listen up!


I’ve said it before, Ramson seems to be able to turn his skills to anything… so far. I just hope that his debut doesn’t suffer from Canibus syndrome (see Can-I-Bus). We shall see.

(n)ice bourg


WTF! where the hell was I when this dropped? Does anyone remember the original Popstars: The Rivals show back in the day that spawned ‘Girls Aloud’? This guy was in the other group that didn’t do so well… ‘One True Voice’ (just remembered the name as I was writing this). Well Daniel de Bourg was the most talented of that group and this is his mixtape. It’s a damn good one too. This has been floating about for about 8 months without my knowledge. Bloody Hell!

Daniel de Bourg – The Prelude

only ribena will do


New Funky DL jazz driven niceness coming soon preeeviewww!!!



Bloody hell! This guy simply refuses to spit anything other than fire! Go ahead people, name your price.

knowledge of self


Self Ish or Self Less? Far be it from me to assume one way or the other about a persons righteousness in the face of adversity, or lack there of. What am i talking about. Aaaaanyway Verb T doesn’t stop working when the long player is made available for the masses. His bandcamp catalogue is quite an extensive (and awesome) one which, if you haven’t bothered up to now, definitely bears closer inspection. Don’t sleep!

Verb T’s Bandcamp

typical english summer


Summer Time Anthem features Chubb Rock and is a tuuuuune! And he’s got a new album coming soon. However for some reason this little beauty won’t be on it. All the more reason to grab it while it’s hot…. which it is. Enjoy!

Summer Time Anthem feat. Chubb Rock

well fed associates LLP


And so it came to pass. The Associated Minds & Eatgood crews would form an alliance. This was to be an alliance based on mutual respect for each others standing as peers. Yet would be harnessed by each’s tactical nous & urban business acumen. This alliance, would be known as…. ‘The Highball’

The Highball EP

fish riding bicycles!?!


I have been waiting for this to drop for about as long as Detox (while hoovering up everything The Cool Kids have let loose upon us). If you’re somehow still not up on them yet peep the clips and get familiar. When Fish Ride Bicycle… coming real soon!