sonnyjim gives a….


Sonnyjim’s aense of occasion has lead to his latest project with P’n’C Kosyne being given as freeness. It’s About Time features beats by Dag NAbit, Kelakovski, Apa-Tight & a name i haven’t heard for quite a while…. Fel Sweetenberg (big ups to Dave Ghetto). The infamous Foreign Beggars also make an appearance on this superb MC driven piece of freeness. Look out for the extended edition with remixes and bonus tracks coming soon. The accomanying clip is after the break.

The Pane is back!

Mikill Pane demonstrates properly just how it should be done over a properly done head nodder. Proper style.

this guy really loves his country


I got this in the mail today. I almost let it pass me by but Jack Da Union has some serious Boom Bap niceness athis disposal. Plus there are not 1 but 3 projects to get your neck snappin’ to. If you like your beats raw and your rhymes to the point then this is a keeper for sure. Enjoy!

Get 2 pieces of freeness (and buy the 3rd one) HERE

damn, i can’t find my ipad charger


Genesis Elijah is back on the scene with some freeness for the masses (hence the projects title). Some real niceness on here too. Enjoy!

Genesis Elijah – I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv 2

and just incase you’re tempted…

Genesis Elijah – I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv

oh damn e. honda ‘hu huey’!


Small Pro just doesn’t put out bad music. Yokozuna is the 3rd EP in a series siting Japanese influences. Do ot sleep on Small Pro peeps. Support, support!!!

Small Professor – Yokozuna

dat ting is duuuuutty bruv


Yeah yeah i know i’m late on this one but you know what they say. Better….. Enjoy!

Ramson Badbonez – Dutty MC (184 Remix)

sewar side it’s a sewar side…


Name your price!?!?! That is what you will do when you click the link to download this niceness. All i would ask is that (even though you don’t have to) you support, support!!! Jack Flash, Chief Wigz & Dot Rotten are all in attendance too. Enjoy!

Lunar C – Sewar Side Sex

….and clips diggied

loving this one. Any wannabees heed the words. Enjoy!

clips flipped, clips verbed….

a lighter shade of brown

Yeah!!!!! One of my most anticipated of this year will soon come. Melanin9 & Roc Marcy are both on form while the visuals are superb. Enjoy!

Dead tree syndrome

Raking Dead Leaves In Autumn is the brand new track from Pierce Artists produced by yours truelly featuring keys from J. Alexander, with a full length album in the pipeline ready to drop soon, im eagerly anticipating the next move from these guys.

Illgotit Records

Kista: Audio Induction

Here we have a collection of tracks from the one and only Kista featuring all the tracks that were put out on wax along with some unreleased joints. Beware, neck injury may occur from excessive head nodding!

But Here

my 10th great listen of 2012


Apollo Brown has (rightfully) been a very busy man this year. Boom Bap has had something of a renaissance. Not that it ever went away but it has been a lot easier to find on shelves/itunes servers. This man has an awful lot to do with that as well. His Trophies project with OC is one of my favourites this year but with his latest project with Guilty Simpson, Dice Game, he has surpassed it. I get the same feeling listening to this pair that got when I first heard Celph Titled riding Buckwild’s creations on Nineteen Naughty Now. There are very few producer MC combo’s where the beatsmith is the first name on peoples lips. DJ Premier, Pete Rock, J Dilla, 9th Wonder…. Apollo Brown. Esteemed company indeed!

Buy: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson – Dice Game



It’s freeness, it’s nice, and it’s his last album(?). Veekay has decided to pursue other endeavours but Fades Out (geddit?) with a bang. Wordsmith, Dr. Syntax & The Delusionists are among those joining in the fond farewell. Grab it now people. Enjoy!

Veekay – Fade Out

kingdom of the crystal skull… why aliens?

Kashmere is back with another alter ego of sorts. Kingdom Of Fear is the tale of the ‘epic(?)’ adventures of Rango & Dr. Gonzilla. Kashmere is at his ‘out of here’ best when he spins these otherworldly tales and the tradition is continued…. and then some. Peep the evidence and click the link. Enjoy!

