So, what happens when two of the UK's finest MCs get together for a musical outing? They have a great journey of course. The key to The Shows appeal is in the chemistry. Inja and Skuff (no it doesn't sound better the other way round) have an obvious advantage via The Delegates of Culture. Not only are both superb MCs, they also complement each other really well. Skuffs monotone twang is the yin to Inja's permanently agitated yang. These 2 already had a nice penchant for 'keepin it real' and the trend is continued here. Tales about the downsides of UK life is intertwined with lines observing our governments downward spiral and the pros and cons of todays MC. The beats are an nicely compiled mashup of a verying tempo and at times progressive soundscape. Mid tempo head nods are preceeded by high octane busrts of braggadocio beats and succeded by deep grime laced b-line or folksy guitar driven greatness. The Delegates, be they together, in pairs or standing alone have done no wrong up to now. This show is no exception.

p e a c e

That's Me/Enter The Albatross/Forward Motion (promo mix)



Wow. Man how come you’ve had this project in your locker since ‘08, yet you only sent it to me a few days ago. Some soulful stuff to be heard here. Enjoy!

Klimeks – Remixes Vol. 1

hear the Voices


Buy From iTunes or HERE

Last Orders!?!


It seems that Kev’s latest venture is ‘so far  so good’. Nobody Famous’ latest is a freebie of monumental… i mean instrumental proportions. Have at it. Enjoy!

Order Up Vol. 3: The Instrumentals


Mary feat. Wax

Great Scot!!!


Scotland, last Hip Hop bastion of the British Isles. No more peepz. The Scant Squad enter the fray with Volume 1. Gritty, raw & witty, a nice combo and one that is there when those with closed minds see, or rather, hear, past the accent. Enjoy!


Scant Squad’s Myspace

Yes He Is Mr. President!!!


chi-space 4 logo

This series keeps up its now traditional high standard. DJ Nobley’s surpassed himself this go round. I’ve linked volumes 2 & 3 as well incase you missed em. Enjoy!

Chi-Space Volumes 2, 3 & 4

Alphabetti Spaghetti

OK the idea isn’t new, but it’s still real nice

Lowkey’s Myspace


I been leaving heads high and dry. And in my lazy absence, Frillz has been doing a stellar job, and here I am casually dropping by to share a remix with you i've never heard before. Cormega and Ghostface. And I shall be back in the near future with updates for the boxing heads, I am yet to witness the Mikkel Kessler and Gusmyl Perdomo fight which took place today. So I shall write up on that, and next week DONT FORGET, Mayweather is making his comeback fight agains Juan Manuel Marquez on the 19th of this month (6 days!!!!).

Green fingers

GG2 cover copy

Here We Go These guys are consistent with theirs so d/l this ish. Enjoy!

Going Green 2: 808s & Smoke Breaks

M.O.P??? say it ain’t so!!!


words by Kil

‘Back in September 2008, MOP, Joe Buddens, Termanology and Big Shugg came down to Sonar in B'more and me and my peeps go to the show. I pass out beat cd's to Term, Joe and during MOP's show I give it to Laze E Laze's son (some young nigga) who's the hype man. Now, fast forward to September 2009 and I'm listening to MOP's Foundation album on my way home from work and when track #9 "Rude Bastard" comes's MY FUCKING BEAT! Not the same sample, the SAME BEAT! Drum programming, sample, chops...the whole damn beat! Then my man Mills does the knowledge for me to see who got credit for the track on the album and it says "produced by Fizzy Womack"! So...I don't get a check, I don't get credit...I don't even get co production credit! And I'm not looking for no "feel sorry for me" or none of that hoopla...I'm just asking for cats to let ANYONE who ya'll know who loves hip hop to know who did the track so I can @ least get credit from my peers (hip hop fans and other producer's grinding out there)for the beat. I've been grinding @ this beat thing for YEARS and for my first placement for a major artist to be a jack just ain't right...but it is what it I said do me this justice and @ least let the hip hop heads ya'll know that the bol Kil from Philly gave MOP THAT heat...not no fucking Fizzy Womack...’

Judge for yourselves

Kil’s Beat

M.O.P’s Joint

going green

GG2 cover copy

Nice play on words fellas.

Full release out tomorrow. 9.9.09

Ashy L Bowz – Luv My Weed

And the winner is…

final world final ad artowrk with all acts[5]

…Luke Boothroyd. check ya mail. Some of you didn’t heed my warning about the question. aaaahh well…

Drums Please!!!


  Wow… this brother sent me a heads up in the mail & I gotta say, this brother has got some superb beats in his locker. He uses samples of well & not so well known old school soul does it to great effect. This is one beatsmith that deserves to be a fair bit busier than just pushing quality instrumentals. Click the pic the check his sight for more of the same. Enjoy!

