Your best pic yet…

DJ Toolz [2009] -- V.A. - UndaGround O-Nine 2.2

…man. she is FIT!!!………………… oh… Enjoy!

01 - Nicolay - Nautilus [Intro]
02 - Blaq Poet - Hate (feat. Noreaga) (prod. by DJ Premier)
03 - Torae & Marco Polo - Hold Up (feat. Masta Ace & Sean Price)
04 - Recordkingz - Playin to Lose (feat. Little Brother)
05 - Phil The Agony - Think Green (feat. Talib Kweli)
06 - Stalley - Worldwide (feat. Mickey Factz) (prod. by Madlib)
07 - De La Soul - Big Mouf
08 - Statik Selektah - The Thrill Is Gone (feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli)
09 - Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa - Pink Pill
10 - Steele - Bucktown Affiliates (feat. Shabaam Shadeeq & Sha Stimuli)
11 - Qwel & Jackson Jones - Red C
12 - U-N-I & Ro Blvd. - Pulp Fiction Part 1
13 - DJ Spinna - Summer Madness (feat. Fresh Daily & Daniel Joseph)
14 - Custom Made - A Few Friends
15 - Krumb Snatcha - Triumph
16 - Scanz - Son Rise (feat. Yasin)
17 - Movezerbe - Roches
18 - Sadat X - Brand New Bein' (feat. Lord Jamar & Grand Puba)
19 - The Residents (Muneshine & Saint) - Starting Monday
20 - D-Sisive - I See (feat. Muneshine, 9th Uno & Little Vic)
21 - CYNE - Dazed & Confused
22 - Phat Kat - F.A.N.S. (prod. by Black Milk)
23 - Invincible & Finale - Don't Sleep (Oddisee Remix)

DJ Toolz – Undaground O-Nine 2.2

& HERE’s a bonus for y’all

He can sing too!?!?!

In turns of quality, Mixtapes are very much on the up. But while some use them as a marketing tool (with mixed results) others are putting their all into making sure their more diserning fan is taken care of. Artists such as Sonny Jim, Cunninlynguists, Busta Rhymes & Dyme Def, amongst others have all recently put out efforts worthy of heavy label backing. No longer are Mixtapes just a way of putting ones back catalogue to good use or marketing fodder for a mediocre album. MCs like Kyza, via Shots Of Smirnoff, are upping the ante in a big way. He could have simply chosen a bunch of randomly 'hot' beats & thrown them together. But this atmospheric mix of new tracks & recognised beats sees Kyza essentially treating this as his sophomore release. And as is my prerequisite for an album, some form of growth or expansion as an artist is evident in places. A gifted storyteller is now evident (Freddy) as well exploration of today's social ills & teenage angst (Wild Orchid, the brilliant My Soul & again, Freddy). Lupe's handiwork has also been put to superb use & the whole thing is concluded in the right way. Occasionally the moody underbelly gets tickled to keep things moving but invariably this is a 'life album. There is no forcing of issues & there is no good versus evil. Kyza just shows us his many facets & leaves it up to us to determine what we will. Which is exactly what takes this project from very good to a release of supreme quality.

p e a c e

Kyza - Freedy/Deal With It/Zonin'/The Puzzle promo mix

edit: and those couple of bouts of singing you hear is him too & he ain't bad either

Day of rest


I said before that I am a fan of what Sean & his people are about. After listening to his latest, more laid back (hence the title) bout of qulaity freeness there is no reason for me to change my mind. Simple really. Enjoy!

Sean Wyze – The Sunday LP

Cali So Live

No messing with the artwork

L.E.G.A.C.Y. Suicide Music LP Artwork

June 16th is the date for Suicide music. Now this 2nd outing for L.E.G.A.C.Y is entirely produced by Khrysis. Seeing that the 1st one was 11 to 7 in 9th Wonders favour, am I reading too much into the former Little Brother beatsmiths lack of involvement? Anyway here’s the 1st taster off of the album. Hows this for an intro…. ‘Why wait, kill yourself mow’. Enjoy!

