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Tom Caruana is someone that is easily forgotten about in some UK Hip Hop circles. But his beat skills are undeniable. Case in point (s) are these 2 remix projects, which are the first of a number come out of Tom’s Tea Sea Records. Be sure to look out for his take on, amongst others,  Brand Nubian & The Wu-Tang. Skiiiiiillz!!! Enjoy!

Main Source: Tom Caruana Remixes

MF Doom Remixed By Tom Caruana

Its Got Dots


The DGI crew have fiiiiiinally dropped the mixtape (blog promo kings hehe). Check it out peepz it’s niceness. Enjoy!

The Dot Got It Mixtape Vol. 1


No DJ (Better Quality)

dedicated followers of scotland

scotland stand up logo2

My man Scuba has joined the UK blogging ranks with Scotland Stand Up (i’d like to think the name was inspired by me, but i’m guessing my heads too big). As you can the from the logo above, It is obviously dedicated to all things north of the border yet there is already a raft of quality freeness too. Any UK peeps (or Hip Hop peepz in general for that matter) should check it out. Click The Pic!

_Project.AuldReekie_Ft This is one example of the niceness that is currently leaking down from ‘up there’. All Scottish MC’s & beatsmiths on this one & at 16 tracks deep, there isn’t a lack of material either. I’ve listened to this & it is niceness so i suggest you get involved. Enjoy!

Project: Auld Reekie

Titanic struggle



Joker Starr is getting about right now. This time he lent his talents to Shadowstar’s remix of Clash Of The Titans. Enjoy!

Clash Of The Titans feat. Joker Starr

Volume 4 (1st)


Volume 4 for the good people. Double the fun this go round. Check the sister site for the other batch of niceness. Enjoy!

101 Intro (beat by DJ Nu-Mark) (assembled by nofrillz)
102 The Otha's - The Lala feat. Mercury Waters
103 Funky DL - Back Around The Old School
104 HLC - Tropical Todds
105 J. Twiz - Hypocrite
106 Mr. Beats - Responsible adult feat. Crazy Ken, Uta Maru & K Dabushain
107 The Boom Bap Orkestra - Le Stylo Pour Expression
108 The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Tatelarock Remix)
109 La Sphere - Pas Le Time (Avec Aldrick)
110 Gully Platoon - Coat Of Paint
111 OSK - Music part 2 Futures Stars
112 1000 Names - Simmer Down with C. Monts
113 Oxmo Puccino - Les unes Les Autres
114 Papi Jamon - Where Im From
115 Tedji - Mic On
116 Ed & Enz - Ne Cherche Pas Ailleurs feat. Kanyor
117 ZenTed'Jeebz - A New Day feat. Caroline Sasal
118 Ramson Badbonez - Da Pain
119 Labo MC - Page Blanche
120 Reggiimental -  The Weekend 2 (Exclusive)
121 Groove Therapy - When The Music Stops

Spread The Word Volume 4: 1st

A BNP Member lives 38 YARDS from my house

25-10-2009 21-11-40

A = Me

B = Mr. C…. B… (BNP Member)

Picture courtesy of Google (& Dama James)

Unfortunately the mainstream parties are failing to talk about the other main issue (besides the economy) so these bloody P%$£@s have found a platform they can use to make some headway. Labour, Conseratives, get your acts together!

Pat ‘em on the back

Front Cover Artwork

Aaaaahh… will wonders never cease. I copped these guys debut as well as Pat D’s Jazz fest that is Take A Little Time. The album contiues where the last left off with its Classy samples & positive vibes. Plus you’ve got artists such as Melodiq, Praverb & especially poet Benjamin Zephaniah add to an already great vibe. Sometimes Hip Hop is just the sum of a simple equation, great beats + a positive message = great music. To Pat & Lady P, more of the same please & long may it continue. Peep the Tasters & Enjoy!

Pat D & Lady Paradox - I Wanna Feel Days

Pat D & Lady Paradox - What's it Worth (feat. Melodiq)

Album Myspace

1, 2, 3, Punch it!!!


Dubbledge is back with this precursor to his soon to be released sophomore project. Is What It Is, But Not What It Was is the album. One Inch Punch is the mixtape. Featuring Kyza & TB  on cameo duties, OIP is a homage to beats from yesteryear. A Tribe Called Quest Souls Of Mischief, Group Home, Raekwon, Jeru The Damaja, Rakim & more get the Edge treatment. The gems are scattered about  this short n sweet album intro. Peep the taster. Enjoy!

