bigmouth martin?….. no


E.P. 1

loudmouth front2 nxt copy

E.P. 2


E.P. 3

Loudmouth Melvin (formerly just Loudmouth) has been doing his thing for a while. These 3 free EP’s of his however, should see his name on the tip of a lot more tongues. % tracks on each and not a misstep among them. Pass through ‘his’ space and say ‘ello. There are more goodies to be had there too. Enjoy!

Melvin’s Myspace

put him on the apprentice

How not to get a job. Big ups Dr. Syntax

repairing your Dreams


And so the long stretching upswing continues. J. Nolan gets better with each release (as i keep saying) and this, in my humble opinion, is his best work to date (as i also keep saying). Grab & see for yourself)!

edit: upon second listen, this album is even better than I originally stated

Preview track (listen): Preparation

Download: J. Nolan – Broken Dreams

regular accomplice


Now this one is really good. The Usual Suspects EP is another one I Slept on. These guy hail from New York, Milwaukee & Chicago. Now being that i’m a UK resident i’ll hazard a guess and say that they are nowhere near each other. Short on tracks but high on quality. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this one people. Enjoy!

Download: The Usual Suspects EP

crossing the Iron bridge…. twice

Put simply, this is UK Hip Hop at it’s very, very best. Awe inspiring stuff from Iron Braydz. Both tracks are taken from the superb Devil May Cry. DO NOT SLEEP!!!

full Moon


Even I tend to sleep on/overlook some of the stuff that passes through my electronic mail box. It’s not on purpose. I’m just a busy/forgetful guy sometimes. To those that fall into this category, forgive me. I mean you no disrespect. Which leads me to this 2nd mixtape from Tony Moon. Sorry Tony your stuff is real nice. You can grab all 3 of his projects below. Enjoy!

Tony Moon – Lunar Plexus/Mooneshine/Sacred Sounds

i still dig the Stylistics


Aaaaaaahh… back in the UK groove. Stylah’s album, Treading Water, is due in september. Grafh, Sway,Akala, Immortal Technique and Joell Ortiz will all be on there. I can’t wait. In the meantime grab this advert for UK niceness. Plus he’s got arguably my favourite song title for a good few years, ‘’Snake (John Terry)’’… hahahaaa (uk peeps and football/soccer fans should know what I mean). Enjoy!

Download: Stylah – The Past, The present, The Future

3rd round knock out

cover1My man Kevin & the good people of recently completed their Mama Said Knock You Out 2oth anniversary competition. This release is the culmination of the winners work and’s continuing diligence on all things Hip Hop. Don’t sleep on the album or the site. Both are superb pieces of work.

Mama Said Knock You Out 20th Anniversary Remix Album

Batting for sixes

Summertime Front Cover

Batsauce (you may have seen his recent handywork on the sister blog) has let loose this wonderful piece of freeness entitled ‘Summertime’. The concept is somewhat obvious in the title, with the guest MC’s/Vocalists using summer as the focus of the album. Grab & Emjoy… I did.

Download: Batsauce – Summertime

i’m baaaaaaack!!!

Actual Proof  _  The Free EP (2010)

Yeeeeah! my internet is sorted and i’m back in the game. So i carry on in the same vein I left off. Duo to watch Actual Proof. have been sprinkling the blososphere with 9th Wonder assisted niceness for a while now, but now we have there first full length release The Free EP.

nice 1 MSJ

Download: Actual Proof – The Free EP


no_internetA certain company whose name starts with an ‘S’ and rhymes with ‘Ky’ (i wonder who they could be…) has managed to mess up my internet connection (as in it’s non-existent). Until this is sorted posting some nice vids and new freeness is a no go for me i’m afraid. But do not abandon me completely as I should be up and running again in a few more days peepz.

p e a c e