L.E.G.A.C.Y. – The Greatest (beay by Khrysis)

Around & Around we go


Yeah yeah. The new one’s out soon. As well as Micalls brand of realness, expect, Dubbleedge, Kasmere, Jehst & Kyza to drop by. This ones gonna be a banger. The 1st single All 4 Hip Hop (prod. by M-Phazes) is due any day & features remixes from Chemo & Jehst. peep the taster. Enjoy!

Still Here Remix/All 4 hip Hop Promo

This is how it’s done Busta



aaaaah yeah. I think i damaged my spinal cord due to this albums c0nstant barrage of niceness. Enjoy out the snippets.

Get it/Danger/Party Crashers Promo mix

Keith Sweat & Kut Close….Nobooooody

Buy It Here


It’s A Beautiful Thing


words by M. L. Rook

‘At the end of 2004, I was contacted by a fairly well-known indie hip-hop label's A&R (Artist & Repertoire) director (who shall remain anonymous). The guy was working on a new project with legendary group The Last Poets, and he wanted to see if I could remix a song called "Dakari" track that also featured Keith Murray. The remix was intended for a 12" single to promote the album, and would potentially even be included on the album as they were not too thrilled about the beat that was used for the original track. Eager to expand both my range and my resume, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to reach a new audience, and we came to an agreement that worked for all parties involved. I finished the remix in January of 2005.’

rigt click, save target/link as… Enjoy!

The Last Poets – Dakari (Nicolay Remix) feat. Keith Murray

I made it through Customs


Heres the 2nd leak from the guys upcoming Lost Weekend (how the hell does that happen?) anyway…enjoy!

Custom Made – New Life

Apathy is definitely NOT the best policy

Lib Dem logo_1432_18967564_0_0_7012882_300 Conservative Party

414232259_5aeb02e1d0 oie_stay_at_home_labour_voters_play_into_bnp_hands_$7012886$300

For those that aren’t from the UK, or are from these shores & have just been living in self induced solitary confinement, It has recently come to light that our (UK) government has been systematically ripping the taxpayer off. The rules that are supposed to stop MP’s from taking the piss out of us are designed for them to do just that. Every morning we have to hear about yet another ‘Right Honourable’ lady or gentlemen not doing what the Honourable part suggests. 10,000’s of pounds have repeatedly been claimed & reclaimed by our so called elected reresentitives, Great Britain is at a tipping point. We have been upset with our governments actions before. A was based on lies being the most recent. But there is a new kind of anger among the British people. Not only that, but a younger generation that are already apathetic towards what goes on at number 10 are going to take non-responsiveness to a new level. I sense that something drastic is coming. i just hope that something drastic doesn’t involve the BNP. The British National prty represent everything that modern Britain does NOT stand for. These racist bastards are now tring to pass them selves off as a moderate, viable alternative to the main Parties. Here is a party that wants a complete shut down on immigration. Here is a party that believes that The Gurkhas, A force that fought & died for the very freedoms that They now enjoy, should not be allowed to stay in this country (stating that they were ‘Well paid’ for their services). Now, I may be upset & even angered by what my government has been doing. But the one thing I not want, is that this country’s lack of movement towards a ballot box allows the BNP any kind of foot in the door when it comes to major decisions. If you’re an angry citizen, excercise your right to vote fot another part. Just make sure that the other party is not the BNP. In the current climate, APATHY is not the best policy.

