cool for cats


SO! the LDZ are back with a fairly substantial piece of freeness. Catfood is a longplayer full of quality music, quality MC’s and quality guests (Dubbledge, Jam Baxter & Stig) This ones a no brainer folks. Enjoy!

LDZ – Catfood LP

whoa!!! that took a while….


About two and a half years ago I remarked about the impending release of one of my favourite producers first label backed release. Gigantic Volume 1 (somewhat belatedly) will see the light of day in mid January. Peep the stream of the first single after the break.

nice 2cu 2cu…


If you have heard of either Hocus Pocus (mentioned by me quite a few times) or DMC legends C2C, you will already be looking forward to the release of their new EP in January 2012. F.U.Y.A is the first track from said EP & is/was a freebie! peep the clip.

it’s getting cold outside…

To anyone who isn’t up on HBO/Sky Atlantic’s (UK) awesome series, GET FAMILIAR, to those that know. season 2 is due around april 2012. I know its not music but I don’t care…. I can’t wait!

a rebel with a cause

Arguably the ultimate example for The message that Hip Hop can address, whether you agree with his views or not (and i am not expressing mine one way or the other) Soundtrack To The Struggle is an album that must be listened to.

More clips after the break

reklewsive (yes i can spell)


Reklews is back behind the boards with the latest Blah release. At 8 tracks deep you will definitely be wanting more. Which is why you should head over to the Blah site for some related freeness. Enjoy!

Reklews – Blah, etc

RIP to all who served


WHAT THE HELL!!! Does this dude not know how to relax. Great single after great album after great EP after great freebie just keep on coming from Sonnyjim. This time it is Canadian beatsmith Elaquent providing the canvass for Jim to do his thing. No preview necessary… grab it and name your price (which won’t last forever).

Sonnyjim – Tall Poppy Syndrome

the edge of reason

Dubbledge - Dubbledge vs The Boondocks - cover

Dubbledge is easily one of the most diverse and entertaining MC’s the UK has produced. The witty punchlines and high pitched delivery make for some laugh out loud moments (although you may have to rewind to catch a few of them). Those of you who know all about The Boondocks will appreciate the sound bites. Those that haven’t got a clue should get familiar real quick! As for the man behind the album, all the pluses i mentioned above are in abundance & the concept is well put together. The beats are as diverse as the MC they are backing. and… only £2.99!!!

preview & link are available after the break

mindful associations


The Associated Mindz Crew have decided to let some niceness go g=for the masses via Hidden Thoughts. This collection of rarities, remixes & guest spots features the usual Assiciated suspects: Raplh Rip Shit, Mudmowth, Willo Wispa, Beatbox Fozzy, P.L.O & more. Enoy!

Associated Mindz – Hidden Thoughts

new jack city


And as if by magic…. it arrives! Yungun has let loose the niceness that is ‘Jack The World’. There are some real smooth breaks on here and Mr. Thing is in his element. Plus you can grab the Unmixed radio edits as well!  A must have!

Yungun – Jack The World

Everybody loves the…


Yungun has been a staple of UK hip hop for the longest but has been away for quite some time. There is only so long a man can keep listening to The Essance and G.M.B but according to his Bandcamp page the wait is nearly over. Jack The World (mixed by long time Essa’s long term cohort MR. Thing) is due anytime now. Peep the 2 tracks from said mixtape below. I want It, is the Waajeed (PPP) produced banger but my favourite is Sunshine, which sees Essa riding the oft used Roy Ayers classic. Enjoy!


I Want It (produced by Waajeed)


Antiheroes (Lee Scott and Salar) are back with their new EP 'Flows For The Contemporary Urban Gentleman'

Download it now!

psycho part 5 & 6


I don’t know how many times I can stress this…. DO NOT sleep on Sonnyjim! Hot on the heels of the awesome Psychonaut LP, comes the even better (yes better!) Psychonaut Remix LP. The venom exhibited by Sonnyjim is the stuff of legend and the one liners!?! But the key is the different vibe that comes through this time round. The Boom Bap backbone is evident but rather than smacking you aurally in the head it seems that Jim has now decided that more concentrated slaps are the order of the day.

The album is available HERE

peep the evidence after the break…

more more more please Nic….


Can Nicolay do any wrong? What about one or two tracks from his Here, album I hear those that know utter. hmmm well that as may be but this EP tips its head superbly to the second of the City Lights releases. So if you want to get an idea of what your ears will be pleasured by if you make it to Nics tour (aided by the super talented Hot At Nights) Grab this now! This tour needs to reach London at some point! enjoy!

