitting on my ipod for a long while without me even taking much notice (The Left, Delusionists, 1982). While others simply went under my radar (Sara Mitra). Now, some of you will already know/own all of these, some of you will know/own some of these and some will know/own none of these. If you are in one of the latter 2 groups then get familiar. The album covers are strategically placed so that the artists name or album title (or both) are clearly visible. They are all superb releases.

nauty sample

As far as i’m concerned, anyone who says they are Hip Hop but aren’t involved when Sonny Jim is readying a release isn’t ready yet. Non UK heads if you don’t know get familiar. My man spits serious venom.



And the second of this here mini Killamari freeness fest is Slonality, by Mr. Blazey. Blazey is the right moniker for this guy. This album is a trip in places and there is a folksy vibe drifting through also. Definitely worth checking out.

Mr. Blazey - Slonality

cobra clutch


Hmmmmm…. it seems that some crews/folks/labels have been busy on the bandcamp front. the first of 2 new pieces of freeness out of the Killamari camp comes from former Cohort Milestone. On the raw tip with his rhymes over some nice head nods too. Get yours peeps.

Milestone – Suicide Clutch Rap

spaaaaaaaaced ghooooooooost


OHHHHH MAAAAAN!!! i’m still not sure if this is the real ghost face but this stuff is superb. Read On. Then click the link down below to check more if the same.

Ayo whattup this Starkey Love aka Big Ghost the Wally Champ. Ayo first of alls I wanna say congrats to them Slaughterhouse niggas for signing with the grand imperial snow nigga Slim Shady nahmeans. N yo the god know that niggas had they little side beefs wit the clan n shit but yall already know that shit is water under the bridge nahmeans. Yalls already understands that at one point that nigga Rae was like that troll nigga that aint let the billy goats gruff niggas pass wit out payin they tolls namsayin. But that nigga Budden he done paid the tolls n shit. Yall already know that nigga got his enchilada rocked nahmeans. That nigga done already got his meatball sauteed n shit. Nigga was seein reindeers n stars n shit. But ayo real talk its a good thing the nigga aint get snuffed in his chin cos the nigga gotta a infant chin n shit. Word yo the nigga beard superimposed onto the nigga neck n shit. Nigga aint gotta a actual chin or nothin like that nahmeans. But that shit neither here nor there. Ayo I aint mean no disrespect or nothin like that cos he my nigga. Word bond. But the nigga the god really cool wit is that nigga Ortiz. The nigga a animal wit his bars namsayin. Nigga like some wild elk n shit. Nigga got his horns like a elk or a moose. Nahmeans like you know how moose be havin horns n shit? The nigga got horns like a moose when he spit nahmeans! Yalls internet nigga already know that nigga rock wit the god on the Apollo joint which is available in stores right now n can be purchased on iTunes n shit for yalls little mp3 n little zune joints nahmeans. That nigga shown up at the studio to spit his darts n shit n the nigga had his little process namsayin. Word yo the nigga got a method to his fury n shit. Nigga had a couple bags of doritos….the tacos at midnight joints…had his little Pepsi 2 liter n shit. N the nigga had a couple burgers in his pockets he pulled out for later namsayin. Nigga listened to the beat n he wrote his lil bars in 5 minutes n shit. Nigga had his lil helium balloons he used to make the nigga voice extra moist nahmeans. The nigga do that shit n word yo its like he poured gravy on his voice. The nigga tried it once with no helium n shit but the nigga just sounded like turkey legs wit no gravy nahmeans. Niggas in the studio was like nah that aint that Bodega Joell shit namsayin. But then the nigga like aight lemme try that again n yo its like he put the gravy on it nahmeans. Like he put the dumpling sauce on his gyozas n shit. Word yo its like the nigga got his lil dumpling joints n the shit taste aight n shit. But then the nigga like lemme add the plum sauce nahmeans. Word yo. The nigga Game was there too nahmeans. Matter fact the nigga started his own verse wit the little YAOWA trademark n shit. But the nigga Joell aint like that n told the nigga nah you gotta undo that shit…thats the Ortiz chamber n shit. So the nigga Game like aight but then you gotta lemme try a verse wit the helium balloons n shit B. But yo the nigga Joell one more time he like nah son that aint ya chamber n shit. The nigga Game aint like that tho cos he felt like ayo he just tryna pay homage to the nigga n shit n the nigga Joell aint like him. He says to the nigga why you aint like me B? Nigga took the shit personally n shit n locked hisself in the bathroom n shit. Word yo nigga threatenin to off hisself in the bathroom cos he felt niggas always givin him a hard time n shit namsayin. But you know. After a couple hours n shit the nigga come out n he like ayo sorry B. Nigga had his little tissue balls in his hands n shit. The nigga face all wet still. But he cool. Nigga just get emotional from time to time but he a heartfelt nigga nahmeans. The nigga jus gotta learn that he cant always splash in another nigga puddle n shit. I told the nigga Game ayo the god wanna put a couple cherubs on ya shoulders so you always got ya companions n shit nahmeans. I told the nigga any time you feel like you up against a wall you just remember the baby angels you got on ya shoulders to watch over you. They gon weep for you nigga. You aint gotta weep no more. The nigga Ortiz he witness that shit nahmeans n he like yo Tony lemme get one too nahmeans. Nigga got down on one knee n I put that baby angel on the nigga shoulder too nahmean. Ayo that was some real nigga shit that night. Shit only real niggas be doin. Yalls little new age niggas wit yalls tight jackets n ya little jeggings n aint know nothin bout that. Word.