p e a c e

I told You So


Busta Rhymes vs. Busta Rhymes part 2



Remember when Bustas flow was the envy of many an MC. Remember when one of his videos used to premier on TV & we couldn’t wait to see what he had come up with next. Remember when our favourite MC’s all wanted him to jump on their remixes & posse cuts (Scenario, Flava In ya Ear). Remember when we used to be amazed by his choice of beats, only to read the album sleeve & not have an idea who the producer was (come on, how many of you had actually heard of Backspin The Vibe Chemist?)… …And so it came to pass. Busta Rhymes has done what I initially feared. Having listened to Back On My Bullshit & I Bullshit You Not, the latter is by far the superior of the 2. If this is what the man turned in when he was still signed to Aftermath then letting him go was a no brainer. Don’t get me wrong, BOMB does have it’s high points. Wheel Of Fortune is a banger, as is I’m A Go Get My…. Now bare in mind those 2 songs are both produced by DJ Scratch. Therein, as far as i’m concerned, lies the secret to Bustas future success. The chemistry between Bussa Buss & Scratch-A-Tor is among the best in the last 15 or so years of Hip Hop. Going through the supreme niceness that is Bustas back catalogue owes as much to Scratch as it does to The Flipmode general (and if you really need me to list any of them then God help you). I would bet that Bullshit You Not is the kind of stuff Dre was looking for when he signed Busta in the first place. The Big Bang, while still not on the level of any of the first 3, was still a decent album with some serious bangers on board. BOMB is simply nowhere near that level and Once Dre heard it, his patience ran out. He persisted in it’s release & he should shift a few units. But that doesn’t dispell the fact that contrary to his protestations about changing the game with this release, BOMB is just another mediocre release among many from Hip Hops supposed Top Dogs. On the other hand, with a bit of work I Bullshit You Not could’ve been one of the best albums of 2009. Instead it will definitely rate as one of the best mixtapes. New depths have been reached with this one. Sorry Trevor. Bullshit is right, but not in the way you meant it.

p e a c e

Jungle Brother

I am already a big antidotes fan so I lap u[p anything thats accosiated with them. Jo Well of said camp has just put out his latest mixtape which also features beats from my man jansport J. Niceness. Enjoy!

01. "Welcome to the Jungle" (Prod. by Jansport J)
02. "Nickel & Diming" (Prod. by Dj DviousMindZ)
03. "Buck Wylin" (Prod. by Inkling(UK))
04. "Problems" w/Markfader (Prod. by Markfader)
05. "Pot of Gold" (Prod. Dj DviousMindZ)
06. "Pina CoLAda" (Prod. by Markfader)
07. "Jus Crusin' Remix" feat XV, BK Cyph, and El Prez (Prod. by Dj DviousMindZ)
08. "Professional" feat Phenomenon and Cee Nario (Prod. by The Apple Beats)
09. "Alright OK" Snippet w/Taboo(Black Eyed Peas)
10. "Boom Boom Pow Remix" w/Black Eyed Peas
11. "Audio Delite Remix" w/Black Eyed Peas
12. "Herbal Remedy" RAW (Prod. by Markfader)
13. "Get Money Freestyle"
14. "Pearly Gates Mash-up" w/Blu
15. "Sweet Harmony Revisited" w/Markfader (Prod. by Markfader)
16. "Holidays" feat Phenomenon and Cee Nario (Prod. by Jansport J)
17. "Da Da Da Remix" w/Camile Velasco
18. "All I've Got" w/Gio Basicali (Prod. by DJ DviousMindZ)
19. "R U Listenin' Remix" feat DJ Analog
20. "Dust in the Wind" (Prod. by DJ DviousMindZ)
21. "Listen" w/Markfader (Prod. by Markfader)

Jo Well – Welcome To The Jungle

Jo’s Myspace

Return of The G

A Bathing Tape - Front Cover


Trawling the myspace netwaves can sometimes turn up gold. This guy is a close affil of the M1 Platoon & has M1 features & production all over these 2 pieces of freeness. Enjoy!

G5 Clive – A Bathing Ape

G5 Clive – The Social Class

G5 Clive’s Myspace

this ones GOOD

So now you’ve checked the vid. grab The Damn Good EP (apt name) here. Enjoy!

G.O.O.D Company – The Damn Good EP

G.O.O.D Company - Malcolm On The Mic

A Good Myspace


Dotting the I’s

A-Front Cover

Just finished listening to this one. Much niceness to be found on thi sone peepz. It’s just a shame it took me so long to get to it. Enjoy!

