4th annual…. I heart other genres too

When I was young I was pretty much an exclusive hip hop head (with an extended foray into jungle and occasional bursts of R’n’B thrown in along the way) however the beauty of hip hop is its ability to introduce you to a plethora of other genres. Funk, classic soul, reggae, drum & bass and more are now all staple choices on my musical smorgasbord. Therefore, rather than the usual annual eulogising of the best boom baps and jazz loops out there, this little ditty is a showcase for my favourite NON hip hop releases of 2012. Read on folks…..

Tony Broke - Liftid (Official Video)

Another cold sag swag hit from the Blah camp, pure raw in full effect!

Blah Records

arise sir mic(hael)


A Thoughtful MC with a nice ear for beats, Sir Mic definitely has what it takes to make far bigger waves in the current UK climate. If his Lateral Thinking EP is a sign of things to come he should do just that. Its FREENESS time so check it out. Enjoy!

Sir Mic – The Lateral Thinking EP

Fresh Piff

Fresh Piff is a collaborative effort between Elliot Fresh & Pinny Piff, having met in oxford and only collabing once, they decided that in order to collab more effectively they should move to london and so they did. After 10 relatively baked months in the lab and a lot of shit talk they came up with a vagina dribbling, erection provoking 13 track stonker of an album, with features from Trek Life (Mello Music Group), Tableek, Redbeard (Eatgood Records), Evolucian (Livestock), Ol-e Mac (The Book Thieves), Terao Hedges (Universal Protection Collective), Doc Freud (his god dam self) and a host of producers from abroad and broad they knew they couldn't wrong in coaxing the panties off any women within a twenty mile radius of this album playing. The album is being released digitally on 7/1/13 with physical copies to follow which will be sold at gigs and to innocent bystanders pretending they don't want to be hustled.

Dropping Here Soon.