Shibuya Session EP

let’s all go on a journey or….


Whoa! This one passed me by. Mick Boogie has put together an awesome ATCQ compilation, or as he calls it, a lost Tribe album (of sorts). Remixes & rarities ahoy. My favourite Hip Hop group/collective/artists period> Enjoy!

Excursions (by Mick Boogie)

Black Opera

And they're back at it again. Another superb video from the secret operatives.



Small Pro has been mad busy lately. The 3rd of his ‘Jawns’ is now upon us and for me, they only get better with each release. Also sprining forth as freeness vis DJ Booth is the Pro’s remixes of Illmind’s collective, Fortilive. This is my current regular rotation number 1. It is awesome listening! Don’t sleep folks. Enjoy!

Small Professors Newness 1 & 2

remember deal real records (uk heads)?


Thabo has been staple go to ‘hook man’ of sorts on a fair few stellar releases in the last few years. Jack Flash, Asaviour, J-Simple, DJ IQ are a few of those that have requested his services. With his band, The Real Deal, Thabo’s second coming is via the acoustic soul route and their first outing is a short but very good EP that gives off the feeling of a late night jam session. Niceness! Grab yours now. Enjoy!

Thabo & The Real Deal EP

no… i still can’t do the splits


Krate Krusaders, whether as a duo or gong solo never let me down. This time Split Prophets are the beneficiaries of Badhabits beat skills for their debut longplayer. Scribbled Thoughts is a great mesh of upfront Boom Bap and easy going vocal style. But don’t let the vibe alay your attention from the thought provoking onle liners sprinkled through out. Technically you can download the album for free but it more than deserves a little monetary support so don’t be too stingy, even in the current economic climate (damn i sound like George Osbourne!) Enjoy!

Split Prophets – Scribbled Thoughts

check out the interview the Prophets did with Certified Banger after the break

let’s all go to the disco

Call me quirky, call me weird or call me mad but I love these guys music (and others like them) Superb!

kat gets his kween

Judging by the first 2 singles there is a defini change in sound from dudes first awesome effort. Should make for an interesting listen. This on would make for a great bum shaker though. Enjoy!

(DMC) and the winners are…..


MAl SIret & Rob Jenson well done fellas. You & a mate are on your way to this years DMC World Finals at the IndigO2 on the 6th & 7th of October. Have a good time (i know i will)!

highlight of my day

highlighter #2

I CANNOT WAIT! Arguably Thee most consistent group in hip hop and one of my favs. People Under The Stairs are back! Peep the clip.


The Best of Phonte

70 track, single click anthology of Big Tigger/Tigallo/Phonte Coleman. you will ENJOY!!!

and don’t forget folks… Charity Starts At Home

The Best Of Phonte

DMC competition


Read the graphic folks. The 6th & 7th of October 2011 is going to be a superb early weekend! I will most definitely be there on the friday to catch Flutebox (as well as the grand Finale obviously). Well it is time for my now annual DMC competition. I have 2…. yes 2 pairs of tickets (thanks Corin) up for grabs people! send me an email with your name & the answer ( & I will pick both winners at random on the 26th of September. The question is…

Who won the DMC UK Finals, and will be representing the UK in the DMC World Finals on October 6th and 7th?

hit the break/read more for ticket links and more info

edit: it appears googles spam filter is mesing with the comments. so send am email instead folks!

no title necessary

The track is called England. by the awesome MC that is Jehst. The clip is footage of the recent London riots (or as I like to call them, cashless shopping sprees) & was superbly put together by Heart Facility. Listen to Jehst’s lyrics and tell me that they don’t resonate with what you are seeing in the clip. Awesome!

I’m broke too/it’s in the game


Broke ‘N’ English have been on the proverbial grind for a looong time now but somehow this one passed me by. Originally released in July, Pre-Season Training is supposed to be a pre cursor to their album, Life On The Costa Del Salford. but having looked online it doesn’t look like it is avalable yet. Regardless, this is a damn good piece of freeness and showcases the fellas ability to turn their hand to any genre without skipping a beat (pardon the pun). Peep the vids after the break and enjoy!

what’s Next… man?


I’m planning to be at this one. I don’t post many events on here but i know this one is gonna be flyyyyyy!!! The Nextmen don’t disappoint with their sets. Peep what these guys are about after the break.

bustin some more melons


I looooooooooooooove this artwork!!! Junclassic & Jazz Spatikz have struck major gold via their HipNOTT (big ups Kev) records released album, Mode 7. Jazz Hop at its finest and I have already salivated all over my blog pages about the lead off single, Bust Ya Melon . Now the remix is available as freeness (Dynasty, Verbal & K-Sise along for the ride) for the good people to sample what these guys are all about. Enjoy!

