boxing day blues....quashed by a rebel

Raggo Zulu Rebel is most definitely now to be considered deep in the game. His 'Raggo' concious gem filled rhymes have always been one for the rewind button and his latest christmas present is no different. Get involved folks! Enjoy!

Raggo Zulu Rebel - I Walk Alone

i got a new ipad today.... and socks

Rodney P is back with a blinder. A brillliant brilliant blend as all three contributers come correct on this one. More of the same Rodney! But where's that damn album bruv!?!?!

more 24 hour festive freeness: Gi3MO

I am very late on the Rum Committee. Brash boom bap with an in your face off kilter angle to their rhymes. Gi3MO's The Untold Adventures of Gary Gutternsnypes is a superb bump that i copped for a snip at £3.99 via Google Play on my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (you see the plug Samsung? and its not the 1st time either. can i have a Note 3 please?). For the next 24 Hours Gi3MO (how do you pronounce that!?!) is giving it away for free (or name your price) via Bandcamp. no excuses people, do not sleep! video and link after the break.

was it rocky & bullwinkel or bullwinkel & rocky

Straight Hip Hop. A snap you neck beat and MC's showing and proving. More of the same please!

the b!£$%@s whaaaaat the b!£$%@s

This tune is nice... nuff said

a year in the life of oscar the slouch: review

Ramson Badbonez, arguably the UK's most naturally gifted MC. A man whose utilisation of some of Hip Hops most well known Golden Age instrumentals (The London Realness, 3 Endings) is nothing short of genius. After his catalogue of mixtapes and assorted releases grew exponentially, his debut album (released via Boot Records) Bad Influence, took its bow. Yet as good as most of the album was, to me Ramson suffered from what I call, the Can-I-Bus effect. A plethora of superbly written rhymes were heard from start to finish, yet there was a distinct lack of structure. Having gonna back to the drawing board, Mr. Badbonez is back with his first release through High Focus Records, A Year In The Life of Oscar The Slouch.

(continued after the break)

the uk sky at night

A Decidedly moody remix of Jehsts masterpiece of urban literature. To be included on the Remix album of Jehst's latest long player. Enjoy!

jagged edge's remix with run dmc was the jaaaaaam!

Whoa! i'm nearly a year late with this one but whatever Its a tune and this guy is nice (that is to say his mic skills are nice.... to be clear). And the clip is cool too.

the jragon of an ordinary remix

You should know by now all about the superb album that is Jehst's last release. In my view, The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family is a masterpiece of modern narrative of life in our fair country. Well it is getting the full remix treatment. It's soon to be released (I think) and is even getting some special limited edition treatment. 250 cassette tapes (do you know what they are kids?) with full artwork are available for pre order (although i am guessing that they are all gone by now). Tracklist, preview stream and pre-order link after the break.

another cure

Out tomorrow!

Pre order HERE, HERE or HERE

chalk and funky cheese

Where the hell was I when this one was released!?!?! A superb quirky funk sound and catchy as hell. I have had this on constant repeat. Do not sleep people! Check out the video after the break.

a cure for your ailing bones

One of a favourite MCs is back on the prowl. Ramson Badbonez is now rolling with High Focus (i missed that news) and his first single from his new album 'A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch'. If I'm Judging on this track alone, Ramson is clearly a lot more focused on the delivery of a song as oppose to showing his skills. If he carries that through to his album then we are in for a treat. His Boot records album was somewhat eclipsed by his mixtapes. Hopefully this is about to change. Roll on 09/12/2013.

p.s. the video is genius!!!

more devine intervention

Devine Carama is one of those MCs that is constantly looking to use his craft as a form of education or inspiration and he does so without coming off as preachy. On top of that he is a very gifted lyricist. The picture represents my favourite project from his catalogue. The title alone should give away what he has done but maaan, he does it very very well.

Plus if you click the link below you can download this and his 11 other albums/mixtapese/EPs for free. But only for 24 hours (and the clock is alreadt ticking). Don't Sleep!

holy krumpet krust batman!!!