1 Intro (88.9 WERS Interview clip)
2 M-Dot - My Regards
3 M-Dot - Losing My Mind (Produced by DC The Midi Alien)
4 M-Dot - Things On Your Mind
5 M-Dot Ft. Singapore Kane & Trademarc - You Won't Get It (Produced by Explizit One)
6 M-Dot - Unwind (Produced by Kenshin)
7 M-Dot Ft. Rev - We Don't Play (Produced by Empne)
8 M-Dot - Go Getter (Freestyle) (Produced by Omega Red)
9 M-Dot - Hungry (Produced by Kenshin)
10 M-Dot Ft. Re-Surch - First Words (Produced by Pauly Fingaz)
11 M-Dot Ft. Slak D - Shit On You (Produced by Domingo)
12 M-Dot - Boston (Produced by Flyphonic)
13 Interlude
14 M-Dot Ft. Termanology & Rev - Boston (Remix) (Produced by DJ Jean Maron)
15 M-Dot - Here We Go (Produced by D-Sharp)
16 M-Dot - Tonight (Produced by Felix Flavour)
17 M-Dot Ft. Grime Tha Mc & Mayhem - Never Good Enough
18 M-Dot - Chose To Try (Produced by Kenshin)
19 M-Dot Ft. Dead Seriuz & Agallah- All I Got (Produced by Kenshin)
20 M-Dot - Watch Where Your Going (Freestyle)
21 M-Dot - Bass (Freestyle) (Produced by Legendary Axe)
22 M-Dot Ft. Nabo Rawk (of Porn Theatre Ushers) - Alpha Males (Produced by Nabo Rawk)
23 M-Dot - Keep On (Produced by F.A.N.O)
24 Outro

M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought

Josanthium Jansporticus


Jo Well:

Jo Well

"Welcome to the Jungle" dropping this Weds, May 20!!!....This cut is produced by the homie Jansport J...featuring Phenomenon and Cee Nario ....stay tuned! and thank you all for the continued love and support.

Another notch on the Jansport J bedpost (of beats…obviously)

Jo Well feat Phenomenon and Cee Nario- Holidays

(Beat by Jansport J)

HIP HOP Hip Hop hip hop….

Nueve HHM 20 Artwork

Just like a typical London bus. Youi wait ages for one & two come along at once. AAAAh well the tracklisting should more than make up for it (big ups Nueve). Enjoy!

CD 1

01 Nueve- Intro (Beat By J-Dilla- Air Signs)
02 Cyne- Tide Of Life
03 Reflection Eternal- Back Again
04 Oddisee & Kenn Starr- Q & A
05 Tanya Morgan- Bang & Boogie
06 CunninLynguists- Move
07 Reef The Lost Cauze & King Magnetic- Hit 'Em Up
08 Method Man & Redman- Dangerous Mcees
09 Finale- Heat
10 Big Pooh Feat. Torae- It's A Go
11 Elzhi- Deep
12 Sick Jacken & Evidence- Classical
13 L.E.G.A.C.Y.- Don't Have To Stay
14 Reks- Bitter
15 Stoupe Feat. M.O.P.- Transition Of Power
16 Mobb Deep- Watch Ya Self
17 JR-PH7 Feat. Access Immortal- New York
18 Blame One- Street Astrologist
19 Skyzoo Feat. Talib Kweli & Reks- When I Rhyme
20 P.A.- Mystique Feat. Oddisee
21 Statik Selektah Feat. Styles P & Talib Kweli- The Thrill Is Gone
22 De La Soul- Forever
23 Invincible & Finale Feat. Oddisee- Don't Sleep (Remix)
24 Busta Rhymes Feat. Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend & Common- Decision

CD 2

01 Oddisee- Hip Hop's Cool Again
02 Tanya Morgan Feat. Blu- Morgan Blu
03 Blame One Feat. Blu & Exile- Wonder Why
04 Reks- Play My Music
05 Big Pooh Feat. Muhsinah- The Life
06 Finale Feat. Invinicible- The Waiting Game
07 Jadakiss Feat. Ghostface & Raekwon- Cartel Gathering
08 Method Man & Redman Feat. Saukrates- A-Yo
09 Stoupe Feat. Saigon- When The Sun Goes Down
10 Cunninlynguists Feat. Slug- Don't Leave (When Winter Comes)
11 Big Tone Feat. Blu- A Song Called Triumph
12 Damu-The Bright Side
13 Vee Feat. Strange Fruit Project- Ill City Breezy
14 Krumb Snatcha- The Light
15 Saigon & Statik Selektah- Lady Sings The Blues
16 Cyne- Awakening
17 J-Dilla Feat. Havoc & Raekwon- 24K Rap
18 Skyzoo Feat. Wale- Freshfest
19 P.A. Feat. Illa J- R U Listening Remix
20 U-N-I- My Life
21 Kidz In The Hall Feat. Jay Electronica- Cool, Relax
22 Nueve- Outro (Beat By Jazz Liberatorz- Diggin Sound)

