Peter O(Nine) ‘Toolz Damn Toolie, how come I ain't spotted that Primo remix yet!!!

01 - Cradle Orchestra - Food for Thoughts (feat. O.C.)
02 - Focus - Homage to Premier (feat. Stat Quo, Phonte & Royce Da 5'9)
03 - Blaq Poet - Too Strong (prod. by DJ Premier)
04 - Raekwon - Wu Ooh (ft. Method Man & Ghostface Killah)
05 - Cappadonna - Pistachio (ft. Lounge Lo, King Just & Lugar)
06 - Earatik Statik - Tearz (prod. by Pete Rock)
07 - U-N-I - Half Off (ft. Evidence)
08 - RADIx - Gameday (prod. by Insight)
09 - Analogic - God Body Flow (ft. Naledge & A. Pinks)
10 - Finale - One Man Show (prod. by Black Milk)
11 - Braille & S1 - That's My Word (ft. Theory Hazit)
12 - CunninLynguists - Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
13 - Big Tone - A Song Called Triumph (ft. Blu)
14 - Syntax - Make It (ft. Tactic One) (prod. by M-Phazes)
15 - Cesar Comanche - Choose (prod. by 9th Wonder)
16 - Keelay & Zaire - Government Names (ft. Khizman)
17 - Saigon & Statik Selektah - The Rules
18 - Verbal Kent - Remove the Gag (ft. Ill Bill & Wordsworth)
19 - Rasco - Classic
20 - House Of Repz - U Gotta Love Us (DJ Premier's Dark Remix)
21 - Panacea - One Shine (K-Murdock Arturian Remix)

DJ Toolz – Undaground O-Nine 1.1

It depends who’s lap i’m dying in… (Halle’s, Beyonce’s, Serena’s…)

41luPp9swZL._SL500_AA240_ The album is out today (yesterday where i’m from) so here’s a little try before you buy angle.

Cesar Comanche – Shame (prod. by Khrysis)

I like this tune….

…more please

Pat him on his back (via Myspace)

Love the picture

obama tape

They say a picture tells a thousand words. This one doesn’t but I love the pic all the same.

DJ WhooKid – Obama’s Happy Ending

Scholastic Excellence


Scholarman Has been supplying quality EP’s for a while now & His latest carries on his rich vein of form. I'll post his previous lyrical exploits in a future post. Thanks for the email Bro. Pick it Up Pick It Up!

Scholarman - A Meeting With Andre Kostelanetz

Very Animated


1.Tell Myself I'm Happy feat. Mike Maven
Produced by Shuko
2.Can't Ignore It ft. Punchline & Wordsworth
Produced by Muneshine
3.Struggler's Hustle
Produced by Muneshine
4.Boxcutter Ballet
Produced by Kev Sakoda
5.The Day After feat. Animal Cracka
Produced by A.D.
6.Guerrilla Music ft. Animal Cracka, 6th Sense, Emilio Rojas
Produced by Frequency

As you can see, this guys got a ear for quality. He’s just as gifted on the MIC too. This tracklist should be enough.

Emcee Anime – The Singles EP


111 222

How the hell did I not know that these existed. After their nice mixtape came out last year, I had pretty much forgotten about 9th Wonders young charges. That was until I was flicking my way through facebook and found these guys on there with these available to download. There nice & you’d be silly to ignore freeness anyway. Click the pics (or below) peeps. Enjoy!

We Not Them: Part One

We Not Them: Part Two (All 4 U)



Eloquence & Truth are proof that, Sonically, Aussie Hip Hop is a force to be reckoned with. Quality samples, Ill drums & microphone dexterity to be proud of. These guys are the real deal. Enjoy!

