Ricta - This Year (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Hip Hop 2012)

More quality Hip-Hop music from Ricta as he drops this superb new music video for his track "This Year", which is the first single taken from Ricta's long awaited and much anticipated debut album 'Snacks & Deception'. The album is out on 26th May 2012 on Beat Back Records and features guest appearances from the likes of Craig G from legendary Juice Crew, Reks, Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Duckling and more. This is the warm up for what's to come!
Get ready people. Ricta is ready to unleash the fire!!!
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what a funky (re)mixture


Funky DL stays behind the boards this time. Some classic golden age niceness gets the DL Jazz Hop treatment. I Think the list of luminaries speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Funky DL’s Remix Deluxe


Heavy, raw, original. Nuff said, just fucken peep it, ok!?

The Book Thieves - Beauty (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

A proper tidy track from two of the finest to ever do it. Beauty brings us a whole host of divine imagery laced upon a backdrop crafted from the hearts of sorrowful Angels.

don’t be rewd

This video is ill & the tune is super nice! I love it when folks think outside the box. I’m looking forward to the album.. The single is out on 7th May. Enjoy!

Ear Sweat Drops

Take a bunch of (very talented) mc’s and producers, combine them with great ideas and a creative work flow that equals that of pretty much every great artist in their prime and you get Ear Sweat.
Ear Sweat Drops is something of a rarity; it’s a compilation, of varied mc’s with varied styles that actually works on a whole. Unable to skip a track I was mesmerised by each beat, verse, flow and then some. The beats bang, the rhymes are original and each individual contribution to this project is a rigid testimonial to the fact that everything about hip hop can be and is still great.
The mc’s all follow suit, each one is a hard act to follow, yet they all seem to succeed in holding suit and everyone maintains that quality of sound. Clever rhymes, the head nods for the duration of each and every track. 
From Optimals quick-fire multi syllabic rhymes to Lakais smart social every-day-able-to-relate-to observations  to  G-Owens fantastical daydream sing-rap head nod beautifulness. From the power of Charades brag-spit-im-the-illest type flows to  Kye’s mind spinning imaginative concepts , on which the build-up to The Ogre is ingenious.
The music here operates on so many levels and that’s what it is, music, not just uninspired loops and drum machines. Not just another hip hop crew but rather a collective of great minds who know how to please the ears.

my 4th great listen of 2012


A Simple premise. One man makes the beats, another man writes the rhymes. No guests just one man and the beats. OC has always been in the upper echelons of MC-dom. While Apollo brown continues to be overlooked by far too many heads. A simply awesome project!

Buy: Trophies

n*gg*s in london

The artist formerly known as Iron Braydz (he’s dropped the iron but i rather liked it) destroys Jay & Ye’s signature. Taken from the Holla@Braydz mixtape… coming soon. Enjoy!

sonny & share


And so my great Sonnyjim love in continues. This time its the first installment of Sonny jumping on everyone else’s bandwagons. Jon Phonics, Percy Filth, DJ IQ, Dr Syntaz, 184, Rerklews, Jazz T & more all had Sonnyjim doing to them what Eminem did to Jay-Z! 26 tracks deep too. enjoy!

Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol. 1

take a leaf out of dog’s book


It’s a remixtape, it’s free & it’s bloody superb!!! Leaf Dog is one very under the radar Beatsmith. This showcase of a collection shows just why that shouldn’t be the case.

Leaf’s Remixtape

The Doppelgangaz - Schemes