Aight peace.


love jones… & honey… & mustard

TiRon _ Hney Mstrd [80's Edition] (2011)

Since Tiron let loose the accapellas for one of my favs of 2010, many a beat fiend has had a go at a remix project. Sweden’s Jopnesin’ has entered the arena with his 80’s inspired Hney Mstrd. This is my favourite so far. I Wonder if these remixes will reach Black Album proportions? We shall see. Grab this one here. Enjoy!

Jonesin’ – Hney Mstrd: 80’s Edition

hard target

Ooooooooh Terri Walkers back this year and this time The one and only Ski (Beatz) is providing the sonic landscape. If it all sounds like this my preorder will be placed in a rather hasty manner. Peep the clip!



Duo B Wiv Deece let loose their free EP about a month ago. I’m fast running out of ways to say that the Aussie Hip Hop scene is BIIIIIIG! So just peep the preview and grab the freeness. Enjoy!

B Wiv Deece – Unleash The Beast

B Wiv Deece’

the bizness

jakebiz-purgatory-allaussie-hip-hop jakebiz-purgatorycover_400px

Get past the errrr…. rudimentary opening hook on the opening track and Jake Biz will impress definitely impress with his flow. Plus both EPs are serious neck snappers. The album, Commercial Hell, is coming soon. O ZEE stand up!!! Enjoy!

Jake Biz: Purgatory 1 & 2

say it loud, say it proud


Wow! If this is what Whisper is giving away for free I look forward to his commercial debut. This is pure, simple neck snapping beats and great rhymes. I've been repeating this one regularly for a few days now. Peep the preview then Enjoy!

Whisper – The Free Album

natural progression

I do remember some time ago the Oz crew known as Lyrical Commission. Well one of their own ,Trem, is Prepping ‘For The Term Of HIs Natural Life’ for release. This is the clip for the 1st single, Omega Man. A great track with substance to boot.

G’z up hoez down


Damn the Oz based goodness keeps coming thick and fast. Now it’s Thats Them with their new FREE longplayer, The G-Up. Now I did actually check for their 2009 release, Stay UP. Although sonically this is a bit of a departure from their sound of yesteryear (or 2), this in now way detracts from this album. Actually I must say that this is really nice stuff. For the UK heads there are definite comparisons to be made with Foreign Beggars latest work. Once again, originality is the way of the walk. Enjoy!

