keep it true

Apparently this is an old accapella that Crossbone T saw fit to remix. Quite simply, THIS IS MY JAM RIGHT NOW! more please Amy....


marseille & bristol sitting in a tree... r a p p i n g

If there is one thing that I absolutely positively cannot criticise the good people of France on, it is their gift for producing many great disciples of Hip Hop. Mer2Crew are one of the many and Incorruptibles is the result of a 'cypherical' meeting of Hip Hop minds. The album is Remise a Flow and it's out now.

Me2Crew - Remise a Flow

kamanchi you sly dog you!

Thankfully Kamanchi Sly compromised any of his Hip Hop sensibilities for his latest single. I just hope that there are enough of us enlightened heads out there to fully appreciate this. Or maybe some younger folks will jump on board.

Sidi Ifni is now a city that i intend to seeformyself, thanks to....

Chemo is making superb use of his alter ego. In Morocco is a stunning piece of 'instrumentalism' and Sidi Ifni (a city in Morocco) is a superb example of it. Just enough of a Hip Hop element to get the heads involved and more than expansive enough to price some inner ears. Don't Sleep folks!

Buy:Telemachus - In Morocco here

diggi deluxe

I will say it every time, I am a sucker for live instrumentation in Hip Hop! Mys Diggi is releasing a deluxe version of his superb Mystrogen LP and this is to be one of the extras on there. The Son Veneno band (via Harry Love) on the beat. Emjoy!

every little sticking plaster helps... doesn't it?

The Band Aid project is exactly what it says on the tin. A sticking plaster and oh so partial solution to what could potentially become a global epidemic (no I’m not scaremongering, just stating a point of fact). It was the same with the songs previous incarnations and will be so in the future whenever Sir Bob, or whomever takes the reigns, deems it necessary to once again assemble the Pop music Avengers.

one for all.... and all for one

Logic is back (as if he ever went away). This time he has teamed up with the RU1 Fam to help the masses 'Overstand' via new album, We Are One. Thought provoking, insightful and at times melodic, this is one of those albums that comes completely out of the blue and succeeds in opening many eyes... or in this case the minds eye. oh, and The Last Resort on the beats can't be too bad either can it. More clips and a link after the break. Don't sleep!

bey bey see

So... the Queen 'Bey' has done it again, if recent (and very naughty) photos are to be believed. Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are to be the guest vocalists on volume 2 of Beyonce's self titled, formerly surprising opus. I'm not going to add to what many have already covered regarding the rest of the albums particulars. That can be done when someone outside of Columbia's top brass has actually heard the fruits of Lady Carters labours.

750 bottles of beer on the wall....

Really nice Aussie neck snappers are the staple diet of 750 Rebels new release, Kold Heat. Not much else to say really. Peep the additional DJ Premier inspired niceness after the break. Enjoy!

chemistry got him out of a jam

This is my Jam man! (pun intended). This clip is slightly eerie but then again so is the wonderful tune. Chemo (or Telemachus for that matter) can do no wrong. The album, which Chemo produced from start to finish, is out on 1st December. Can anyone say pre-order. Enjoy!

Sharknado 2... the first was popular enough for a sequel!?!?!

The Lincoln lads are back on the scene with a quality piece of freeness. All four tracks are nice but the remixes are where things get cranked up for me. Plus Iron Braydz too. Clip and link after the break. Enjoy!

you sleazy little so and so

This onecame at me from nowhere. From Greasy Vinyl, the same camp that brought one of my recent favourite releases (Jman's Auronography) to mass audiences comes this FREElease from Sleaze. At ten tracks deep and a hazy Boom Bap heads dream one would be mad to miss out.... so don't! Enjoy.

Grab: Sleaze - The Rise Of Isaac Roberts

i love chocolate flavour.... oh, not that kind of mousse

Another super nice track and clip from those Moose Funk peeps. If you haven't taken a more detailed look at these guys don't sleep folks.

did action man ever have a kung fu grip?