Dubbledge – Deep Cover

Smell that? its…

This has absolutely nothing to do with Hip Hop other than the fact that I own a Blackberry myself. I love mine but this guy obviously loves his that little bit more. Peep & enjoy!

…even mechanics walk around with there tools…


…Its the Militia! Man i keep saying it, but the boy doth keepeth himself busy. Plus our taste in Hip Hop is uncannily similar, so of course I would say it’s niceness. I’m sure a glance at the tracklisting will sway you. Enjoy!

01 - K-Murdock - FOTNS! [Intro]
02 - Royce Da 5'9'' - Hood Love (feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz) (prod. by DJ Premier)
03 - Boycott Blues - A Will & a Way (prod. by Insight)
04 - Singapore Kane - Whatever I Wanna Do (prod. by Illmind)
05 - Beatmonstas - Rippin to the Last Bar (feat. Prince Po)
06 - Panacea - Rope-A-Dope
07 - Sene - WonLover (prod. by GODlee Barnes a.k.a. Blu)
08 - Jermside - Like Never Before (prod. by Von Pea)
09 - Swollen Members - Kyla
10 - Reef The Lost Cauze - Shallow and Hollow (feat. Blak Madeen)
11 - K-V - 5'9'' + Won (feat. Royce Da 5'9'', Pacewon & DJ Noize)
12 - Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Teddy
13 - BK-One - Philly Boy (feat. Black Thought)
14 - Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Evidence - The Freshest Kids
15 - Chaundon - The Forgotten Borough (feat. Suede)
16 - Bound By Honor - Go Time (feat. Raydar Ellis & Esoteric)
17 - The Undergods (Canibus & Keith Murray) - No Brainer (prod. by Shuko)
18 - The Closers - Heroin Barz (feat. NYOIL)
19 - Kam Moye - RE:Born
20 - Edgar Allen Floe - Mighty Floe Young (feat. Nottz & Royce Da 5'9'')
21 - Statik Selektah - Jaded (feat. Joe Scudda, Truck North & Diz Gibran)
22 - Cormega - Make It Clear (prod. by DJ Premier)
23 - AZ - The Come Up (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

DJ Toolz – Undaground O-Nine 5.2

Thin line between love & hate


Here is the EP "I Hate OPBs(Other People's Beats)" The Prelude to "Glass Half Full" which is coming November 12th 2009. Enjoy!

810 – I Hate OPBs

keep coming back


The standard of J’s releases have put him in the big leagues now. Great beat choices and someone’s been upping their mic game. I’ve had this obit of freeness on regular rotation. Enjoy!

J. Nolan – Resilience


Stop(he) right there


Man this whole crew keep themselves maaaaad busy. You’ve just read my review of Squid Ninjaz’ Revenge Of The Blowfish (and if you haven’t scroll down) on Ralph Rip shit featured heavily. Yet not but 3 days after the Squids promo arrived, I get an email from Ralph with THIS LINK. He’s teamed up with Stophe for 10 tracks of quality freeness. Don’t sleep. Enjoy!

...and not a Hootie in sight

When I first heard the name (and I had no idea who they were associated with) Squid Ninjaz sounded to me like a slightly harder version of Busted... or Mcfly. I've been at this for long enough to know that i should not be judging any books by their covers. A vast ensemble of MC's & beatsmiths, The Squids could be labelled alongide the Wu in the way they approach their sound. The dark undercurrent the runs right through Revenge Of The Blowfish is of the type that I haven't heard on a UK release for quite a while. Whereas a few of the more recent releases show sporadic examples of such an atmosphere, the Squids have kept it at the forefront for the entirety. Slowed to a crawl piano loops, samples paired together that fit when they sound like they should be nowhere near each other, drums that should be in desperate need of some EQ; and it's all superbly put together. It's a relatively risky ploy sticking with the same overall tone throughout and towards the end it shows. But such is the constant ferociousness of all the MCing talent on show that this is something that can be forgiven.. Definitely worth the purchase. Wales stand up!!!

p e a c e

Squid Ninjaz - R-Type (Cervantis, Joe Blow & Skamma)

Squid Ninjaz - Mimic (Cervantis, Pergyl, Joe Dirt & Joe Blow)

Cushty Rodders, Cushty!!!