Buy: Kingdom Of Fear

A few words with Cappo

I dropped Cappo a line a few days ago asking a few questions, here's what he had to say.
Cappo, you've been rhyming a while, what caused you to pick up a mic?
I was a graf writer and student of Hip Hop before I started writing lyrics, I remember hearing Mr 45 on the radio and that gave me the realisation that Nottingham city was getting heard on a nationwide scale. I used to write bars and keep them to myself until my girlfriend at the time heard some of my verses and encouraged me to record.
Working with the p brothers must have created some special times, was
there anything you recorded with them that didnt get released?
Plenty, I remember around the time of Spaz the World I put a cassette together that had 50 or 60 tracks on it, some of my own production and some P Brother’s production. I remember once we recorded the Nottingham Bronx track over a break beat that had a vocal on it saying ‘the Gibbon’ at the end of every four bars. We were scientists in the lab mixing the Jekyll and Hyde chemicals until the drums sounded louder than themselves. Literally.
Whats different, for you, in terms of work flow and creative output, working with a producer like styly cee compared to doing your own beats or working with someone like the p brothers?
Working with the P Brothers or Styly Cee is similar in the terms that I would write the bars and they would make the beats, the main difference comes when I’m producing and writing the tracks myself because this is a time consuming process. One thing I start doing when I’m making the beats is over producing them, meaning I won’t leave the beat alone even if people tell me its finished. This can lead to my production sounding over polished and thats why I prefer to work with producers cus then I can just concentrate on going AWOL with the bars.
From cap 3000, to spaz the world to the get out theory and your last release, Gusto Grizwold, International Vacation you've offered constant elevation with the music, in my eyes, and seem to always step it up, how do you feed the fire?
I try to stay relevant and true to what makes me inspired. I follow hip Hop like a hawk and I know what is ILL - I might not hear everything that’s being released but I know a good song when I hear one so I just keep my focus on the grand prize and spit for the trophy each and every time.
continued after the break….

Feeeeedback: Competition Time

Soundweight Records has presented us with a double impact of pure heavy throwback rawness in good faith of the most traditional aesthetics of hip hop, two veterans have teamed up, with Kista producing a very slick anthem for Cappo to deliver delectable rhymes over with pure ease of flow and timing, the way the rhymes flow and the way the bass runs with the drums is pure funken (its funky, see?) brilliance, while listening I just decided to stand up and boogie, that bass was just too much.

On the flip Lowtide is a treat for the head nodders, finger snapping, neck breaking, a whole jumble of layers mixed to perfection taking it back to when everything was pure and raw, simply dope.

In celebration of the new release from Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire feedback b/w Lowtide, we, the lovely people at cant stop fanatics are giving away one copy of the limited 7". The 9th person to drop an email at will be posted this sparkly brand new 7" signed by Kista himself.

Selling Out?

I honestly dont know where to start with this because if this is selling out then I hope everyone sells out everyday of the week for the rest of my life. Maybe I should mention the fact that its just pure brilliant, that you should just buy it and download it and record it to a TDK or Scotch cassette and pop it in a walkman and bump it on some of those cheap pioneer headphones with the metal headband that always got caught on your hair while walking to the bus stop to catch a ride to the ferry terminal, buy a ferry ticket, get on the ferry and hope that the waves arent as rough and raw as Lee's rhymes.

But It Here

hulk… smash!!!

smash anything

One of my all time fav MCs is back! Skuff’s Smash Anything serves as the prelude to the album ‘Destroy Everything’. Unreleased material and scene stealing guest spots provide the bulk of this mixtape but it is still superb stuff. Enjoy!

name your price but support, support!

Skuff – Smash Anything

have you ever had your palm read?


The Uprising is available on iTunes NOW!

once upon a time….

niiiiice! a gorgeous little ‘un and a sweet voice from mum. Congrats and whens the EP out @ReneeSoul? Enjoy!

Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire Feedback

Limited edition 7" vinyl form Kista Feat. Cappo available to order now!

Side A: Livewire Feedback
Side B: Lowtide

Buy Here

my 9th great listen of 2012


I first encountered skyzoo via my love of all things (music related) 9th wonder. Cloud 9: The 3 day high was on constant repeat for months and that album is still on regular rotation to this day. The guy puts the work in and has grown from a gifted MC into a skilled manipulator of the modern Hip Hop word. Evidenced on tracks like Spike Lee Was My Hero & How To Male It Through Hysteria, Sky demonstrates a maturity in his rhymes that is lost on  approximately 95% of today's MCs. That, along with a canny knack of showing his emotions without sounding emotional, his nods to heroes  past and present, plus his superb ear for a beat puts Skyzoo on a platform above the vast majority of his peers.