An interesting piece of promo freeness from a Jazz trio thathat admittedly, I'd never heard of before now. I only caught on because Confucius MC holds court on the mic on 2 tracks. The EP is 6 tracks deep (smile) but is only one file (frown) but is more than worthy of your attention. Enjoy.

The Grip - The Grip Tape

its a play on 'network southeast' for those that aren't aware

Remember the good old days? When the term Boom Bap had a simple definition. Tony Blair was still the man. Knight Rider and Airwolf re runs were still cool and Arsenal's defence moved forwards in unison (those were the days)? Are you like me, making regular, Golden Aged acoustic excursions to satisfy the craving? Tony Olabode was supposed to deliver what would probably have been the UK's first class ticket to that fabled destination. However the obligatory record label wrangles and contractual disputes rendered that a non starter. 18 years later however, comes the South East London residents own interpretation of the phrase 'better late than never.

Lets be honest, to myself and those of you reading this review with genuine interest, the emancipation of Dettwork Southeast is long overdue. But in the cold light of day this is a niche release of sorts. An album highly sought after by those in the know who are well versed on a particular era of music from a certain part of the world, or those studious enough on modern UK Hip Hop to have been self schooled on what Tony Rotten means to the culture. But even after putting those camps together and adding on international equivalents, that is still quite a select group. Quite frankly from the outside looking in, for Sony to have remastered and released this album in the first place (albeit with virtually no promotion) is quite something. Luckily the nostalgia fest (in more ways than one for Londoners) is worth the wait.

rip john ritter

And now for something different.... but still bloody superb. I copped the album and it is more of the same. Another Mortal Kombat nostalgia inducing clip and link after the break. Enjoy!

steptoe and son never got down like this

High Focus' resident soul man is back with a limited edition vinyl only (so far) release. Put That Soul On Me is entirely produced by Dirty Dike and also includes the instrumentals. The main pic however, is from a lovely piece of pop tinged soulful freeness for those of you that want to try before you buy. It really is a quality listen and i am surprised that even in the blogasphere that there hasn't been a little more coverage. Clips, stream and links after the break peeps. Don't sleep!

aaaah the kingdom of croydonia, i know it well

You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon is out now. Enjoy

danger, mickey, mighty, rasta.....

It looks like The Mouse Outfit have taken their sound to new places since the superb Escape Music (which is still in regular rotation on my Sennheisers) was let loose upon the masses. The visuals are superb and brings back memories of me salivating over the Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott clips of late Golden Age origins. Enjoy! 

so polish it then!!!

The Triple Darkness roster has been amended somewhat but the effect on my neck is still the same. It aches from all the bloody head nodding! I didn't see any album details fellas. I do hope that this is not a one off. Enjoy!

the 1970 team rule but the '82 boys were more entertaining

This is nice, very nice and regardless of my lack of understanding Portuguese any decent head will recognise that there are plenty of syllables on show so dudes got skills.

a masterful display?

For those that don't know, Mastermind is the quiz shows quiz show. Regardless of the case some might put forward for University Challenge, in my view it is the pinnacle of 'Boffindom'. BBC's iPlayer, far from being simply a catch up service, is a haven of undiscovered and quite superb programming. Radio 1Xtra is (like it or not) at the forefront of the UK's mainstream 'Urban' movement. But was putting the three entities together to bring about Hip Hop Mastermind my beloved genres dulling down, or certification of Hip Hops universal mainstream acceptance?

Part of Hip Hops attraction to most of its fans is it's edge. The rebellious "you can't tell me what to do" attitude that, in varying degrees of concentration, permeates every aspect of its existence. It was a way for (most of) us to get rid of our anger and frustration and angst. It was a way to build a connection with friends. It still is all of those things for a huge number of the worlds population. Yet, as much as it brought parts of 'my music' to a larger audience, I couldn't help but feel that something about Hip Hop Mastermind.... something I couldn't quite put my finger on, didn't sit right with me.

bone thugs: foe tha love of $?

