like father like son

Maaaaan!!!!! all the way down to the ears! He can rhyme and i’ve always loved a chilled out beat. His mixtape Cooltape Vol. 1: The Cool CafĂ©, is out….. sometime soon i guess. Enjoy!

The Herbaliser / Belleruche / DJ Food / DJ Cam / HMV Forum / October 27th

The Herbaliser album launch, get dooooowwwnn!!

Tickets Here

ya heard meh?

Still got the nice flow… and still getting his beats from M-Phazes. Illy is back with a third outing. I really liked his last one and this is even better. peep the clips (1 more after the break) and enjoy!

Bring It Back is available on iTunes now

walk this way: competition time!

WF2012 Design01

It’s DMC World Final time again peeps. The 27th & 28th will see Jam Baxter, The Four Owls (if you don’t know by now…), Jehst, DJ Q-Bert and others all showing and Proving before the team and DJ Finals. If you want to be there and bring a mate a well, I have 2 guestlist spots for 2 people and their best mate/girlfriend/mum up for grabs. I will keep it simple this time. The 4th & 15th person to drop an email to nofrillz (top right of the blog) gets the glory. good luck!

More info on the nights are after the break…

this so called government

The new offering from M9 is something for us all to hold out head up for. Back in delectable style with his new video, M9 is ever expanding and developing. All we need to do is listen.

His debut album, Magna Carta, is out on the 3rd of December.


Mystrogen! The new LP from the mighty Mys is available as of the 24th September. With contributions from Mr. Thing, Junior Reid, Show N Prove & Homeboy Sandman, plus Mys’ undoubted lyrical genius, my pre-order is already confirmed. Above is the clip for the lead single. After the break you can find the album sampler, Enjoy!

Series limited






Blue has been doing his thing for a while, constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of sound and quality. Since Below the Heavens ive been hooked on the guy. He always creates a sound that makes your neck snap no matter who he works with.

Limited in quantity so cop yours here.

Blu - Lemonade limited edition 7"

numbers!… numbers!… numbers!


So the Funky DL continuous niceness marathon continues. Def Lyricist is the first single fromNane. DJ 279 (NUMBERS!) in in full effect on this one too. Niceness. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Def Lyricist feat. DJ 279

my 8th great listen of 2012


This I of course my first year doing my 'great listens' segment. But had I done this during previous years I can assure you that brother Ali would have been include with every one of his albums. Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color' is probably his easiest entry which, when you consider the greatness that makes up this mans back catalogue, is something substantial indeed. For the most part MINADRC carries the same energy as Ali's previous, Ant produced efforts. There is an obvious synergy between BA and Jake One, however, with tracks like Mourning In America and Need A Knot taking him places that, sonically, he hasn't been before on an album. The mans rhymes skills and substance I not in question and neither is his previous, atmospheric (geddit?) work but hearing him over these beats has pushed 'Mourning...' in front of the rest. Which by default puts it among my favourites of 2012.

oh wait, that was the big friendly giant!


I am really really loving this track. The Foreign Exchange stable have found another thoroughbred (in no way am I suggesting any comparisons with a horse). This LADY can sing! 2nd of October is the date to catch her debut album ‘Angels’. But in the meantime peep the first cut Sweet Love. Enjoy!

Jeanne Jolly – Sweet Love

Your Favourite Yorkshire Mc's Favourite Yorkshire MC

Or in my case just one of my favourite MC's. Illinformed provides some slick smack jazz sunday heroin buzz for your ass.