I could say that it's a shame that he doesn't garner the shine that many of his inferior contemporaries receive. But I could then counter my own argument with the rationale that the extra shine may see a change in direction that I for one would not welcome. A Dream Deferred is a superb effort that doesn't see the need to shout about itself. Understated in tone but precise in execution. Another  Skyzoo release that I will probably have on regular rotation until his next effort.

P e a c e

nice 2c u

Not strictly Hip Hop, Turntablism, Funk, RnB, Soul, Nu Jazz, Latin or Dub Step, but an amalgam of all of these and more besides. Inventive, Original and very well executed. These guys have been DMC World Team Champions so that alone should grant them an audience with with most Headphone sockets. Don't sleep!

Really nothing Typical from these Cats

Typical Cats. Their debut was an instant classic, timeless, the follow up changed many things for the crew in regards to their sound and approach to music. With the new offering, its as if they combined everything they have learnt the past 8 years with that quality work ethic to produce something really special.
Denizen, Qwel and Qwazaar have all done some stellar work as solo artists, each aspiring to, and attaining, great heights. Each member has been garnering plenty of acknowledgement and attention in their own rights for a while now, and I think all of us have been fiending for a new TC full length for some time too.

Its with this new offering they appear,  so seamlessly, to top off everything, they have been doing for the past 8 years since they released their last LP, Civil Service.
Coming back together for their third album, aptly titled "3", its a if nothing changed, they still spit it, still make the head nod, the neck snap and the mind spiral.

Wordplay wizardry, heavy heavy production, cohesion, its all here and its back once again to appreciate in its entirety.

Buy here

like father like son

Maaaaan!!!!! all the way down to the ears! He can rhyme and i’ve always loved a chilled out beat. His mixtape Cooltape Vol. 1: The Cool Café, is out….. sometime soon i guess. Enjoy!

The Herbaliser / Belleruche / DJ Food / DJ Cam / HMV Forum / October 27th

The Herbaliser album launch, get dooooowwwnn!!

Tickets Here

ya heard meh?

Still got the nice flow… and still getting his beats from M-Phazes. Illy is back with a third outing. I really liked his last one and this is even better. peep the clips (1 more after the break) and enjoy!

Bring It Back is available on iTunes now

walk this way: competition time!

WF2012 Design01

It’s DMC World Final time again peeps. The 27th & 28th will see Jam Baxter, The Four Owls (if you don’t know by now…), Jehst, DJ Q-Bert and others all showing and Proving before the team and DJ Finals. If you want to be there and bring a mate a well, I have 2 guestlist spots for 2 people and their best mate/girlfriend/mum up for grabs. I will keep it simple this time. The 4th & 15th person to drop an email to nofrillz (top right of the blog) gets the glory. good luck!

More info on the nights are after the break…

this so called government

The new offering from M9 is something for us all to hold out head up for. Back in delectable style with his new video, M9 is ever expanding and developing. All we need to do is listen.

His debut album, Magna Carta, is out on the 3rd of December.


Mystrogen! The new LP from the mighty Mys is available as of the 24th September. With contributions from Mr. Thing, Junior Reid, Show N Prove & Homeboy Sandman, plus Mys’ undoubted lyrical genius, my pre-order is already confirmed. Above is the clip for the lead single. After the break you can find the album sampler, Enjoy!

Series limited






Blue has been doing his thing for a while, constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of sound and quality. Since Below the Heavens ive been hooked on the guy. He always creates a sound that makes your neck snap no matter who he works with.

Limited in quantity so cop yours here.

Blu - Lemonade limited edition 7"

numbers!… numbers!… numbers!