$10,000,000 (£6,120,000). Let me write that in words... Ten Million Dollars aka Six 
Million One Hundred and Twenty Thousand pounds. That's a very big number. Too big a number for the average person on the street to even contemplate seeing at on a bank statement, let alone spending. Of those of us that are in a position to have that kind of money available, there is a reason you have it and i suspect you'd be loathed to just fritter it away. To those of us to whom spending seven or eight figures is deemed as something of a frivolity or an investment. there aren't many of us about and even less of us that would spend such a vast amount of money on a piece of modern music. So the question is, who exactly are Bone Thugs N Harmony expecting to go the distance for their soon to be final group release, E.1999 Legends?

The obvious comparison to make is with Wu Tang Clans Once Upon A Time In Shaolin project. Both camps are Golden Age legends and their impact on Hip Hop culture simply cannot be overestimated. With their latest plan in mind however, the differences are stark. The gaping chasm in the marketing, concept and handling of the media is there for all to see and you have to question where on the announced arena tour Bone intend to find a single, multi million dollar investor. They no longer enjoy anywhere near the status they were once privy to and I suspect that any record labels looking for a licence to print money will not be applying through their management.

strange bedfellows

I am a huge fan of all things Kashmere and all thngs Zygote. For two such otherworldly Hip Hop entities get together the outcome can only be a thing of strange, eerie beauty. peep the evidence and enjoy!

the wait is over

Ohhh Gooooosh!!! its finally happened! Blak Twang's classic that never was is about to hit the streets. Dettwork Southeast is seeing the light of day 17 years late (bloody label wrangles). See what the man himself has to say on the matter. Then peep one of my all time favourite tunes after the break. Enjoy!

braz knuckles

Luca Brazi is a ridiculous talent with an equally ridiculous album out now (and it only costs a fiver). Do not sleep on this guy.... at all. Dying Proof is available from all good downloady type places now.

oh he of the sharp tongued persuasion

I love the different approach to Ed's newer offerings and this is no different. If there is an album to come I am most definitely involved. Enjoy!

applegate (aka the great u2 freeness debacle)

A possible 500 Million downloads with 33 million users having already made their presence felt and just over 2 million individual downloads (at the time of writing). Arguably the worlds biggest band's latest release could, theoretically, find its way onto enough iphones, iPads and iPods to cater for the aural guilty pleasures of the entire population of the EU. It could turn out to be a feat of epic proportions, of modern musical wizardry, a remarkable showcase of the Apple marketing machine at work as well as affirmation of U2s global standing, with one gaping flaw. A substantial proportion of those downloads weren't requested in the first place.

In their wisdom infinitum, the marketing geniuses (sarcastic double finger wag on each hand) from both camps have decided that, pre retail release, U2s latest opus, Songs Of Innocence, will be made freely available to any of us mere mortals who happen to hold the 'I gods' in almost as high esteem as the man himself, for a limited time of course. However, rather than putting them at the forefront of media goodwill (a la Mrs Shawn Carter) quite the reverse has happened. And to think, I always thought that U2 were quite cool (I come from Hip Hop stock, forgive me).

full circle

Hello again people, some things never change. it’s painfully obvious that I have left my partner in ©rhyme to fend for himself for quite some time. I guess spreading your wings isn’t always all its cracked up to be. It seems that, although many sites love posting the equivalent of regurgitated tabloid fodder, very few have an opinion on what goes on in and around the industry as a whole. I must big up On The Come Up TV (and Allen Siema) for bucking that trend and giving me another avenue for my thoughts and other like minded sites do exist but an extended hiatus has given me time to re-evaluate my choices. When its all said and done I should never have neglected this blog in the first place. I can post what I want without recourse (to an extent). And I don't just mean Hip Hop. Music these days is all about cross genre collaborations and stepping outside of your comfort zone. It's only appropriate that i follow suit. 