Thats Them: The G-Up

tame the savages

Maybe i should pack up them family and move to Australia because the more I dig the more great music I seem to find. The wonders of the internet never ceases to amaze me. Dazed & Flawlezz are a pair of MC’s with a great ear. Land of The Savages is the latest of 2 available EPs by these guys. Apparently their full length album is due later this year. Until then these 7 tracks are the wato go. Enjoy!

Dazed & Flawlezz – Land Of The Savages EP

psychedelic phlegm

99% of today’s most popular Hip Hop artists (who all hail or reside on pretty much the same piece of land) are nowhere near as original with either their videos or their beats/beat choices. Its just a shame that artists such as Spit Syndicate will barely register on the Hip Hop horizon outside of their native land. Then again maybe that’s a good thing. The less infiltrated the world scene is by the ways of the cultures somewhat tainted motherland. The more artists like these guys and many others will spring up doing their own thing.

…was an Illy mc…

As you may now have guessed I have been doing the rounds on the Oz Hip Hop scene. Daaaam I have missed an awful lot of superb stuff. I like this track and Illy’s latest, The Chase, is even better than this track suggests. Pep the Clip.

busy little B


This one was actually released a couple of months ago but it seems that very few peeps outside of Australia take any notice of how expansive the scene is over there. You’ll know some of the beats but they are great choices. Enjoy!

Billy B – The Warning Mixtape

ooooooh… creepy

I’ve mentioned the Crate Creeps before on CSF. Nice video track but the album is full of that Boom Bap flavour. Don’t sleep on these guys.

didn’t he used to hang with dirge & thrust?

Peep the clip. That should be enough to compel you to download Cylonious’ superb mixtape ‘Escape To Reality’.You should recognise most of the beats hr and his associates are going over but that doesn’t make the proceedings any less enjoyable. besides, his beat choices are real nice. Enjoy!

Cyclonious – The Great Escape


Daaaaaaamn!!! Yet another nice MC whose party i’m late too. Raggo Zulu Rebel (no getting him confused with anybody else eh peepz) has been doing his thing for a while under the radar but his following is on the rise. Peep his many youtube clips or…. download his free album ‘The Black Planet LP. Enjoy.

Download: The Black Planet LP

4th time found

the find Cover screenshot

Issue 4 of The Find Magazine is finally upon us folks. My man Danny has worked extremely hard putting this together. This time to the extent that number 4 is our first printed version of the magazine. Reviews, Interviews, Hip Hop politics and seminal thoughts are all in abundance. But not only do you get your hands on a copy of the mag. #you also get an exclusive mix of the artists featured in the mag. No stone is left unturned eh peepz. The order details are below the preview vid. And yes there are one or two tidbits from me in there too. ORDER NOW!!!

Order Issue 4 (& mix CD) HERE

i remember my giant cookie birthday cake…

Freddie Crugers back. This time he has teamed up with the oh so soulful Anthony Mills to form the tag team codenamed Wildcookie, Februry 21st is the album (Cookie Dough) release date and also the date that i will be getting my hands on it too. I’m REALLY loving this track.

not the last Krusade

Yeah The Krate Krusaders are back! The Bootlegs and Beatapes Mixtape is soon to be made available. for now peep the superb remix of Nightbreed (Jehst, Kyza & Klashnekoff). Plus be sure to pass through Their site for some quality freeness too. Enjoy!

The Krate

no not ghostface…. Ghostpoet


Hip Hop with an Electronic, Nu jazz twist for good measure comes up against GP’s relaxed drawl. Apart from Love Confusion, which has the man going over Tribe’s Electric Relaxation (and very well too i might add). Plus you can name your price with no minimum. Peep the sample and some visuals below. Enjoy!