Bust Ya Melon Remix feat. Dynasy, Verbal & K-Sise

love, peace & happiness


Mohammed Yahya has been a busy man of late. His latest project is a collaboration with songstress Sarina Leah called Native Sun. These guys are all about highlighting social injustice and making the world a better place. See! Hip Hop isn’t all just bragadoccio and thugism eh folks?



The Riddim Killa is back… killing rhythms. Ans what a rhythm to kill. heeeeell yeah!

i just love your jazzy ways…

Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals V1-2-3-4  artwork

Anyone who doesn’t get the greatness of the consistancy of Funky DL’s backing tracks isn’t ready yet. Any of my fellow Jazz Hop fans out there will already be well informed of the instrumentals put forward on this guys work. Well you can now purchase some of DL’s favourite cuts are now available in a 4 part instrumental collection. Just over 50 tracks in total are assembled on bandcamps pages as we speak… write. Plus he’s got a few back catalogue bundle deals too. Check ‘em out!

Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Vol. !-4

over here!


AAAAAAHHH YEEEEAAAAH!!! This is me right here man! Anyone that waxed super lyrical over the Little Brother & Elzhi collaboration that is Hiding Place When The Minstrel Show dropped is gonna love this. I can’t get enough of this ish man! 9th flips Rose Royce’s original backing to perfection. ENJOY!

Phonte – Not Here Anymore feat. Elzhi

split personalities

From Their Krate Krusaders produced EP, Scribbled Thoughts. Coming soon. 1 more clips after the break. Enjoy!

a very short review

00 Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic-Mode 7-2011-HHB

REVIEW: The best Jazz Hop production I’ve heard for years meshes perfectly with Jun’s silky, at times complex yet laid back flow.

PROS: Glorious soundscape, uplifting vibe.

CONS: Too damn short (more please)

VERDICT: Buy this album! (HERE)

watch the clip after the break and tell me this isn’t awesome stuff

day of the live


Quite simply a glorious representation of the places Hip Hop can be taken. A supremely talented guy. Enjoy!

turn up the volume


Whoa!!! thi came out of nowhere. The IRS have (4 years later) finally released their 2nd album today. I’ll keep it simple. It’s awesome… and its only £4.00 (£5.00 if you want a hard copy too). And in these days for paying £10 - £15 for trash you’d be a fool to turn your nose up at this one.


southern softies

Alphabetix - Up North Tip (Produced By Steady) Cover Art

Remember Mobb Deep’s classic ‘The Infamous’. Up North Trip was one of there more under appreciated tracks. Alphabeti (DJ Sir+, Mr Ris, Angel S & ABD) have flipped the premise with their release (via Prose’ Boom Bap Professionals) of Up North Tip. Hailing from Yorkshire the reasoning is obvious. Prose’ Steady oversees beat duties so the heavy knock of the original is retained. Long live Freeness! Enjoy!

Alphabetix – Up North Tip

the ghost who works


Best Kept Secret is right! I remember remarking a while ago that this was going to be released. However at the time I thought that there would be a cost involved with getting hold of it. Today while performing my regular Bandcamp rounds I came across Volume 1. Kashmere, Genesis Elijah, Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun can be found sprinkled amongst a few intrumentals…. niceness. Enjoy!

Ghost - Best Kept Secret Volume 1

i’m goin’ craaaazaaaay…


Blaktrix is back with a new album this autumn. ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ is to be released in association with… errr Associated Minds and you should know by the the quality music that seeps from the paws of those guys (eezzee Danny). Peep the taster.

respect your elders


The lab man is back with the second installment of his ‘Jawn’ series (since i’m from the UK I have no idea what Jawn means). This one is a collection of previously released stuff in vocal less form as well some unreleased stuff. Loving the cover poses. Enjoy!

