Edstrumentals Vol​.​3

Edstrumentals Vol. 3 is a selection of beats produced by the one and only Evil Ed consisting of 20 beats taken from various releases between 2000-2013. Heavyweight gems.

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beauty is more than skin deep

I got this in the mail today and i am loving it. Smooth boom bap coupled with a very light airy vocal. I want and expect to hear more. Enjoy!

be very socially aware

I love this dudes flow and I love his cohort's (Leaf Dog & Illinformed) beats. This is one that will most definitely be making its way into my collection. BVA has been doing his thing for a long while now and his soon to be released album, Be Very Aware, is well overdue. Promo minimix after the break. I must say High Focus are on big tings nowadays. Enjoy!

i spye with my little eye

Bloody hell what a tune!!!!! I had never heard of this guy but happened to chance upon this clip while searching for something else. I am very glad to have made his acquaintance. Everything about this is nice and the scratched hooks.... wow! I cant seem to find any date on an EP/Long player release though. Come on now bruv!?!

remember rhubarb & custard's theme tune?... da-da-da-daaaaa da-da-da-daaaaaa...

Whoa, this clip is a strain on the eyes! Pete Cannon & Dr. Syntax have gone all trippy on us. These two together makes for a leftfield combo plus Jehst & Del the Funky Homosapien are along for the ride. Why does this video remind me of Jamie & the Magic Torch, or Rhubarb & Custard, or Bananaman? Aaaanyway the album id due by the end of February. Enjoy.