Not much to say about this one apart from the fact that I really like it. More please KR. Enjoy

if you don't clean up your language you'll get some soap in ya mouth!

The Baron is back! Mr. Samedi and his own slightly unique brand of Hip Hop are sounding superb. Don't let the mildly disturbing cover put you off. Enjoy!

Baron Samedi - The Sewarmouth Sessions

branching out

I have been diversifying of late. A couple of other sites have been willing to take me under their wing so to speak. Partake and see what you thing of what I have to say. Enjoy!

Read: The Golden Age of Hip Hop: Forgotten Icons

Read: The MoBo's Past, Present & Future

ain't crying no rivers around here

This guys first album (also entirely produced by Lewis Parker) is superb. With that in mind, how the hell did I miss this... last year!?!?!

not exactly jim carrey is he

I'm sure i am not gonna be the only one who finds this a somewhat disturbing clip but it does also resonate with how many people out there with regards to the feelings they have about the lives they are currently living. Lee Scott does his off kilter thing as well as ever & Illinformed as now a very big man in the UK scene and rightly so. He has taken it a little leftfield this time though. The album, Stupid Poignant Sh!t, is available now. Enjoy!

BUY: Lee Scott & Illinformed - Stupit Poignant Sh!t

no ladies of a certain age bracket, i don't mean that macca

Broken Culture is a website that like us, is dedicated to bringing great untapped music to a wider audience & Macca's The Great Escape is their first release. The 20 track mixtape is free but show some support as it is quality product. Enjoy!

Macca - The Great Escape

Broken Culture site

the remains of the day

Verb T is back with his entirely self produced album, I Remain. Partner in crime Kashmere, Fliptrix & Genesis Elijah make up the only features on an album that seemed to be somewhat of a labour of love for the man. Peep the clip. Album snippits & link after the break. Enjoy!

Stop what you're doing and....

Take a damn trip, just take 
Herrotics deliver a package full of delightful goodness. Dark, hard, deep and simply dope.

marvin, marvin, you were a friend of miiiiine

Liverpool born MC Mico's debut sees yet another wordsmith going at it over some Marvin Gaye samples.... or is it? I must say that Mico's decision not to mess with the great mans original work is a thing of beauty. Yet he hasn't merely picked the most well known samples and tried to win a popularity contest. Sure there are some tried and tested hits but there are also a few that aren't immediately recognizable. Plus its freeness so no excuses people. Enjoy!

Forever Less

Forever Less is a collection of music that is sure to make your head nod with plenty of boom and stacks of bap. Simply delicious.

quality over quantity: the foreign edition

Is it funny that when certain other MC/crooners dare to show their emotion through song I can't get over how bad they sound yet when Phonte Coleman does the same over beats laid down by the marvelously talented best Dutch export since Denis Bergkamp, I proclaim the results Beautiful Music and proceed to go into detail as to why? Call it professional bias, call it the fact that I think the MC/crooner in question fell off (or in some respects was never really on), or simply call it impeccable taste, The Foreign Exchange never disappoint... apart from the really cheesy album title!
(read on)

the twist at the end was superb though wasn't it?

I'd Never heard of these guys before today but the moody beats and street orientated dropping of gems are a top notch combination. Click the link and name ya price people but before that Peep the clip & enjoy!

Haan & Sixth Sense - The Format EP

Herrotics - Odder Official Video

Herrotics always come correct. Heavy.

i sentence you to...

Life MC has a new album out and I almost missed it!?!?! Magnificently aided by the living legend that is beatsmith DJ Nappa, Gift Of Life is the latest in a catalogue of great beats laden with this mans seemingly endless source of gems. Peep the evidence and Enjoy!

i don't know about the game but this...

Tuuuuune! This guy has been heard on many a ill tune for a while now and doesn't get his due outside of certain circles. He has re-released his superb longplayer, The Retrospective. That may be slightly inaccurate but I seem to remember the album being available 2 or 3 years ago, albeit with fewer songs. Either way its a keeper and the uninitiated should get familiar. Beat Butcha can turn his hand to pretty much anything. Enjoy!