So the Funky DL continuous niceness marathon continues. Def Lyricist is the first single fromNane. DJ 279 (NUMBERS!) in in full effect on this one too. Niceness. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Def Lyricist feat. DJ 279

my 8th great listen of 2012


This I of course my first year doing my 'great listens' segment. But had I done this during previous years I can assure you that brother Ali would have been include with every one of his albums. Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color' is probably his easiest entry which, when you consider the greatness that makes up this mans back catalogue, is something substantial indeed. For the most part MINADRC carries the same energy as Ali's previous, Ant produced efforts. There is an obvious synergy between BA and Jake One, however, with tracks like Mourning In America and Need A Knot taking him places that, sonically, he hasn't been before on an album. The mans rhymes skills and substance I not in question and neither is his previous, atmospheric (geddit?) work but hearing him over these beats has pushed 'Mourning...' in front of the rest. Which by default puts it among my favourites of 2012.

oh wait, that was the big friendly giant!


I am really really loving this track. The Foreign Exchange stable have found another thoroughbred (in no way am I suggesting any comparisons with a horse). This LADY can sing! 2nd of October is the date to catch her debut album ‘Angels’. But in the meantime peep the first cut Sweet Love. Enjoy!

Jeanne Jolly – Sweet Love

Your Favourite Yorkshire Mc's Favourite Yorkshire MC

Or in my case just one of my favourite MC's. Illinformed provides some slick smack jazz sunday heroin buzz for your ass.

operation beat down


It may be an instrumental but there is no mistaking how Funky DL gets down. Give these a listen & support if you want some niceness for your rhymes. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Hard To Beat: Instrumentals

i haven’t had a double sausage mcmuffin for ages!

I was about to start this little ditty with the words ‘Verb T is back’ but seeing as he was never really away that statement doesn’t really hold water (anyone who has been picking up his ultra cheap series of EP’s can testify to that). However it has been a while since his name was attached to a full album. The Morning Process puts that to an end and this is the clip for the lead single of the same title. Leaf Dog’s on the beats and doesn’t disappoint. Keep the 1st day of October in your diary/calendar/reminder app. Enjoy!

scary movie

He;s back! World Renowned DJ Vadim returns with his latest long player, ‘Don’t Be Scared’. Pugz Atoms, Heidi Vogel and Sabira Jade are among those invited along for the ride. Having been blessed enough to have received a promo i am still not sure quite what genre to place it in. there is a definite dub step vibe on some tracks but there is a lot more to the album than that. A definite keeper as far as i’m concerned. gGt your fix on 01.11.2012. Peep the clip.

he’s on a long ting


Klashnekoff (i’m not down with the ‘K-Lash ting myself) is back! And this time he’s sponsored by DJ Whoo Kid (which means there better be a tagless version). The full tape is out next week but here is a sampler for those of you that can’t wait. I’m not actually sure that i’m allowed to post this but it is a sampler so i’ll take my chances. Enjoy!

Klashnekoff – FTLT sampler

The policeman who hugs his suspects is certainly breaking the mould

Definition of mould


  • 1a hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material when it cools and hardens.

what a wonderful world


This time it’s Stevie’s turn to receive the sample treatment. Funky DL has gone with Mr. Wonder for his latest sample lead outing by way of this freEP. Both of his Amy Winehouse projects were superb and ‘Sometimes I Have To Wonder’ doesn’t buck the trend. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Sometimes I Have To Wonder

a branch of sorts (or oooh what a lovely pair!)



For £3.00 we find Sonnyjim taking his vocal dexterity to a place where, in parts, he hasn’t taken it to before (‘Fully Charged’). Thanks to the beats put forward by the malleable beatsmith Wizard, Jim is in supreme form here. Its just a shame that they only go 6 tracks deep. But at such a low price we can’t have everything now can we. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim & Wizard – The Executive Branch

we don’t know how to stop

I loved everything about London 2012. The spirit created around it by the fans and volunteers was something to behold up close. Plus Team GB did very, very well. Superb!

Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire Feedback

Cappo. Nuff Said.

my 7th great listen of 2012….


... Is not a Hip Hop album at all. I was into Drum and Bass and Jungle before Hip Hop (believe it or not). Netsky's '2' fuses both of these and other genres to create one of the best dance albums of recent times. A varied bouncy journey with a nostalgia trip thrown in, I can't remember the last time I snapped my neck so consistently at such a high tempo for for such an extended period. This guys a blinkin' genius (say it with a cockney swagger)! Time for some serious back catalogue mongering (legally of course). Peep the clip after the break…

Rhymeskeemz I Do This (DLHTV)

Simply lovely. Rhymeskeemz drops some rawness for ya ears. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

i love my blue suede puma’s


Even more from Sonnyjim. This time it’s an EP with June25thbeatz. It’s all work work work with Jim but when the results are this good who cares! £3.00 isnt too much to ask either plus there’s more after the break. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim & June25tghbeatz – Snap Frost & Suede Season

eye know


A little Ramson freeness to get you in the zone for his soon to be unleashed album. 27th August is the day of reckoning. Enjoy!