Eloquence & Truths – E.T. EP

Exclusivity clause


01.) Intro (Produced By Kon and Amir)
(Produced By The Alchemist)
(Produced By Pete Rock)
Your Welcome
(Produced By 9th Wonder)
Let Go
(Produced By Madlib)
Full Time Job
(Produced By Pete Rock)
Just Venting
(Produced By Khyrsis)
For The Websites
(Produced By Black Milk)
What's Next? (Interlude)
10.) Going Out Of Style
(Produced By Pete Rock)
The Forefront
(Produced By Bronze Nazareth)
Wasted Potential
(Produced By DJ Premier)
Snakes In The Grass
(Produced By Khyrsis)
For The Hell Of It (Produced By Easy Mo Bee)
15.) Gravity
(feat. Gorillaz) (Produced By Gorillaz)
Unexclusively Exclusive (Outro)

Wow, the production credits on this one is crazy. Only a fool is gonna leave this one alone. Dub MD does it again & Spectacula is one nice MC. Enjoy!

Dub MD & Spectacula – Unexclusively Exclusive

Skull fracture


Associated Minds

Time is of the essance


Like I keep telling the good people, J improves with every release & he was nice to begin with. conceptually this is his best et. Don’t sleep. Enjoy!

Get ‘J.Nolan – Noe Enough Time’ Here (Or Here)

J. Nolan’s Space

Who's a Clever boy?
I really like future prospects in boxing, just like everyone else, when a young and upcoming fighter, who is not only hungry and determined, but also skillful, it gets me very excited. I want to jump into a time machine and go forward 5 years to see how they have progressed, but patients is a virtue or whatever they say but im an impatient person. Well, Super Middleweight Commonwealth champion Nathan Cleverly is one of those boxers.
The other night he only needed 130-odd seconds to dispose of Samson Onyango, this was his second defence and he made it in style. Bone crunching body shots caused the Kenyan to crumble under the pressure.
The young boxer is under the tutelage of none other than Enzo Calzaghe, who calls Cleverly the true future of british boxing over Amir Khan (who fights Marco Antonio Barrera on the 14th of March), but of course he would, wouldn't he?
Cleverly has everything needed of him to reach a world title shot, and he possesses the skills to win it. Following in the footsteps of his trainers son, Joe Calzaghe, and what makes this kid more exciting is the way he boxes.
Cleverly looks to be be eyeing up Dean Francis now to add the british Lonsdale title to his credentials. I wish him the best and I know he will be going on to big, big things.

From ashy to classy


I had heard of these guys a while ago but never followed up on them. Until i received this little gem of a mixtape in the mail. You’ll know most of the beats & the entertainment (& laugh out loud) factor these guys possess will have you checking their site for more of the same. The flow on the EP is just as nice over original beats (& quality ones too). Don’t sleep!

Ashy L Bowz – Dry Humpin’ Mixtape

Ashy L Bowz – Going Green EP

Pronounced Jay-cee-oh

For those of You that don’t know… SHAME ON YOU & Enjoy

For those of you that do… GOOD FOR YOU & Enjoy

DJ Jayceeoh & PQ – Goody Goody Vol. 1

A…taster for you

Soon people soon. But until then, a taster or 2 for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Asaviour & DJ IQ – Golden

Asaviour & DJ IQ – Next Week feat. Dubbledge



Cy’s a busy man it seems. If he’s not putting his own mixtapes together, he’s hosting others.

Two Thousand & Mine (mixed by DJ GI Joe)

Cy’s Myspace

Pryor Engagement


Core Dear. All this niceness in one night. This is nice too. You peep.s should check for The Whitman Mixtape too. Enjoy this for starters.

Skipp Whitman vs. Richard Pryor

Stacking Boxes

sale front

Read the tracklist…

1. Intro
2. Showtime (pr
oduced by Statik selektah)
3. Hip Hop (produced by J. Depina)
4. Real MC
5. Dolla Bills ft. Jane Nithrow (prod. by AraabMuzik)
6. Money Over Here ft. Vic Damone (prod. by AraabMuzik)
7. Damn (prod. by illmind)
8. Fresh ft. RaTheMC (prod. by Gabe Real)
9. Way 2 Go
10. My Life (prod. By AraabMuzik)
11. Speedlights ft. Chachi Carvahlo (prod. By J. Depina)
12. Marry You ft. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall (prod. By AraabMuzik)
13. Be Cool skit
14. Loaded Gun (prod. By AraabMuzik)
15. Another Day (prod. By J. Depina)
16. Cold World Pt 2 ft. Termanology (prod. By Statik Selektah)

…& if you still don’t get the urge to click the link (or the pic) then it’s your loss. Enjoy!

