It’s freeness, it’s nice, and it’s his last album(?). Veekay has decided to pursue other endeavours but Fades Out (geddit?) with a bang. Wordsmith, Dr. Syntax & The Delusionists are among those joining in the fond farewell. Grab it now people. Enjoy!

Veekay – Fade Out

kingdom of the crystal skull… why aliens?

Kashmere is back with another alter ego of sorts. Kingdom Of Fear is the tale of the ‘epic(?)’ adventures of Rango & Dr. Gonzilla. Kashmere is at his ‘out of here’ best when he spins these otherworldly tales and the tradition is continued…. and then some. Peep the evidence and click the link. Enjoy!

Buy: Kingdom Of Fear

A few words with Cappo

I dropped Cappo a line a few days ago asking a few questions, here's what he had to say.
Cappo, you've been rhyming a while, what caused you to pick up a mic?
I was a graf writer and student of Hip Hop before I started writing lyrics, I remember hearing Mr 45 on the radio and that gave me the realisation that Nottingham city was getting heard on a nationwide scale. I used to write bars and keep them to myself until my girlfriend at the time heard some of my verses and encouraged me to record.
Working with the p brothers must have created some special times, was
there anything you recorded with them that didnt get released?
Plenty, I remember around the time of Spaz the World I put a cassette together that had 50 or 60 tracks on it, some of my own production and some P Brother’s production. I remember once we recorded the Nottingham Bronx track over a break beat that had a vocal on it saying ‘the Gibbon’ at the end of every four bars. We were scientists in the lab mixing the Jekyll and Hyde chemicals until the drums sounded louder than themselves. Literally.
Whats different, for you, in terms of work flow and creative output, working with a producer like styly cee compared to doing your own beats or working with someone like the p brothers?
Working with the P Brothers or Styly Cee is similar in the terms that I would write the bars and they would make the beats, the main difference comes when I’m producing and writing the tracks myself because this is a time consuming process. One thing I start doing when I’m making the beats is over producing them, meaning I won’t leave the beat alone even if people tell me its finished. This can lead to my production sounding over polished and thats why I prefer to work with producers cus then I can just concentrate on going AWOL with the bars.
From cap 3000, to spaz the world to the get out theory and your last release, Gusto Grizwold, International Vacation you've offered constant elevation with the music, in my eyes, and seem to always step it up, how do you feed the fire?
I try to stay relevant and true to what makes me inspired. I follow hip Hop like a hawk and I know what is ILL - I might not hear everything that’s being released but I know a good song when I hear one so I just keep my focus on the grand prize and spit for the trophy each and every time.
continued after the break….

Feeeeedback: Competition Time

Soundweight Records has presented us with a double impact of pure heavy throwback rawness in good faith of the most traditional aesthetics of hip hop, two veterans have teamed up, with Kista producing a very slick anthem for Cappo to deliver delectable rhymes over with pure ease of flow and timing, the way the rhymes flow and the way the bass runs with the drums is pure funken (its funky, see?) brilliance, while listening I just decided to stand up and boogie, that bass was just too much.

On the flip Lowtide is a treat for the head nodders, finger snapping, neck breaking, a whole jumble of layers mixed to perfection taking it back to when everything was pure and raw, simply dope.

In celebration of the new release from Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire feedback b/w Lowtide, we, the lovely people at cant stop fanatics are giving away one copy of the limited 7". The 9th person to drop an email at will be posted this sparkly brand new 7" signed by Kista himself.

Selling Out?

I honestly dont know where to start with this because if this is selling out then I hope everyone sells out everyday of the week for the rest of my life. Maybe I should mention the fact that its just pure brilliant, that you should just buy it and download it and record it to a TDK or Scotch cassette and pop it in a walkman and bump it on some of those cheap pioneer headphones with the metal headband that always got caught on your hair while walking to the bus stop to catch a ride to the ferry terminal, buy a ferry ticket, get on the ferry and hope that the waves arent as rough and raw as Lee's rhymes.

But It Here

hulk… smash!!!

smash anything

One of my all time fav MCs is back! Skuff’s Smash Anything serves as the prelude to the album ‘Destroy Everything’. Unreleased material and scene stealing guest spots provide the bulk of this mixtape but it is still superb stuff. Enjoy!

name your price but support, support!

Skuff – Smash Anything

have you ever had your palm read?


The Uprising is available on iTunes NOW!

once upon a time….

niiiiice! a gorgeous little ‘un and a sweet voice from mum. Congrats and whens the EP out @ReneeSoul? Enjoy!

Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire Feedback

Limited edition 7" vinyl form Kista Feat. Cappo available to order now!

Side A: Livewire Feedback
Side B: Lowtide

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my 9th great listen of 2012


I first encountered skyzoo via my love of all things (music related) 9th wonder. Cloud 9: The 3 day high was on constant repeat for months and that album is still on regular rotation to this day. The guy puts the work in and has grown from a gifted MC into a skilled manipulator of the modern Hip Hop word. Evidenced on tracks like Spike Lee Was My Hero & How To Male It Through Hysteria, Sky demonstrates a maturity in his rhymes that is lost on  approximately 95% of today's MCs. That, along with a canny knack of showing his emotions without sounding emotional, his nods to heroes  past and present, plus his superb ear for a beat puts Skyzoo on a platform above the vast majority of his peers.

I could say that it's a shame that he doesn't garner the shine that many of his inferior contemporaries receive. But I could then counter my own argument with the rationale that the extra shine may see a change in direction that I for one would not welcome. A Dream Deferred is a superb effort that doesn't see the need to shout about itself. Understated in tone but precise in execution. Another  Skyzoo release that I will probably have on regular rotation until his next effort.

P e a c e

nice 2c u

Not strictly Hip Hop, Turntablism, Funk, RnB, Soul, Nu Jazz, Latin or Dub Step, but an amalgam of all of these and more besides. Inventive, Original and very well executed. These guys have been DMC World Team Champions so that alone should grant them an audience with with most Headphone sockets. Don't sleep!

Really nothing Typical from these Cats

Typical Cats. Their debut was an instant classic, timeless, the follow up changed many things for the crew in regards to their sound and approach to music. With the new offering, its as if they combined everything they have learnt the past 8 years with that quality work ethic to produce something really special.
Denizen, Qwel and Qwazaar have all done some stellar work as solo artists, each aspiring to, and attaining, great heights. Each member has been garnering plenty of acknowledgement and attention in their own rights for a while now, and I think all of us have been fiending for a new TC full length for some time too.

Its with this new offering they appear,  so seamlessly, to top off everything, they have been doing for the past 8 years since they released their last LP, Civil Service.
Coming back together for their third album, aptly titled "3", its a if nothing changed, they still spit it, still make the head nod, the neck snap and the mind spiral.

Wordplay wizardry, heavy heavy production, cohesion, its all here and its back once again to appreciate in its entirety.

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