 What do Cappadonna's Pillage, Lord Finesse's Brainstorm, Raekwon's Rainy Dayz, Nas' Live Nigga Rap & Pharoahe Monch's Godsend have in common? Such are their ears for a beat, Cyrus Malachi, Masikah, Kyza & M9 have assembled these tasty morsels (amongst others) to form part of the 17 courses of niceness that make up White Noize. It would be very easy to dismiss such a mass recycling of such greatness as beyond lazy. But in the words of any one of the X-Factor judges (which is kind of ironic seeing that pop acts get a 4 way tongue lashing on the album) 'they made the songs their own'. That they do this to such an extent that I was struggling to remember a couple of tracks from the list at the top of this review, is a testament to the mic skills on show. From start to finish the equation is simple. (Verbal ferocity x constant gem dropping) + constant neck snappers = Orphans Of Cush, White Noize. This has to be UK Hip Hops stand out release so far this year and at only a £4.99 (HERE), only a crazy man (and perhaps Louie Walsh) would pass this up

p e a c e

Orphans Of Cush - Street Tapestry: Blasphemy Solo

2 for the price of 1

DJ Toolz [2009] -- V.A. - UndaGround O-Nine 5.0

The guy is like puffy, he doesn’t know how to stop


01 - 14KT - The Name Game [Intro]
02 - Dynas - The Apartment (prod. by J Dilla)
03 - Concise Kilgore - Teknoir (feat. Evidence, Guilty Simpson & DJ Revolution)
04 - O.C. & AG - Think About It
05 - Deams - Collateral Damage (feat. Jeru Tha Damaja)
06 - Reks - That's What's Up (feat. Bossman) (prod. by Statik Selektah)
07 - Che Grand - Crash (prod. by Von Pea)
08 - Micall Parknsun - All 4 Hip Hop (prod. by M-Phazes)
09 - People Under The Stairs - Trippin' at the Disco
10 - A.R.M. - Heaven Only Knows (feat. Brother Ali)
11 - Ras Kass & Nino Bless - Sparta
12 - MAGr - Feste
13 - The Otha's - Roundtable Emcee's (Remix)
14 - Fresh Daily - Trust (feat. P.CASSO)
15 - Kam Moye - Blue Skies
16 - Boycott Blues - Da Math (feat. Consequence & Insight)
17 - Jern Eye - Get Right (feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Zumbi) (prod. by Jake One)
18 - Tab-One (of Kooley High) - Tell Us the Truth
19 - No One - We Do It (prod. by Black Milk)
20 - Bekay - Brooklyn Bridge (feat. Masta Ace)
21 - KRS-One & Buckshot - Oh Really (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by Marco Polo)
22 - Edo G, Diamond D & Kaze - Nobody Like Me (Madwreck Remix)
23 - Floyd The Locsmif  - Rugged Recline [Outro]

DJ Toolz [2009] -- V.A. - UndaGround O-Nine 5.1


01 - Greyboy - New Way to Flow [Intro]
02 - Souls Of Mischief - Tour Stories
03 - DJ K.O. - D A M A G E (feat. East & Silent Knight)
04 - Punchlyne & Fokis - Beware
05 - Rob Viktum - Posthumous (feat. Donwill & Jermiside)
06 - Esoteric - Ace's Take (feat. Masta Ace)
07 - Brother Ali - Games
08 - Maestroes - Unite the Masses
09 - Black Noise (Aarophat & Illastrate) - Higher (Revolution)
10 - MuzeOne (of Scribbling Idiots) - These Words
11 - Aesop Fables - Awakening
12 - Debaser - Out Front (feat. Phat Kat & Rasco)
13 - Apathy - This Is the Formula (feat. J-Live)
14 - Tyler Durand - Turn Down the Lights (feat. B-Don)
15 - Co$$ - Judgement Day
16 - Jermiside - Maintainin' (feat. Soulstice)
17 - Skyzoo - Under Pressure (prod. by 9th Wonder)
18 - Sha Stimuli - Move Back (feat. Freeway & Young Chris)
19 - Vibes - Black Magic
20 - The Closers - East Coast Renaissance (feat. Reks)
21 - Sojourn - Say Something
22 - Qwel & Maker - White Elephant
23 - Freddie Bruno - Buddah Foot [Outro]



Sample it HERE

Rock a bye baby

no not ADHD


Admittedly, i’d never even heard of this guy until some of his work dropped in the mail. This is definitely someone i’m gonna be keeping a major eye on from now on. Besides the fact that he is currently recording an album with Exile behind the boards, he’s also got somesupreme niceness with Black Milk to share as well. Enjoy!

ADaD – The Longest Bar

ADaD - Good