Joker starred

Joker Starr’s new visuals for his Hip Hop Transition. Niceness!

all conquering








imageHmmmm, now here’s a name that I haven’t heard of before. Yet this freeness is a ‘volume 2’. After listening to this I want Volume 1. Anyway after gaining relative success in his birth country. Jamieson is now a staple over there (or over here depending on where you are reading this from. Being a New York native has its obvious advantages, such as the easier recruitment of MC’s like Joell Ortiz & Sean Price. Super niceness.

Jamieson – I Came, I Saw Vol. 2

did he or didn’t he?


Now, i’m not sure if Toney actually wrote this or not. But quite frankly I don’t care cause it’s the single best comment to any post/blog/article that i have read for a really long time…

“Ayo whattup this Ghost Deini aka the Black Ronald Reagan. Whats good Preem! Ayo the gods humbled just to be mentioned but to clench that top spot nahmean…that shits a blessing son. Word. A nigga spit out his raviolis when he seen that. The nigga Alvin at the barbershop in Staten called the god up to bless his ears with the news nahmean. He put a rainbow in the gods heart with that nah mean. He stay up on all the latest blogs info so on n so forth. Thats my word. Niggas pollyin n whatnot n he caught the god off guard n says to me yo that nigga Preem says you got the best album of the decade yo. N Im like word nigga yo ya puttin thumbtacks on the god chair to try n see if a nigga gon jump right! Nahmean. N he like nah Tone hand to Allah n all that. Thats the truth son. A nigga just started cryin yo. Tears bust out a nigga wig cos that shit just hit a nigga in his heart yo. I seen cupids on the god shoulders when I went over to the mirror n shit tryna wipe the gods tears so I could thank you Preem. Ayo the god got cherubs on his shoulders that watch over himn nah mean. Its a blessing son. Thank you.
Aight peace.”


a short chapter

Now this is nice.  Jack is behind the boards as well as on the mic too. You can download his free 6 track EP with the link below. I look forward to more from this guy. Enjoy!

Chapters From The Padded Cell EP

UK rap up 2010


Nope, this is NOT a radio rip, this is the real thing (thanks mys). check out his website HERE. Direct download link below. Enjoy!

Mystro – UK 2010 Rap Up

another J to watch out for

If the rest of Jansport J’s new instrumental album, Save My Soul, sounds like this them i’m gonna be bumpin’ it regular as clockwork. Loving this beat (and lady)!

annual #3

oie_12135220oB0C4FjK (1)

Whoa… it’s that time already!?!?! It’s been a great year this year. But then again I say that every year. Some seriously top notch stuff but the one thing I noticed is the marked increase in collaborative projects. Be it MC.Producer, MC/MC or even Producer/Producer lot of  our best and brightest got together for full length collabos. And yes, a few of those made my favourites list. Lets get down to business! And remember, this is not one of those ‘semi-official’ best of lists (i’ll leave those to the more established heads. These are MY FAVOURITE albums from the past 12 months. Like / don’t like, lemme know.



 Celph Titled & Buckwild: Nineteen Ninety Now

My favourite album of 2010! superb from start to finish, Celph is made for these beats. I can only assume that sample issues prevented these beats from being used by other MC’s a lot earlier as I can’t believe they were passed over by anyone. I just hope that there is more in the pipeline from these 2.


tiron mstrd cover

Tiron: MSTRD

The first of my ‘Free’ favourites. Tiron went the Illmatic route and kept things short and sweet. Not a skippable track to be found. and that DJ Dahi should be an awful lot busier.



Lewis Parker & John Robinson: International Summers 

Lewis Parker, arguably the UK’s finest recent Hip Hop export. Man with the golden touch is right. Partnered this go round by the often overlooked John Robinson over probably his finest collection of neck snappers to date.

Kev Turner  _  Soul City Music (2010)

Kev Turner: Soul City Music (beats by Detayl) 

I’ve always been an East Coast head. NAs, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang etc. I have always leaned to the right when it came to Hip Hop politics anyway. Kev Turner & Detayl’s collabo invokes thosefeelings in me whenever i listen to it… and I listen to it a lot.