Small Professor - Elderly Jawns

boom bap… boom bap… boom bap


Regular visitors will already have seen my eulogising over pretty much anything that Small Pro turns his hand to. I hadn’t actually heard anything from him in awhile only for him to then tell me he has 6 projects all due for release before this calendar year is done. The first of these (Beats & Rhyme Jawns) is already available on Bandcamp now. Let’s see how long it takes somebody to jump on one, a few or all of these beats and put ‘produced by Small Professor’ in their credits. Shirley Bassey In The Rear!!!*

Small Professor – Beats & Rhyme Jawns

*no i am not being rude. Grab the freeness and you’ll see what I mean


I cannot wait damn it!

check out the Bane pic after the break… geddit… break? (if you don’t know find out)

i get psycho, killer, norman bates…


It’s out real soon & i’ve pre-ordered mine. Sonnyjim’s Psychonaut is my most anticipated Hip Hop release his year. Illmind, DJ IQ, M-Phazes, Jehst, Pete Cannon, Kelakovski & Dag Nabit is a ridiculous list of beatsmirhs plus Jim’s brought Foreign Beggars & Prince Po along too. Peep the Preview!

Pre-order HERE or HERE


in the words if Michaelangelo (the ninja turtle not the other one) AAwwesooooooome!!! Love Has No Recession is out now folks

oh boy!


Jesse’s back with a new EP. Way Of A Wayfarer is a bit of a departure from his more soulful stuff. i had to give it a second listen to really get into it but make no mistake, it is a nice listen. And besides its free so get on with it.

Jesse Boykins III – Way Of The Wayfarer EP

Walk on the wonder side


Ski (Beatz) is among those adding their touch to this real nice but all too short mixtape from the now out of hiatus Terri Walker. I’ve heard she signed a deal with Dame Dash’s re-energised Roc-A-Fella. I’m assuming (and hoping based on current evidence) that there is an album on the way at some point. Hurry up Terri!!!

Terri Walker – Terri In Wonderland

good knight

I’ve always considered Omar and this lady right here as our finest exponent of the art. She is back with a collection of her own interpretation of some of this country’s finest soul, period. Soul: UK is due any minute now.

As a sidenote, i’ve often wondered why our Bev has been overlooked for an X-Factor judging slot!?!?!

Bon a petit: course 5


Just received my copy of issue 5 of Bonafide. This issue is a double sided old school/new school edition. Grandmaster Flash, Ghostpoet, El-P and the Almighty EPMD all make an appearance, the reviews are on point as ever and i got 1 free download single & 1 free CD single (both by Big Dada’s Dels). Plus there always seems to be a spotlight shined on a release I never knew was coming. No reason not to grab your copy. Quality Stuff!

Bonafide Magazine issue 5

listen up!


I’ve said it before, Ramson seems to be able to turn his skills to anything… so far. I just hope that his debut doesn’t suffer from Canibus syndrome (see Can-I-Bus). We shall see.

(n)ice bourg


WTF! where the hell was I when this dropped? Does anyone remember the original Popstars: The Rivals show back in the day that spawned ‘Girls Aloud’? This guy was in the other group that didn’t do so well… ‘One True Voice’ (just remembered the name as I was writing this). Well Daniel de Bourg was the most talented of that group and this is his mixtape. It’s a damn good one too. This has been floating about for about 8 months without my knowledge. Bloody Hell!

Daniel de Bourg – The Prelude

only ribena will do


New Funky DL jazz driven niceness coming soon preeeviewww!!!



Bloody hell! This guy simply refuses to spit anything other than fire! Go ahead people, name your price.

knowledge of self


Self Ish or Self Less? Far be it from me to assume one way or the other about a persons righteousness in the face of adversity, or lack there of. What am i talking about. Aaaaanyway Verb T doesn’t stop working when the long player is made available for the masses. His bandcamp catalogue is quite an extensive (and awesome) one which, if you haven’t bothered up to now, definitely bears closer inspection. Don’t sleep!

Verb T’s Bandcamp

typical english summer


Summer Time Anthem features Chubb Rock and is a tuuuuune! And he’s got a new album coming soon. However for some reason this little beauty won’t be on it. All the more reason to grab it while it’s hot…. which it is. Enjoy!

Summer Time Anthem feat. Chubb Rock

well fed associates LLP


And so it came to pass. The Associated Minds & Eatgood crews would form an alliance. This was to be an alliance based on mutual respect for each others standing as peers. Yet would be harnessed by each’s tactical nous & urban business acumen. This alliance, would be known as…. ‘The Highball’

The Highball EP

fish riding bicycles!?!


I have been waiting for this to drop for about as long as Detox (while hoovering up everything The Cool Kids have let loose upon us). If you’re somehow still not up on them yet peep the clips and get familiar. When Fish Ride Bicycle… coming real soon!

he’s got soul

More French niceness

no comment?