Starrs & Murph’s Boxes for sale by DJ Onpoint)

Starrs & Murph’s Myspace

Gone for my sins


Read This


Somehow i've accidentally deleted the sister blog. I've contacted the powers that be to get it back but it I don't know how long it will take. In the mean time. all posts will come through here.

Cyber space

cy google pic

Third Volume. A nice one too.

Cymarshall law-cyology 3: the freedom writer

Certifiably Bangin’

UK Stand Up!!!

This man’s got his game right. Showcasing what we over here have to offer. All shores take heed. And it’s free. Enjoy.

On The Radar Vol. 2

On The Radar Vol. 1

Cerified Banger

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Not a Syntax error


Aussie Hip Hop stand up. I’ve been checking for Hip Hop from down under for a while. Just finished listening to this bit of freeness & I highly recommend it. There are 3 different versions of it too. Check It Out

Syntax’s .com + Free Mixtape

Dynamite Dyme


And another one (in a good way obviously)

Dyme Def – 3BADBRosREMIXx

Fozzy Bear’s box of tricks


There’s more where this came from…

Antonio DeMarco overcomes Kid Diamond

So once again, a late night excursion in my back room sitting infront of the box watching setanta sports at silly o clock in the morning, accompanied by my drunken brother who was rather excited, that he hadnt missed the fight. It was worth it though. If not for the main event....Darchinyan - Arce, which im not going to look at today, but instead the undercard bout, a superb fight, for the NABO lightweight title, between Antonio DeMarco another Mexican fighter who looks like he will dominate the lower weight divisions over the coming years and Kid Diamond, the brash and bouncy wild fighter from somewhere in Europe I cant pronounce. The fight started off somewhat awkward, DeMarco's southpaw stance imposing its frustration upon Kid Diamond, who, at times, found a way through DeMarco's tight defense with his wild flashy hands. The first few rounds were back and forth but Kid Diamond seemed to land the harder punches and looked like, if he could keep up his pace, he would take the fight to DeMarco and set the rhythm. DeMarco was too much though, as it seemed to me that Diamond couldnt utilise his game plan to its full effect. DeMarco was quick, but his head movement early on in the fight worried me, and he wasnt using his jab, which is very effective against a boxer like Diamond who likes to take the fight on the inside. Diamond was the agressor for the the first 7 rounds, and he was on the front foot constantly, proving a very hard target for DeMarco, bobbing and weaving, his defense possessed as much flair as his offense. DeMarco found his rhythm though, pumping the jab and keeping Diamond at bay during the later stages of the fight. Fuelling, in my opinion, Diamonds frustration, which led him to throw some wild shots, and thus it was this mistake that gave DeMarco to deliver crunching lefts to the body of Diamond along with some very nice combinations during the 9th, using his jab to set up his harder left hand to full effect, rocking Diamonds head and taking control. Diamond was unable to come out for the 10th. An enraptured DeMarco celebrated the best fight of his career so far.

Toolz of the Trade

I’ve given up explaining how good my man mixes are.