Buy: D.ablo - The Retrospective

that reminds me, it may be time to invest in a new pair of headphones...

Click the pic for tickets people! imma be there! Check out last years winner in action after the break.

...and nothing was stirring, not even a mouse...(don't sleep)

This laid back groove is my personal favourite track from The Mouse Outfits latest release (the next clip is a very close 2nd). Escape Music features a bevvy of the UK MCs (they really love Dr. Syntax) over some super super nice Jazzy/Boom Bap grooves with a sprinkle of Dub for good measure. This is one of my regular rotation and has been for some time (yes i know i should update that list more often). Peep this and other clips after the break. Enjoy and support support!

i saw green parakeets fly by my window the other day....

After 8 years away the Menagerie are back! and they've expanded. Bionic Beatsmith Tom Caruana, Dr. Syntax, DJ Nick Maxwell & Professor Elemental are joined by Koaste, Dizraeli, Teej, Vecks and even more besides. Irregular Spirits is available now and Are You Serious? is the first clip from said release. peep the clip and click HERE for more info. Enjoy!

The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits

the great british bake off... great tv

The Album that this visual accompany's is 2 months old now. Its All Luv is Big Cakes latest project and i entirely produced by Geo. Soulful yet sparse beats allow BC's own brand of street science to take center stage. Gems are dropped in large portions on this one kids! peep  the clip and my favourite album track after the break. Enjoy!

R.I.P Mel Smith

Stig Of The Dump is back with some freeness for the masses. 6 tracks deep of Raw, straight Boom Bap in all its guises. Stig says you should be lighting one up to this but seeing as i don't partake in such frivolity i obviously will not be co-signing that statement. I do however, expect to be seeing Esyoube's name attached to many more projects in the near future. Oh and its only free for the first 2000 downloads. Enjoy!

there’s something about rapsody


Can I make a statement like Marlanna Evans can save Hip Hop? A genre that according to some doesn't even need saving? Perhaps monetarily (although that is most definitely open for debate) but Hip Hop is currently suffering from a severe lack of substance.

I used to listen to Rapsody's songs/albums/releases in passing. I'm a biiiig 9th Wonder fan so anything he is involved with means I am too pretty much by default. To be honest I'm not sure when I started taking notice of the Woman spitting the bars, a lady who not so much spits fire as such but rather intricately places embers. The undoubted rhymes skills are there for all to see. She is one of the very few female MCs around that spits with some of is scenes best exponents of the art and sounds completely at home. Added to that is her ability to ally this with a dextrous vocabulary, an eye for story telling and the carrying of a message that others can aspire to.

so you wanna be bad just beat iiiiiit…

I may be a bit late but I am human (and a little lazy at times). London born MC Jacksun’s self titled album has been available for a while. Some really good stuff to be found on the album, aided by gifted beatsmith JLBeats. Definite potential to be a trul;y great pairing. Peep both clips (1 more & album link after the break) & Enjoy!

The names blu.... Harleighblu

I'm loving this girls voice (he says avoiding the obvious comparisons). Most definitely one to look out for when her album drops in the Autumn. This tune is available from 29th July. Enjoy!

not a patch on this guy

Anything Sonnyjim lets loose i am involved with… end of!

remember garbage pale kids scratch and sniff cards?


Its that Time again folks. Rodney P’s involved and so am I. If you and a mate would like to be added to the guestlist then drop me an email at simply stating ‘i want to go to the DMC UK DJ FINALS’. The 7th and 12th person to do just that will be added to the guestlist with a plus one for your homeboy(or Girl). For more DMC info and tickets click the link.



edit: nice 1 corin

my new edge to edge samsung tv is a thing of beauty

When I first watched i would have sworn I had heard this one a while ago somewhere before. I was right (if you havent already d/l THIS)but that doesn’t make this track any less entertaining. I defy anyone to not get into Dubbles flow. This one is (now) off of Meta’s Caviar Crackle where Von Pea, Action Bronson, Oddisee, Ralph Rip Shit, Chuuwee and more besides can all be found. Peep a couple more tracks after the break…


……is the man, album out now. Nuff said. Enjoy!

time for a beer?