What the people say about Elzhi’s Elmatic

“People called Nas the new Rakim and before that, Rakim was hailed as the Melle Mel… Fortunately, I never had to sit thru Nas’s version of Follow The Leader or Rakim’s version of The Message. Not that they wouldn’t have been dope, but I just think there’s a line between honoring what came before and being derivative. I guess because all these cats are from my era and I’m old enough to lap eras, this feels a little unnecessary. Maybe I’d feel different if I had a couple of solo Elzhi albums before this.”

“This is dope, my only complaint is I wish he didn’t switch the original beats up. If it had the original beats this would be incredible, I just think that kind of made this lose a couple of points considering it’s an ode to Illmatic.”

“So happy he switched the beats up…. Illmatic is hot but we’ve heard it. Time for something. Also Ill-Matic tributes are dead. Didn’t Fashawn do a whole illmatic mix about a year ago. Stop switching up the album.”

“Listened once and deleted it. I'm not able to listen to this without thinking about Nas rhymes, they just stuck in my head over the years.”

hooliganism isn’t always a bad thing

Whoa! Terry Hooligan! New to me but this is a bad man tune. It’s freeness too. Enjoy!

Terry Hooligan - Genuine Article

cold as ice

Put the guns away folks. One of my favourite ever head nods and Kyza’s fire over it too!

whats love got to do with it?

The double A is out now. Grab the album too. Superb!

oh bama!

Whatever you may think of Barack’s time in office to date, if you’re up on the current state of affairs regarding his place of birth, this clip is super funny!

ooooh! nice shoes

Gummy Soul _ The Stuyvestants Meet Gummy Soul (2011)

Anyone of you who grabbed instrumental awesomeness that is The Stuyvesants’ Brooklyns Finest album, will have been in no doubt that sooner or later someone(s) was going to jump on those beats. Gummy Soul are those someones. Grab both projects and enjoy!

The Stuyvesants – Brooklyn’s Finest

The Stuyvesants Meet Gummy Soul


Mr Flex (Chosen Spokesmen) - Nothing To Prove EP - front edited Bandcamp

Now this is how you introduce yourself to the world. Acquire the services of some steller beatsmiths and make your guestlist an awesome one. Chemo, Ramson Badbonez, Kelakovski, Iron Braydz, Beat Butcha and a few more all contribute a beat or some bars to this EP. Enjoy!

Mr Flex – Nothing To Prove EP

plausible deniability

beat by Chemo

Phoenix Da Icefire, Logic, Rewd Adams, Cyrus Malachi, Skriblah & M9. Just play the clip and buy the track (and the instrumental if you like.


Globalfaction – Vigorous Denial


Whoa! ! These guys are niiiice. this is the clip for the title track of the FREE debut release. The raw factor found throughout is superb. Although that is bound to disappear somewhat as they polish their mixes, the overall package bodes very well for the future. Plus my fave MC Sonnyjim is along for the ride on a couple of the cuts. The link and an extra clip can be found after the break.

i still want some new 4Hero though

big ups marc mac

As much as I hope that 4Hero are going to be back sooner or later, Marc Mac proves he doesn’t have to make any sudden announcements by producing T.R.A.C’s entire debut long player. The Network is out tomorrow (24.04.2011). I pre-ordered mine. Peep the clip.

there’s always time for badbonez


I’ve always got time for some Ramson Badbonez. His latest offering, Buried Bonez, is a sum of a generous helping of his collabos plus a few exclusives to boot.

Ramson Badbones – Buried Bonez

There’s some more Ramson inspired freeness after the break. Enjoy….

royal marriage eh?

Pure unadulterated awesomeness (unlike my beloved Gunners!). How come i’d never heard of these guys before. You can pick this track up for free HERE… after you peep their other clip after the break…

don’t F up the NHS!!!

We in the UK all know that Andrew Lansley seriously f’d up the ridiculously drastic NHS reforms. Using much needed funds for such a major shift that will not only effect our health service but our society as a whole just to leave some kind of legacy is a callous and nonsensical thing to do/oversee. It appears the dud who dropped this vid shares the same views. Enjoy!

it’s gettin’ hot in here…


Now this is something to look forward to. Eat Good Recoreds & The Accossiated Minds camp are to release a collaborative EP. Ralph Rip Shit, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Beatbox Fozzy, Mudmowth, Taharka, RTillery,  Metabeats, Redbeard, P.L.O. Ruffstylz and Willo Wispa will all make an appearance on The Highball. This is most definitely something NOT to be missed. Hit the link to partake in a tasting session.

P.L.O. – The Heat feat. Sonny Jim & Mudmowth