learn your lessons

It's been way too long between full length Jazz T/Zygote production album. My past description of the Boot Records duo's organized chaos still stands as this 'Lesson' suggests. The resultant album, Run The Changes, is on its way.

woooooooo woooooooo (aka the noise that owls make)

THE FOUR OWLS & PRIMO!?!?!.....next month on 12" vinyl, nuff said.

who is paul mccarthy?

When I was growing up my musical education was based on the Golden Era of Hip Hop. My ears were dominated by such lumnaries as Biggie Smalls, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, Cypress Hill, De La Soul, The Gang Starr Foundation, The Likwit Crew.... I could go on. Yet that didn't stop me from expanding my musical horizons. On the contrary, by the very nature of its construction Hip Hop music encourages any listener with even the slightest inclination, to give themselves a musical history lesson simply by reading (and by consequence investigating) the sample credits of albums released by the artists I have just listed. But even with this in mind should those that cried ignorance on twitter in the last few days really be upset by the teens and tweens lack of 'Beatletastic' knowledge?