Weight off my mind

I remember day I purchased my 1st Ipod. I remember how I fell for the cliched status symbol of having those white headphones on parade for all to see. I remember how I felt like I belonged to a very big, yet still somewhat exclusive club. I also remember when I was schooled on my folly of using those headphones in the 1st place. I then remember how ridiculously superior my new headphones were compared to them. Why the headphone analogy? albums such as Heavyweight that's why. Now Juliano Creator shows no otherworldly principles in the way he goes about smithing his beats but what he does do, he does very well indeed. One could argue that finding great samples is easier these days than flipping the samples themselves. The even greater art is realising that no matter how recognizable the sample, some of them just aren't meant to be flipped. While simply doing your thing around them is the best way to go. It's this philosophy that I think places this album a cut above the norm. The constant thumping kicks that accompany them are reason enough for any Hip Hop fan worth his salt to condemn those white earrings to death by dustbin. What is also apparent is the albums consistency. I'm aways going on about the value of putting out an album that brings something different each time (in this case the MC's), yet still carries a consistancy whereby the listener isn't whearing out the skip button every other song. But let us not forget the supporting cast of stellar Hip Hop graduates. The Beatnuts, Tragedy Khadafi, Aasim, Little Brother, Mobb Deep, Phil Da Agony & Craig G are among the alumni involved & they all do their thing ( Tragedy & Prodigy being my personal standouts). There are many a producer album that tries to be too many people. Recordkingz provides proof that sometimes good Hip Hop should be exactly what it says on the tin. So cast out those white domes of falsehood & do your future on-the-go playlists some Heavyweight justice peeps.

p e a c e

Recordkingz-Heat feat. Mobb Deep

Recordkingz–Pay Your Respects feat. Problemz

Recordkingz–Rock Ya Shoulders feat. The Beatnuts

Re Up

Ever since the Eminem/Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey furor broke out on the international network, I have read the arguments for & against the particular prose involved. Good or bad, a lot of the reasons on both sides were valid. I also read the the general disses leveled at Em's latest opus, most of which was random & misguided. "Relapse is garbage" or " his latest album's trash" were the phrases of choice. They were always countered with " so what Em can't spit now?" or "stop being a hater". But one particular comeback resonated with me... "Well since Dre did pretty much all of the beats you must think that he fell off too, right?" And all of a sudden those same detractors were conspicuous in their lack of an answer. I guess it's a lot harder to disparage one than it is the other. As a black man i'm disappointed that the 'white' factor still plays a part in a Hip Hop fans thinking. Think about it, internally Hip Hop should be a haven for all creeds, yet i'm still hearing all the same prejudices being spouted across various internet based media. You can call the man whatever names you like but that shouldn't stop you from looking at the mans music objectively. Having listened to Relapse, Dr. Dre is pretty much the force he always was. It's been a good few years since a heavily Dre influenced long player last hit shelves & on this evidence Detox (if it actually drops) is gonna be a banger of quite some proportions. The trademark crisp claps come snares coupled with the understated, yet thumping kick are there for all to hear. As are the floating keys & perfectly placed bass guitar. Apart from the weak (yet understandably necessary when you think about it) ‘You Made Me’ & the 808esque monotone drone of ‘Same Song & Dance’, I'm struggling to find fault with the backdrop. Em is also back to his malevolent, mischievous, politically incorrect best. Far from deciding which spice girl to procreate with, Em has evolved to gay rape allegations & impersonating the late Christopher Reeve (RIP Superman). Yet although some of the subject matter hasn’t changed. There is a noticeable difference in the way he’s spitting. He’s still firing off those rhyming couplets, triplets & quadruplets, but there is something that has changed that i cant quite put my finger on. Conceptually the album is spot on(3am is conceptual genius & superbly exewcuted), with ‘a not all there’; almost sociopathic element to a lot of the material on show. Let’s be honest, as much as people from certain circles are up in arms when he takes it there, that side of his psyche as an MC is probably the reason why most of us (and yes I had heard of him before Dre signed him) became fans in the first place. So, sorry to disappoint certain heads but Neither Em or Dre have 'fallen off' anything. uite the opposite in my view. This is definitely their best work since Marshall Mathers & I do think that Em the MC is superior to his previous efforts. It's just a shame that too many people are jumping on the 'lets trash Eminem' band wagon instead of forming thir own opinions.