Ale! Any MC taking that name is asking for at least a little bit of stick isn’t he? If you like something different in your albums then look no further check out the preview track after the break. Enjoy!

and so it begins…???

As far as i’m concerned this man can do no wrong. Hot on the heels of the superb ‘Like You Never’ comes the just as superb ‘Let’s Start’. Kick Snare & An Idea part 2 is out now and its not a exactly a wallet buster either so support, support!.

little brother’s little brother and another brother


Farewell To Fair Game has been on repeat via my headphones for a while now. A ode to hip hop (to borrow a song title) is the name of the game and to that end these guys definitely do not disappoint. The samples aren't exactly original but the way they are utilised is very original and Maurice's quick witted style has kept my eardrums in tune for the last few days (am I the only one who can hear a hint of Jigga in there?). A soulful, easy to get into and ever so slightly quirky piece of freeness for the masses. Don’t sleep. Enjoy!

LittlestBrother & Maurice Daniel – Fairwell To Fair Game

don’t be daft jay

daft gangster cover

With all the recent Hype over Daft Punks new material (as good as it is, i prefer their previous work) I thought that I would re-liberate the project in the pic. Remember the uber hype a few years ago when everyone and their mum was remixing Jigga’s American Gangster album (9th Wonder killed everybody!)? DtheNextLevel (?) blended some slowed down and time stretched tracks from Daft Punk’s Homework & Discovery albums with Jay’s accapellas. The result works quite well. IT actually works extremely well in places. Enjoy!

Jay-Z & Dthe NextLevel – Daft Gangster

Tony Broke - Drunken Thief (Official Video HD)

Again with the raw visuals and the raw sound. Tony Broke be killin it.

….and booted again


Ramson Badbonez, Jehst, Kahmere, Pheonix Da Icefire! All of these cats latest projects are on regular rotation on my (absolutely awesome) Galaxy Note 2. My pre order is in. Do the same folks its niceness. Peep the preview.

i got the boot


Quite simply, a Banger! Enjoy the freeness!

working damn hard

The Puzzle/Episode two/The Glass Ceiling is Lewis Parkers (soon to be among us) latest album.This clip is for the 3rd single from said album. Lewis never fails man! Enjoy!

Kista: The Grand Emporium EP

Kista returns, after last years Livewire Feedback 7" collaboration with Cappo, we are treated to a nice slice of  that liquid golden soaked sound. The Grand Emporium reunites Kista and Tableek, along with tracks featuring Cappo and Elliot Fresh. Delivering heavy beats, tight rhymes and some serious artwork and green vinyl is always a bonus, plus with music that sounds as good as this.....

Vinyl Preorder

Digital Download Preoder



Funky DL’s portable hard drive must be busting at the seams. The man churns out top quality freebies like the world’s coming to an end! This time Nas gets the remix treatment and the result is quite something indeed. anyone who doesn’t check out this mans back catalogue, after checking out this release deserves a right tellin’ off. Enjoy

Jazzmatic: Funky DL Remixes

Activation of the Groove

I dont know much about this band, but We The Undersigned know how to freak the funk with an eclectic blend of funk and jazz sprinkled with a dusting of soul, the band is tight, the vocals are catchy and the grooves are damn infectious.

Buy Here 

it really is a….


Ralph is some claaaaasic beats and does them serious justice! And there is more where this came from! Peep the clip. Enjoy!

Classic Series clip

errrr…. this is different

This is something quite different to what is currently doing the rounds. I like it… a lot!

By the album, Skillit Bang, HERE

Kevlaar 7

Always attentive to such divine word play and supreme lyricism, this release from @Kevlaar7 is something that should not be overlooked. Buy it here.