We have some great Ideas for this site and without giving anything away, if things go according to plan then hopefully we will be on the radar of a few more heads. We shall see. Aaaaaaah, it feels good to be home!

p e a c e

DMC DJ Finals

Get down there tomorrow.

ready to connect?

And another one! Yes i know i'm cheating but i have been away for a while and these blends are bloody superb! This time its the unmistakable voice of the real King of NY (BIGGIE!!!) and laid back smooth beats of The Foreign Exchange. Enjoy!

Download: The Notorious Exchange


Where have I been. Nappy DJ Needles is a blend king and with A Tribe Called Kast he has put together my two favourite groups. The beats of tribe and the flows of ts free so get involved! Enjoy!

Download: A Tribe Called Kast

Treasures from another world

Deeq and Rawz combine their vocals with visuals from Sabir, presenting something exquisite and sublime to create this beautiful combination.

Sabir Facebook

White Forest Records Facebook

Pierce ya damn hearts!

Today is the day! #Pierceartists #BBP #boombappro 


No lack of compassion here

AKD & Deepstar set it off something lovely with that vintage vision of a perfectly executed piece of modern music for the real. Oh yeah and it features AG. Killer.

Buy It Here

Edstrumentals Vol​.​3

Edstrumentals Vol. 3 is a selection of beats produced by the one and only Evil Ed consisting of 20 beats taken from various releases between 2000-2013. Heavyweight gems.

Buy Here

beauty is more than skin deep

I got this in the mail today and i am loving it. Smooth boom bap coupled with a very light airy vocal. I want and expect to hear more. Enjoy!

be very socially aware

I love this dudes flow and I love his cohort's (Leaf Dog & Illinformed) beats. This is one that will most definitely be making its way into my collection. BVA has been doing his thing for a long while now and his soon to be released album, Be Very Aware, is well overdue. Promo minimix after the break. I must say High Focus are on big tings nowadays. Enjoy!

i spye with my little eye

Bloody hell what a tune!!!!! I had never heard of this guy but happened to chance upon this clip while searching for something else. I am very glad to have made his acquaintance. Everything about this is nice and the scratched hooks.... wow! I cant seem to find any date on an EP/Long player release though. Come on now bruv!?!

remember rhubarb & custard's theme tune?... da-da-da-daaaaa da-da-da-daaaaaa...

Whoa, this clip is a strain on the eyes! Pete Cannon & Dr. Syntax have gone all trippy on us. These two together makes for a leftfield combo plus Jehst & Del the Funky Homosapien are along for the ride. Why does this video remind me of Jamie & the Magic Torch, or Rhubarb & Custard, or Bananaman? Aaaanyway the album id due by the end of February. Enjoy.

Dont Drop It!

Catch The Beat is the first official video from the double LP, Back To The Booom by Man Of Booom

Buy It Here

that house on stilts by the sea on grand designs was gorgeous

I absolutely love Granville Sessions new(ish) album, Forward and in Giuseppe Falcone they have an in house beatsmith that will surely become a go to guy for all and sundry sooner or later. Enjoy!

that's a rap for 2013

Mystro is back with his now customary Rap Up for 2013. Loving the So Solid Crew line! Enjoy

let's all have a laugh (you too michael)!!!!!

I felt like a laugh so i posted this. Enjoy!

carry on again....again doctor

After not hearing hide nore hair from this guy for more than a year, he turns Father Christmas and drops off a present on Christmas day (i was late unwrapping it). Typically straight Hip Hop with that ever so slight quirk that he seems drawn to. Niceness & Freeness. Enjoy!

the man just keeps on bowling me over (geddit?)

Sonnyjim can do no wrong. My favourite MC who spits pure fire. This time he borrows one of Chemo's gargantuan catalogue of superb beats. This is too bloody short Jim. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim - Roy Munson