Ramson Badbonez – They Will Never Know (single)

ass whooping (who is that on the cover!)


Such is the quality of the material these guys are bringing forth that an EP is now imminent. Spanish Ass (and man they picked a nice one) is the first track from the Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface EP ‘Post Crisis: Life After 30’. If it is all as nice as this track purchase will definitely be a priority. Enjoy!

Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface – Spanish Ass

good habits die hard


It’s neck snappin’ time. Those professional purveyors of that Boom Bap goodness are ‘Back In The Habit’. 7 tracks for the ears to savour plus Kashmere Iguana is along for the ride too. Enjoy (and get your 3D glasses out)!

Prose – Back In The Habit

The Book Thieves - TBT/Lines (Official Video)

Another banger, The Book Thieves just keep doing it.

remembering amy

in remembrance of amy - In Remembrance Of Amy - cover

Shuko uses ms. winehouse’s songs as the basis for these remembrance songs. Ty is among the great & good MC’s gathered for the occasion. Remember & Enjoy!

Make It Last

Uppanotch break it down and flourish with the essence with this absolute killer track. Pure merciless science to bring the knowledge.

my 6th great listen of 2012

Luke Christopher - TMRW, TMRW (2012)

'TMRW, TMRW' is an outstanding project from MC singer songwriter and producer Luke Christopher. The man is an MC with depth, is a great singer (Drake doesn’t come close i am afraid), and his beats are superb and varied. The fact that the man is giving music of such supreme quality (am i gassing too much?) away for free is testament to the state of hip hop right now. With the right backing I fully expect this guy to be really, really big at some stage. You have been warned. Enjoy!


Ramson Badbonez - Bad Influence

Ramson Badbonez is always pleasingly consistent, with his dark wordplay, on point flows and crisp imagery.Bad Influence continues to fullfil the appetite. With Ramson's rap diversity, rocking all kinds of beats and flows with enough lyrical content to keep even the most stringent street grammar addict tuned in. The album provides us with a delicious audible package of heavy drum breaks, stomping electro pulses, middle eastern violins, melodic soulful sweeps and eerie horror scores and as sure to be certified with anything Badbonez does, the production backdrops provide plenty of neck snap material.The album will be out on the 27th of August on Boot Records.

The album features Mystro, Brad Strut, Remus, Balance, Fae Simon. 
Beats are provided by Boot, Harry Love, Farma G, Jetsun, Row.D Beats, 184, Wizard and DJ Insite. 
more after the break....


Hot banana paste! The wrong type provide the nice hype with more material to bend our minds.

don’t sleep: belated praise


How the hell did i miss this (and why didn’t i get your email earlier bruv?)? Phoniks is a remix king with major skills. The Tape is his 9 track remix fest that was actually released at the end of 2011. The influences are obvious but the results are superb. Biggie, Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, Edo G & Royal Flush all get the Phoniks remix treatment. Peep the clip and download link after the break. DO NOT SLEEP!!!!!

We all want it for free...

But nothing comes for free, imagine if everything was free. What would we do, I think we would all become so bored of the freeness that maybe we would revolt against it....who knows?

i have a dream

If you ‘snap ya neck’ all the time it will start to ache. Now & again just a gentle sway is nice too. Native Sun’s latest clip is just for such an occasion. Indigenous Soundwaves is out now. Peep the clip & Enjoy!

the legendary plane that was the…..


Big up Steve & the Standup Recordz crew! Yeah I know i’m late on this but I like it. Towa’s beats have a welcoming simplicity (and no that isn’t a put down) and the fact that Spitfire lives up to his moniker lends itself perfectly to the beats. Spitfire’s debut long player is due soon so stay tuned… after checking this out if course. Enjoy!