Flooded Hallways

Original conscious hip hop from Deeq and Nemrot, both deliver deep and clever wordplay over unique soundscapes, shimmering with their own personal reflection, stories and theories skillfully delivered crating a world of brilliant polarity, moving between themes of love, death and existence.
The new offering from Flooded Hallways, Eidola, is something I cant find the right words to describe, but this EP is a solid slab of audible poetical beauty that reminds me of Atoms Fam in their heyday.


Sin Army

Sin Army (Feat ZOMBY)
from TunnelVision on Vimeo.

Revisiting old music, nostalgia, that old feeling that resurfaces when you hear a familiar sound but cant quite remember the last time you heard it. Bonus material.

Fat Gold Chain

Kick off your friday night with a night of absolute excellence,  £100 open mic prize, double album launch party, live performances and resident DJ's.
9pm - 4am, £3 before 11pm, £5 after.


don’t sleep: everything is kosher

Kosher - How It Is (2013)

Via North London & Leeds University, Kosher comes forth with his superb take on what Jazz Hop is all about. The formula is simple but the outcome is an awful lot better than the FREE download or £1.00 cost (UK) of a physical copy. Evidence and more links are provided after the break. Enjoy!

Kosher – How It Is

Just leave it!

@timelesstruth drops the truth, kicking pure science over a slick melodic head nodder. I anticipate his LP.


Digging for Charity

The one and only DJ esSDee whets our appetites for the follow up to his 2007 classic, Charity Shop Tapes , with Vol.2.

Follow him on twitter @djesSDee
Here is his Website
The story behind Vol.1

Edelweiss Pirates

Legoman, Pinny Piff, Terao Hedges, Ol-e Mac, Evolucian, Elliot Fresh, Verbal Assassin, BenOfficial & Rhymeskeemz make up the stars of this new collaberative album. Known simply as Edelweiss Pirates, from beginning to end this is pure non stop heavyness.

Get It Here

Knight Time Radio

Dont forget to catch Dagga G on the Knight Ryder show over at All FM featuring the latest hip hop, drum n bass, dub step, exclusive interviews, dj sets and a mix of underground sounds from Manchester and around the world wide web.

Listen Here

You Tube

4th annual…. I heart other genres too

When I was young I was pretty much an exclusive hip hop head (with an extended foray into jungle and occasional bursts of R’n’B thrown in along the way) however the beauty of hip hop is its ability to introduce you to a plethora of other genres. Funk, classic soul, reggae, drum & bass and more are now all staple choices on my musical smorgasbord. Therefore, rather than the usual annual eulogising of the best boom baps and jazz loops out there, this little ditty is a showcase for my favourite NON hip hop releases of 2012. Read on folks…..

Tony Broke - Liftid (Official Video)

Another cold sag swag hit from the Blah camp, pure raw in full effect!

Blah Records

arise sir mic(hael)


A Thoughtful MC with a nice ear for beats, Sir Mic definitely has what it takes to make far bigger waves in the current UK climate. If his Lateral Thinking EP is a sign of things to come he should do just that. Its FREENESS time so check it out. Enjoy!

Sir Mic – The Lateral Thinking EP

Fresh Piff

Fresh Piff is a collaborative effort between Elliot Fresh & Pinny Piff, having met in oxford and only collabing once, they decided that in order to collab more effectively they should move to london and so they did. After 10 relatively baked months in the lab and a lot of shit talk they came up with a vagina dribbling, erection provoking 13 track stonker of an album, with features from Trek Life (Mello Music Group), Tableek, Redbeard (Eatgood Records), Evolucian (Livestock), Ol-e Mac (The Book Thieves), Terao Hedges (Universal Protection Collective), Doc Freud (his god dam self) and a host of producers from abroad and broad they knew they couldn't wrong in coaxing the panties off any women within a twenty mile radius of this album playing. The album is being released digitally on 7/1/13 with physical copies to follow which will be sold at gigs and to innocent bystanders pretending they don't want to be hustled.

Dropping Here Soon.