ass whooping (who is that on the cover!)


Such is the quality of the material these guys are bringing forth that an EP is now imminent. Spanish Ass (and man they picked a nice one) is the first track from the Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface EP ‘Post Crisis: Life After 30’. If it is all as nice as this track purchase will definitely be a priority. Enjoy!

Ralph Rip Shit & Lemonface – Spanish Ass

good habits die hard


It’s neck snappin’ time. Those professional purveyors of that Boom Bap goodness are ‘Back In The Habit’. 7 tracks for the ears to savour plus Kashmere Iguana is along for the ride too. Enjoy (and get your 3D glasses out)!

Prose – Back In The Habit

The Book Thieves - TBT/Lines (Official Video)

Another banger, The Book Thieves just keep doing it.

remembering amy

in remembrance of amy - In Remembrance Of Amy - cover

Shuko uses ms. winehouse’s songs as the basis for these remembrance songs. Ty is among the great & good MC’s gathered for the occasion. Remember & Enjoy!

Make It Last

Uppanotch break it down and flourish with the essence with this absolute killer track. Pure merciless science to bring the knowledge.

my 6th great listen of 2012

Luke Christopher - TMRW, TMRW (2012)

'TMRW, TMRW' is an outstanding project from MC singer songwriter and producer Luke Christopher. The man is an MC with depth, is a great singer (Drake doesn’t come close i am afraid), and his beats are superb and varied. The fact that the man is giving music of such supreme quality (am i gassing too much?) away for free is testament to the state of hip hop right now. With the right backing I fully expect this guy to be really, really big at some stage. You have been warned. Enjoy!


Ramson Badbonez - Bad Influence

Ramson Badbonez is always pleasingly consistent, with his dark wordplay, on point flows and crisp imagery.Bad Influence continues to fullfil the appetite. With Ramson's rap diversity, rocking all kinds of beats and flows with enough lyrical content to keep even the most stringent street grammar addict tuned in. The album provides us with a delicious audible package of heavy drum breaks, stomping electro pulses, middle eastern violins, melodic soulful sweeps and eerie horror scores and as sure to be certified with anything Badbonez does, the production backdrops provide plenty of neck snap material.The album will be out on the 27th of August on Boot Records.

The album features Mystro, Brad Strut, Remus, Balance, Fae Simon. 
Beats are provided by Boot, Harry Love, Farma G, Jetsun, Row.D Beats, 184, Wizard and DJ Insite. 
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Hot banana paste! The wrong type provide the nice hype with more material to bend our minds.

don’t sleep: belated praise


How the hell did i miss this (and why didn’t i get your email earlier bruv?)? Phoniks is a remix king with major skills. The Tape is his 9 track remix fest that was actually released at the end of 2011. The influences are obvious but the results are superb. Biggie, Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep, Edo G & Royal Flush all get the Phoniks remix treatment. Peep the clip and download link after the break. DO NOT SLEEP!!!!!

We all want it for free...

But nothing comes for free, imagine if everything was free. What would we do, I think we would all become so bored of the freeness that maybe we would revolt against it....who knows?

i have a dream

If you ‘snap ya neck’ all the time it will start to ache. Now & again just a gentle sway is nice too. Native Sun’s latest clip is just for such an occasion. Indigenous Soundwaves is out now. Peep the clip & Enjoy!

the legendary plane that was the…..


Big up Steve & the Standup Recordz crew! Yeah I know i’m late on this but I like it. Towa’s beats have a welcoming simplicity (and no that isn’t a put down) and the fact that Spitfire lives up to his moniker lends itself perfectly to the beats. Spitfire’s debut long player is due soon so stay tuned… after checking this out if course. Enjoy!

Spitfire – The Spitfire EP

follow the paper trail


Oh yeah!Cyrus Malachi is back with the 3rd edition of his Isis Papers. As usual the man does not disappoint on both a Sonic and vocal level. EDutainment, to coin a phrase. Enjoy!

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers Volume 3

the art of manipulation


Liking this album. A very solid effort with a few real standouts. Easy to recommend this at only £1.00. Enjoy!

DJ Manipulator - Dusted The F​#​%​k Out Vol. 1