Spitfire – The Spitfire EP

follow the paper trail


Oh yeah!Cyrus Malachi is back with the 3rd edition of his Isis Papers. As usual the man does not disappoint on both a Sonic and vocal level. EDutainment, to coin a phrase. Enjoy!

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers Volume 3

the art of manipulation


Liking this album. A very solid effort with a few real standouts. Easy to recommend this at only £1.00. Enjoy!

DJ Manipulator - Dusted The F​#​%​k Out Vol. 1

maaaaan time flies for dj’s

It’s getting to that time of year. the DMC UK Final is just around the corner. Details to be found after the break.

Dunce Hats (prod. Harry Caine)

Heavy tune from the one known as Elliot Fresh

Copywrite "Royal Flush" ft Genesis Elijah, Mystro & Iron Braydz (Officia...

Copy showing the love for those we hold high in regard on these shores. Brilliant beat, fantastic collaboration. Cant Stop Fanatics salutes you all!

dubble’s one inch punch

This is why I always check for anything Dubbledge brings to the table. Superb running commentary to the clip. Enjoy!

Copywrite ft Killah Priest, Lord Basis & Melanin 9 - Arachnaphobia - produced by Jaguar Skills

Slickness coming from Copywrite, featuring our very own Genesis Elijah and Royce da 5'9'. & 

@Copywrite @Royceda59 @GenesisElijah @CurtissKing @ManBitesDogRecs 


Another brilliant video from the ingenious thought provoking Antiheroes. Superb.

i don’t want that monday feeling


Having such a great, original and quirky first single can work against you. Die hard fans can be blinkered and not even give the song a look in, while those new to the artist/s involved may expect more of the same and little else from any album to come. An obvious meeting in the middle is the best way to please both and that is exactly what Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik have done with ‘How Not To Make a Living’. Tracks like J.O.B and Monster Things keep the quirkier/more original end of the album alive while the ‘heads’ are well taken care of with what remains. Yet overall the project straddles that happy medium without losing a shred of credibility (which as history suggests is no mean feat). The Last Skeptik is a gifted, albeit underrated, beatsmith who will surely be a far busier man when this album is released. Rewd Adams has chosen just the right tactic of not attacking the beats as oppose to weaving in and out. A very polished MC who compliments the beats superbly. An original release with enough contemporary sounds to keep all and sundry more than satisfied. A definite recommend.

Peep/download the evidence HERE & HERE


How Not To Make A Living is out on 2nd of July              Pre-Order it HERE & HERE or get in early HERE



The Stuyvesants are back with another set of smooth remixes for your aural (and i did say aural) pleasure. Busta Rhymes, Common, M.O.P & 702 are among the remixed. Quite how these guys aren’t higher up the food chain in terms of beat requests is beyond me. Partake and enjoy!

The Stuyvesants – Remixes

not a space oddisee but….

….a freestyle. i have to admit that Oddisee’s beats are so outrageously off the chain that it usually takes my about 3 or 4 listens of his work to listen to what the man has to say. Metabeats got some Top quality on his upcoming album too. Von Pea, Action Bronson, Ralph Rip Shit, Elucid, the aforementioned Oddisee, Che Grand…….. Niceness!

i no speka de inglaze

New Joker Star clip from his superb Blood-Ren long player. Plus there are a few more goodies after the break. Enjoy & Support!

Ol-e Mac - Reasons

Brilliant tune from the genius mind of Ol-e Mac.

Lewis Parker - Fascination

An unreleased track from 2002 that was originally recorded for the album It's All Happening Now

my 5th great listen of 2012

Phoenix Da Icefire - The Quantum Leap

Man! Who drew the awesome artwork for Pheonix Da Icefire’s The Quantum Leap? An intelligent Swagger backed by some banging beats (with a tinge of Dub), Klashnekoff, Kyza, Keith Murray (yep) & Cyrus Malachi all ad to what is a superb debut album. And to believe this came out in April! Where the hell have I been? Support, Support!!!!!