01 - Spon - Do It Again (feat. PK The Gift & Kay)
02 - Ali Vegas - Everyday Iz War (prod. by DJ Premier)
03 - Rapper Big Pooh - The Comeback (prod. by Khrysis)
04 - Scram Jones - Yes We Can (feat. Rhymefest, Saigon & Haffa)
05 - Shaya - It's Like That (prod. by 9th Wonder)
06 - Panacea - Pops Said (Nicolay Remix)
07 - Keelay & Zaire - Saturday (feat. Torae & Tiffany Paige)
08 - Skit Slam & The Beatnikz - Just Like You (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Cymarshall Law)
09 - Armyfatique - Superstar Rap (feat. Access Immortal)
10 - Ill Poetic - Souled Out (feat. Eternia & Reef The Lost Cauze)
11 - Torae - Hat’s Off (prod. by Eric. G)
12 - Strong Arm Steady - Give It Up (feat. Guilty Simpson & Talib Kweli)
13 - Invincible - The Emperor's Clothes
14 - RA the MC - Get Me (feat. Fred Knuxx, Balance & Wordsmith)
15 - ScholarMan - Maryland to UK (prod. by Jone$y)
16 - Seven - Never Leavin' a Trace (feat. Equinox & Supastition) (prod. by MIDIMarc)
17 - Reks - System (prod. by DJ GI Joe)
18 - Granite State - Societies Ill (prod. by Statik Selektah)
19 - The Misanthropist - Vanquish (feat. Pumpkinhead, Royce Da 5'9'' & Kashal-Tee)
20 - The Recordkingz (a.k.a. The Creators) - Heat (feat. Mobb Deep)
21 - Termanology - Pay Jay (feat. Big Pooh, Chaundon & Joe Scudda) (prod. by J Dilla)
22 - Nicolay & Kay - As the Wheel Turns (feat. Raw Poetic) (K-Murdock Remix)

DJ Toolz – Undaground O-Nine 1.0

Big Pimpin’

Top quality freeness from DJ IQ. Nicely mixed too. A Loop Theory Hurry Up

Pimp My Mix

DJ IQ’s .com

The Power of the Mind

The albums out on the 10th of Marc h. From what i’m heard so far it should be his best to date. So i now leave another snippet of what’s to come. Large Pro on the beats. Enjoy!

Krumb Snatcha – Mind Power

Listen to this...

Ain't no one telling me that we've got problems with UK hip hop. Listen to this track, and I mean REALLY listen. Then go buy the album.

Life - What's Going On

Nas & Large Pro get Vaporized



I can’t for the life of me remember where i found this. It’s been sitting on my ipod for about 2 weeks & only listened to it today because i happened to be browsing the albums list on my Ipod. Silly me for not checking for it sooner. My congrats to Vaporized on a superb job. Got any more for us? Enjoy!


Nas Vs. Large Pro

Radical Development


Finally man! ‘m a fan of this guy & have been anticipating this release. Download this now, you won’t be disappointed.

The RADIx Mixtape (by DJ Trusty)

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Symbolic Gestures

I had no idea that this project was even in the pipeline, so when Braille drops the whole thing in the mail, I couldn't believe my luck. One of my favourite MC's has teamed up with one of my favourite producers & the results are superb. Both sides bring their A game, S1 in a slightly unexpected way. maybe it's just me, but i'm used to hearing more Soul & less Boom Bap from him. But when Cloud Nineteen is the result who cares. As soon as the cymbals started to crash on the opening track (It's Nineteen) I knew I was going to like album. And so it proved as one head nod succeeded another without a lull in . Braille is his lyrically constructive, Hip Hop praising self. I recently wrote a piece for a future issue of The Find Magazine, in which I stated that Hip Hop had the wrong MC at it's forefront & that for the good of Hip Hop's image that had to be changed. Braille is the type of MC I was referring to as the lights that aren't getting the shine that they deserve. When your this nice an MC gimmicks just aren''t necessary. Cloud Nineteen carries all the ingredients of what Hip Hop should be. Braille also shows an insightful depth in places that some might not grasp on the 1st spin. tracks like Broken Heart, Skepticold & especially Heart Of God, deserve the listeners concentration on what is being said & not just how he is saying it. Hip Hop is all about utilizing quality beats to express yourself, not expressing an image. For those that seek the former, Cloud Nineteen is the place ot start.

p e a c e

The Wiz


3 new freestyles from the mic wizard. All nice, so there all here.

