keep it true

Apparently this is an old accapella that Crossbone T saw fit to remix. Quite simply, THIS IS MY JAM RIGHT NOW! more please Amy....


marseille & bristol sitting in a tree... r a p p i n g

If there is one thing that I absolutely positively cannot criticise the good people of France on, it is their gift for producing many great disciples of Hip Hop. Mer2Crew are one of the many and Incorruptibles is the result of a 'cypherical' meeting of Hip Hop minds. The album is Remise a Flow and it's out now.

Me2Crew - Remise a Flow

kamanchi you sly dog you!

Thankfully Kamanchi Sly compromised any of his Hip Hop sensibilities for his latest single. I just hope that there are enough of us enlightened heads out there to fully appreciate this. Or maybe some younger folks will jump on board.

Sidi Ifni is now a city that i intend to seeformyself, thanks to....

Chemo is making superb use of his alter ego. In Morocco is a stunning piece of 'instrumentalism' and Sidi Ifni (a city in Morocco) is a superb example of it. Just enough of a Hip Hop element to get the heads involved and more than expansive enough to price some inner ears. Don't Sleep folks!

Buy:Telemachus - In Morocco here