Buy: Pheonix Da Icefire – The Quantum Leap

on cloud 9… jolly good


Super dope (how do I come up with this stuff) Jazz Hop based stuff from the MC & beatsmith duo. A mellow thoughtful backbone yet it’s a very easy listen. It’s FREE too so peep the evidence and pick it up. It’s all there after the break. Enjoy!


adventures in bandcamp: jugglin’ tings propa edition


Originality, Wit, Humour, Charm, Braggadocio. Words that came to mind when i first clapped ears on Propa’s FREE album, I’m Up Now!!! Life through his lens is how i would describe where he is coming from lyrically and I would love to know who handles the production too as it is a fresh sound that does inspire memories of early roots manuva material. A great listen. Enjoy!

Propa – B4 I Wake Up & I’m Up Now!!!

soundwave was my favourite transformer?


Uplifting. That’s the one word i would use to describe this under the radar release from the combination of Mohammed Yahya and Songstress Sarina Leah. Although billed as a fusion of Hip Hop  and African rhythm, its the Hip Hop takes centre stage. The African backdrop is definitely evident but takes a back seat for most of the proceedings. The constant positivity given translated by both artists is also to be commended. These guys spend the majority of their time saying what should be happening as oppose to what shouldn’t be. A great departure from the norm. Peep the evidence and support!

Buy: Native Son – Indigenous Soundwaves

yeeees blood… whaaa gwaan bredren


With a name like Joker Starr, one would be forgiven for thinking that this Slough born and bred MC's signature flow was a forgone conclusion. In many ways it is but his charisma and delivery will coax you into overlooking the deeper thoughts some of Joker's songs betray. It is those thoughts, alongside production that also enters darker realms at times (Jokers tone has a habit of lifting those songs out of there darker depths), that makes Blood-ren both an entertaining and intriguing listen at the same time. With Apa-Tight handling the vast majority of forging the soundscapes, and Jehst also lending his beat skills, Blood-Ren is a very well executed debut.

Buy Joker Starr’s Blood-Ren

Peep the extras after the break

Year Of The Kos

Year Of The Kos was a Mix knocked up by Kosyne which chronicled his production, features and remixes that surfaced in 2011 originally hosted on the stream only Mixcloud service; Kos has now setup a bandcamp page where it's up for free download!

huey lewis? scott parker? parker lewis?….

Probably our finest export (and my favourite) Lewis Parker is back with the second release from his upcoming album. Sadat X & Shabaam Saadeeq join him on ‘Walking on a Razor’. Maaaaan I love this mans samples! Bloody Brilliant! peep the bonus clip after the break. Enjoy”

light the fuse


And its another cheap as chips release from Verb T. This time JJ Malone provides the all too short but neck snapping collection of beats, while VT is joined by Sonnyjim & Joker Starr. It’s only £3.00 so get involved. Enjoy!

Verb T – More Dynamite



The mixtape has arrived. The artists formerly known as Iron Braydz has hand picked some well known niceness and some original beats for Holla@Braydz. Who can ignore free music? Enjoy!


adventures in bandcamp: boney elbows edition


Never heard of the guy, never heard any of his stuff. But while searching for something completely different, this is what i found. Only 3 tracks deep but real nice all the same. Enjoy!

Matt Schwartz – Skeletons EP

Mr. Wrong - Bi-Polar Jazz Funk (Nick Cannon Remix)

Blah just keep doing it, unlimited for the skies. Cant stop wont stop. Fanatics kid. Peace.


Another ingenious original cut from the two and only.

larger than life


Dr. Syntax is back with ‘Still At Large’. This is one neck snapping mixtape peeps. reeeeewiiiiiiiiiind!!! Enjoy!

Dr. Syntax – Still At Large

single track download

twice re(moved)

I recently said of another new release that I like to see folks straying from the norm. Dizraeli & beatsmith Tom Caruana have teamed up for the White Man [Moves] (there is an explanation for the title below]. My only gripe is the album is too damn short. Enjoy & Support!

White Man (Moves)

‘Being a white Western male abroad, you travel trailing centuries of history behind you. You are always White Man - you can't escape that’ – Dizraeli

pursuing a life of rhyme

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Real thoughts put over a beat. Its not a difficult concept to grasp now is it? So why then do so many of todays ‘MCs’ fail to grasp the concept? Huey Newton (education) gets the gist & the proof is in this here EP. Enjoy!
The Huey Newton EP

adventures in bandcamp: cosmic roses edition


I will simply say WOW!!! Name your (decent) price and Enjoy!

D. Rose & DJ Cozmos – The Daily Journal