Ty: Special Kind Of Fool

My 2nd favourite release this year. Everytimehe puts something out it makes my list (Closer did it 2 years ago). There is an understated quirkiness about Ty’s sound. Always bearing a message, Ty hasmastered the art of edutainment. Positive messages wrapped up in awesome beat choices and superb wordplay.


von pea doubleVon Pea: So Motivational & Peas Gotta Have It

To be honest I love all things Tanya Morgan/Von Pea certified. Both Of these are on regular rotation on my Blackberry/Ipod and will be for some time to come.


Friday Night Lights Front Cover

J. Cole: Friday Night Lights

I’m not afraid to say that I was very late on this guy. The first time I really caught him was when I had Reflection Eternals Just Begun on constant repeat. And being honest, I only decided to grab this when I read that Hov had signed him (how shallow am I). No more will I ignore the talents on display on Friday Night Lights.

 ramson double

Ramson Badbonez:  The Official Volume 2

& Give Badbonez A Break 

I just can’t get over how good Ramson’s flow is. It could easily have faded after he initially blew up but he has proved that he is here for the long haul. So while we wait for his 1st official album this is more than enough to tide me over for now. Having more original beats on here than on volume 1 is an added extra. With Give Ramson A Break IQ & Gone have provided the original ‘Breaks’ to some of Hip Hops finest music for a backdrop. The first & last tracks are two of my favs of the lat few months (yes I am a man of simple pleasures).


 Kashmere: Galaktus – Power Cosmic

I have always considered Kashmere’s interstellar flows to be the stuff of UK Hip Hop legend. I have also considered the beat making talents of Zygote (another album please) and Jazz T to be in that same bracket. And then they got together for Power Cosmic. Otherworldly organized chaos never sounded so good.

 Clear Soul Forces _ Departure EP (2010)

 Clear Soul Forces: Departure EP

Another of my favourite freeness. I’d never heard anyhting of these guys at all before I grabbed this EP. If you are in that category now I strongly suggest you do as I did, you won’t be disappointed.



Hocus Pocus: 16 Pieces

I think i understand about 3 percent of what these guys are actually saying on their songs (unless an english speaking collaborator is present on the track). But we all know a nice flow when we hear it and besides, everything Hocus Pocus put out is among the finest examples of Jazz Hop of this Hip Hop generation.



 Prose: Force OF Habit

Put simply, Prose do Boom Bap, and they do it very well indeed. Nuff said i’d say


 JazzyFact: Lifes Like

 Wow! what an album! Like Hocus Pocus I don’t understand a lot of what these guys are saying but like the aforementioned 16 Pieces, Lifes Like is also a superb example of Jazz Hop.


David Banner & 9th Wonder: Death Of A Pop Star

Just when it seemed that 9ths best work was going to be exclusively heard on mixtapes. Along comes the much promo’d Death Of A Pop Star. A few heads compared Banners flow to his Crooked Letterz days. So I revisited old pastures & I can see what they mean. 9th Wonder saved his best for last in my opinion.



Life: Life Beyond Rap

Whether going solo or as part of the Phi-Life collective, Life MC hasn’t missed a socio-political beat. That plus his undeniable chemistry with one of the UK’s finest, DJ Nappa, makes Life Beyond Rap arguably UK Hip Hops finest release this year.

The-Roots-How-I-Got-Over The Roots: How I Got Over

And so I saved my (3rd) favourite release of 2010 til last. In my view, How I Got Over sees the roots return to the heady heights of Things Fall Apart. Yes I know Rising down is also an awesome album but this just trumps it for me. It would’ve been my obvious choice for favourite if Celph & Buck hadn’t created awesomeness personified!

My Honourable mentions:

Majestik Legend – The Great Escape

Ghostface Killah – Apollo Kids

Black Milk – Album  Of The Year

Kanye West – My Dark Twisted Fantasy

Skyzoo & Illmind – Live From The Tape Deck

and thats a wrap

see you next year…. p e a c e