All My Life

Turn Me On

Young Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s Myspace

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ONE DAY…One Day…one day

Watch (& listen to) the trailer & you’ll know why I wanna see this movie

Quality By Association


I recently read a write up on another UK blog. It was basically a verbal barrage at the state of UK Hip Hop & those at the forefront of it. It was said that one of the main reasons why our music over here is not in a more recognised position is that our MC spit the same old rhymes over the same old beats & the cycle is never ending. I would reply by saying that: If you want to see UK versions of This Is Why i’m Hot, My Neck, My Back or Laffy Taffy then go find the artists to make it happen. I would much rather our artists are not infected with that virus & have it spread throughout our scene. Maintaining our own sound has to be a priority. Remember back in the days of UK heads using US accents. We don’t want a beat making alternative do we. Or would you rather them be adding to our knife crime situation instead of writing rhymes & layering kicks. Support good music, it’s really not that difficult.

Hence I introduce the Associated Minds crew. You’ve seen me drop a few snippets from these guys before. But I really like what these guys are about so i’ve decided to put some of those snippets of that niceness in one post.

Ralph Rip Shit – Disco

folder Mudmowth – Rain & palm trees (feat. Ralph Rip Shit)

I had to say a few words about this one. An eerie hula sample played at different speeds at various times. Topped up by Mud & Ralph painting some off key, but laugh out loud verbal pictures. If the Monsters Inc. project is real, and this is what we can expect from it, then I for one cannot wait.


Willo Wispa – Mars To The Manor


Metabeats - Live & Let Live (feat. Pergyl)

This bunch of talented individuals & their labelmates deserve all the shine is coming their way. If it exists bros I;m waiting to hear this Monsters inc. stuff & Ralph you need to drop an album man! Don’t sleep on these guys people. Listen, Enjoy & check out the site.


Q: How many superb freebie tunes can 1 collective bring out?
A: Ask Dyme Def

Dyme Def - Rollin' Stone

& proof that my question is oh so very valid...

Dyme Def - 3BADBRUTHAAS Mixtape

Dub plate special

Wassup folks lemme introduce to you
Dub MD & Illmind with Volume 2

edit: sorry about the green peeps

Mic Legacy - Larry Davis (Produced by Illmind)
D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind)
50 Cent - Who Run It (feat. Eminem, Cashis & Lloyd Banks) (Produced by Illmind)
04.) Heltah Skeltah - So Damn Tuff (feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx) (Produced by Illmind)
05.) Scarface - It's Not A Game (Produced by Illmind)
Thoth - MA To The West (feat. Oh No) (Produced by Illmind)
07.) Naps N Dreds - Bully! (feat. Kool G Rap) (Produced by Illmind)
Diamond D - Don't Beg (Produced by Illmind)
Pumpkinhead - Of The Same Air (feat. Talib Kweli) (Produced by Illmind)
Fortilive - Trunk Pop Music (Produced by Illmind)
Project Heights - Champion (feat. Rakaa Iriscience & Noelle Scaggs) (Produced by Illmind)
Sleek - Hi New Orleans (Produced by Illmind)
13.) Che Grand - Streets (Produced by Illmind)
Starrs & Murph - Damn (Produced by Illmind)
15.) Bambu - Quit (Produced by Illmind)
16.) Above Ave - Root Of All Evil (Wake Up) (Produced by Illmind)
17.) Grynch - A Dream Undeferred (Produced by Illmind)
18.) Kingdom (The Movement) (Swaggerboy, Kilo & Problem Child) - Heartache (Produced by Illmind)
Naturel - Love To The World (Produced by Illmind)
20.)Blitzkrieg (Bee Lavish, Quayluds, D-Minus & Contra) - Ruling Elite (Produced by Illmind)
21.) Megaciph - War (Produced by Illmind)
22.) Mister RP - Diamonds Aren't Enough (Produced by Illmind)

Dub MD & Illmind Presents "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 2