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my fav episode of supernatural featured….


Now here’s a name I haven’t heard in it’s own right for a while. Baron Samedi is back with a new lead off track for his new long player ‘Wanderland’. Hip Hop’s choppy electro synths are not what I was expecting but the track is nice and Baron S can spit! Enjoy!

Download: Baron Samedi – Hip Hop (Edit)

my IQ’s Gone up


Damn!!! Even when Ramson isn’t the developer in chief (this time he is part of a trio) of a project he’s still killin’ em. DJ Gone & DJ IQ have looped some very recognisable sample loops for Ramson (and friends) to tear up. Su-Bloody-Perb.

lets have a beer


Finally Sean Boogs newness has arrived. Light Beers Ahead Of You is real nice. Laced by 9th Wonder, Boogs P’n’C Khrysis, E. Jones and Amp. Plus it’s free so grab this people! Enjoy!

Sean Boog – Light Beers Ahead Of You

move over Punk

I had actually wondered how someone would sound going over this track since the first time I heard it. I must say that this freestyle also shows the current state of play on both sides of the Hip Hop atlantic. Whatever your taste, the boundaries between Hip Hop and other genres are forever being blurred over here. Sway goes at it over Daft Punks standout cut from there superbly atmospheric Tron: Legacy score. Superb.

comfortable? then let us begin


Got this in the mail today. Illset Infantry are a new name for me to get acquainted with as well as you peepz. So far so good. Sample the niceness below then grab the freeness.

light up the streets


This is the cover for what is apparently, going to be Mike Skinners last album. I’ve got all the other 4 and loved all of them and if the 1st single, Going Through Hell, is anything to go by i’m going to feel the same about this one. This guy is one talented dude. Peep the evidense below!

not an epilogue

One thing I have to give Stylah props for …. is originality. After the overtly ironic clip for the Anti-Gun track Killa, He comes back with ‘Prologue’. Stylah enlists a platoon of the UK scenes finest custodians to cover his video duties for him. superb! The Album, Treading Water is available now… and that’s nice too!

wow! album giveaway of the year?


Iron Braydz’ Devil May Cry is easily on of the UK’s best releases of recent times. Critically acclaimed and super nice, Braydz is giving it away for free. Check Out his new site (and the clip for Golden Legacy), join the mailing list and download the album for free. Don’t delay peepz!

no love drug


Dope is right. I just bought this somewhat short single track mixtape for precisely 64p and I must say, if this is just their mixtape then the album should be…. Dope. Exec produced by Aceyalone, Love On Hiatus is out soon… I hope. ch ch check it out!

he’s a baaaad boooy








Every time I discover something I haven’t heard before from Ramson I cant Stop Eulogising about it. This time it is these three tasty morsels I found while scouring the youtube heavens. The man spits pure venom and pretty much owns every track he cameos on. His 1st 2 mixtapes are absolute class and an album will surely follow the same path. peep the evidence here and via previous posts.

oh devourer of planets, where art thou?

The cosmic sexcapades of Galaktus…. as told by Kashmere. As soon as I heard that Zygote and Jazz-T were the beatsmiths on the album my copy was on its way. Order Yours HERE. Enjoy!