 Betcha By Golly Wow Remix

If You Love Me, Really Love Me Remix

Land of Dreams Remix

Make It Like A Memory Remix


how Rae got his groove back


The Purple Tape. One of thee defining releases of modern Hip Hop. No MC, beatsmith or fan worth his or her weight does not have one in there collection and some still argue its superiority even to The 36 Chambers. From start to finish the murky understated atmosphere of OBFCL is something that in my view, has yet to be equalled. So it was with a heavy heart that I plugged my Ipod into my amp and hit the play button. Memories of all of Rae's lacklustre past efforts started their invasion. The eternal comparisons being made to what will forever hold him in Hip Hop greatness. The pessimism at the fact that having directly associated his latest release and his crowning achievement, this was to be an embarrasment of major proportions. And as a result, that this, coupled with the 8 diagrams debacle, may scar The Clan beyond repair. Then I pressed play... On came House Of Flying Daggers and trepidation was replaced with a hope that what I had heard so far wasn't a false dawn. That Rae had started as he meant to go on. That the sound of clashing blades and sparse dialogue was a statement of intent. Lest we forget, ever since Deck uttered the immortal "I smoke on the mic like smokin Joe Frazier..." Hip Hops rules of engagement have been a lot less rigid. There's a reason that we hold The Wu in a higher regard than other luminaries and it's this aura that adds even more stardust to an already supremely illuminated opus. And herein lies the problem. Any dips below such a high standard are always going to be deemed far worse than they actually are, just ask A Tribe Called Quest. There are many that would have buckled under the strain. The constant question marks over his/her ability to reach the heights of old. The Doubts about his/her hunger. The slurs against most of his/her crew. We could all probably give our fair share of examples that incorporate any or all of those situations. An indepth review & the debate over which one is preferred, is a mantle to be carried by others. Regardless of the outcome, OBFCL2 has answered those questions in emphatic fashion. Intro to Black Mozart; "Stupid fool you're forcing me to kill you!". Metaphorically anyway.

p e a c e

rigid mentality

reggiicover  I posted a little something from this guy quite a while ago. but until yesterday I had no idea he had new material. And besides he’s cool peepz so check his place out. But you know I wouldn’t post something unless it was nice. Anyway UK stand up!!! Enjoy.


Competition #1

Layout 1

The 25th DMC Championships take place at the now world famous O2 arena on 11th & 12th of september (next week_. DJ Q-Bert, Rob Swift, DJ Yoda. Jehst. Micall Parknsun & more all make an appearance. Well thanks to the good peepz at Grindstone Promo (thanks Corin), I’ve got a guestlist pass for both days for someone and a mate. All i need is for you guys to tell me who won the first ever DMC World Title?

The 1st 50 correct answers go into a hat and my princess will pick out the winner! email me with your answers (address at the top of the page) and be sure put ‘competition #1’ in the subject box. The winner will be announced and notified on tuesday evening. I suggest you double check the question before you answer!!!

Good Luck

Natural Born Spitter

…and spit he does!

i know… let’s create a Diversion!


My fave UK Hip Hop peepz are back… finally. Backed by now regular cohort, J-Zone, Diversion Tactics latest double A sided single will hit all good stores at the end of October. In my view everything these guys put out is quality. Album drops around christmas time. Enjoy!

Diversion Tactics – Can’t Swim

Diversion Tactics Myspace

it’s a special technique


My man Small Pro back on the remix

5 O'Clock Shadowboxers - Bottomfeeders (Small Pro Remix) 



words by M. L. N. Rook

‘At the end of January 2005, on the heels of a sold-out performance at London's Jazz Cafe, Little Brother/The Foreign Exchange (consisting of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, Nicolay, Yahzarah, Darien Brockington and DJ Flash) recorded a live-in-studio session for Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1 (United Kingdom). Originally, the BBC Radio 1 only aired the two Foreign Exchange tracks, 'Come Around' and 'Sincere', but we are now presenting this session in its entirety.’


Little Brother/The Foreign Exchange Live Session

Focus now… hear comes the Punchline


I think Hip Hop will always be the genre of firsts. I can’t remember anyone else putting out an album, as a prelude to an album. If i’m wrong somebody correct me please? Anyway this album is the Appetizer for the ALBUM entitled The Reset Button. Get ready for that one & hopefully i’ll have some words from the peepz themselves soon. These are 2 hard working brothers. Enjoy!

Punchlyne & Fokis – The Appetizer

Funky vibes

Damn near 13 years is a long time for any MC. Yet for a UK MC to still be relevant, not just on these shores but in other continents as well, is quite some feat. To do that while still following the same basic formula that got you started in the first place in damn near unheard of. I have said -critically- before that the man’s flow has hardly changed since my first Funky DL purchase (Circles, 1997) and his requiem for making beats has followed a similar path. But having been encouraged by this, his latest opus to revisit some of his past exploits, something soon became apparent. DL has simply found a way to move with the times without compromising his core elements. Some MCs have to come full circle, while others never manage to make it back at all. For a man to never have strayed for so long shows his dedication to both his beliefs and the genre. It’s just a shame that The Interview isn't actually an interview. The misleading premise is nothing more than an elongated skit broken into intro sequences for each track on the album. This wouldn't be a problem if these skits actually felt like an interview. DL could do with getting at least a little personal at times and I was expecting the album to reflect this. The one time he does this (God's Daughter) he gets everything just right. However the beats are so nice, the album as a whole is so nicely paced, and he fits the beats so well, that I'm hard pressed to hold it against him. Oh... and the London Allstars posse cut is still blowing my mind There's no way you can bring out such an banger and not have an album to follow it!!!

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