and so we come full circle…

J The Exodus _ 360 FullCircleI’m not sure if this guy is a Triple Darkness affiliate or not but the formula is very similar. Find some not so obvious (but obviously nice) beats and spit some substance tinted fire. Enjoy!

J The Exodus – Full Circle

more Isis


The Isis Papers 2. Do not miss this!

…and his new single too. Pure Triple Darkness niceness!

good night john boy……


Katalyst put together one of my favourite releases of 2007 with his debut ‘Whats Happening’. His new long player isn’t far away and this first single, Day Into Night, is an awesome showcase of the kind of quality to expect. The old school Dub/Reggae inspired track fits Stephanie Mckay superbly. My summer mix is definitely going to involve this one. Peep the snippet.

Katalyst - Day Into Night feat. Stephanie McKay (snippet) by nofrillz


Eh? Where was I when Chemo created this alter ego? Real nice track though with Roc Marciano along for the ride.

an appointment with the clinic


Nathan ‘Flutebox Lee’ is simply an awesomely talented individual. On 28th March you too will be able to sample a short brst of what this man is all about. Beatboxing with a flute, backed by a live band, while combining elements of Dubstep & Funk into the equation is quite a feat. I' am lucky enough to have been given a copy of the Flutebox EP (thanks Corin) and the results are awesome. Peep the visuals.

connect with Flutebox



My man Rez is back with the soon to be available mixtape ‘The Aurthor’s Scriblings’. The sample tracks a nice. See for ourselves HERE

ohhhhhh Cyrus


Daaaaaam Cyrus’ album is gonna br fire!. Simple really! Peep the taster.

Master Builders feat. Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 & June Megladon

okay playeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr


Boy! This guy just doesn’t stop giving. No sooner do I marvel at the wonders of Tom Caruana’s Rough Versions series, does he push his Okay Player Bollywood project to the good people. Not only that, he has also made the tracks tha didn’t make the initial cut as a bonus collection. We are talking about a combined total of 41 tracks of: Black Thought, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Erykah Badu, (Mad) Skillz, Mos Def, Quasimoto, Little Brother, Lupe Fiasco, Gift Of Gab, Musiq (Soulchild) and more…. Let me be quite clear, Such a vast quantity of free, quality music is NOT to be passed up. And there is an awful lot more freeness to be had on the site too. Don’t sleep on these. Enjoy!

Okayplayer: The Bollywood Remake & Deleted Scenes

Tea Sea

diggin’ in the Krates (for comics)

All things Krate Krusader related are an automatic A* as far as i’m concerned. This time they have teamed up with Illus for some comic inspired visual shenanigans. Superb track and an even better video.

i’ve seen that film/documentary


Joe Good!?! I was sure I had some other stuff on my hard drive that involved this guy but I found nothing (hmmmm….). Hey ho, at leat I/we can use Good Hair as some kind of Joe Good related comfort pillow (EH?)

Nezbeat & Joe Good – Good Hair

update: foooouuuuuuuuund iiiiit!! aka I have a heart

they call it….

The Baron is back! Wanderland is out now