p e a c e

Busta Rhymes vs. Busta Rhymes part 1



Hmmmmmm.... That was the first thing that came into my head while listening to Bussa Bus' deservedly acclaimed I Bullshit You Not mixtape with DJ Scratch. Those two go together like rice & peas and to hear them go at it non-stop for 12 rounds is one of the highlights of my Hip Hop year so far. But has Trevor set the bar too high for his own good. I mean let's be honest, this mixtape is his best work since E.L.E. and he's giving it away for free. That means by comparison Back On My Bullshit is almost certain of classic status right? But then again I am talking about the same album that will feature Arab Money. A track that in my view has just been easily superceded by all 12 tracks from IBYN (and no, it's not because of the 'Arab' fiasco). But think about it. Besides the video, the mixtape is the best promotional tool available to todays MC. But I'm struggling to rememeber a time when any self respecting artists album was outshone by his pre-cursor. There are artists out there in the lower leagues wqho put a lot of effort into their mixtapes because they no that is it a means of gaining much needed publicity for themselves. But for someone in Bustas position that simply isn't necessary. For him to give away such quality product is a coup for us fans but what seems like a good idea may not turn out that way when BOMB hits the shelves/servers. I hope I'm wrong. I guess we'll find out on May 19th (18th UK time)….

p e a c e

Busta Rhymes – I Bullshit You Not

Eleven Momas sitting on the wall….

l_75c0d96f71704383b667644aa87ef5b5Look at the track list. Now do I still have to tell you how nice this is. Enjoy!

01. Won't Trade (Hedspin Edit) - Q-Tip
02. Good Life (Horny Horn Mix) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
03. Let's Talk About Sex (Super Crispy) - Salt 'N' Pepa
04. I Need Your Lovin' - Cover Girls
05. Starchild - Level 42
06. Weekend ft. Chris Wiltshire - Class Action
07. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - DCUP
08. Party Lights (Morsy Mix) - Gap Band
09. Dance Our Way - DJ Eleven
10. Walkin' on the Moon feat. Kanye West (UMYO Remix) - The Dream
11. When I Think Of You (Eleven Rough Turf Remix) - Janet Jackson
12. Kiss You Back - Digital Underground
13. Bust Your Windows (DJ Eleven Remix) - Jazmine Sullivan

14. Regulate feat Yahzarah - Camp Lo
15. Squeeze Me (A Skillz Remix) - Kraak & Smaak
16. Superstylin' - Groove Armada
17. Everyone Nose (Douster Remix) - N.E.R.D.
18. Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Kid Sister
19. Boyz - Dub & Run
20. Int'l Players Anthem (mOma dubfix) - UGK
21. Gangsta Party feat. Bun B & 8 Ball (edit) - Yo Gotti
22. Poppin' Tags feat Twista (edit) - Jay-Z
23. So Sexy feat R.Kelly - Twista
24. I'm Fine feat Young Buck - Colin Munroe
25. Punch Drunk Love feat Kanye West - Common

DJ Eleven & DJ Moma – Special Delivery 2

Who the F$@% is this, paging me at 5:46…


Stylahs light is gonna be shining like a lighthouse this year when his album drops. Looking at the tracklisting that includes, Immortal Technique & Sway don’t say I never told you. Until then check this mixtape out. That STYALZ FUEGO brother has got some catchy beats too. Enjoy!

Stylah – The Warning ZIP/RAR

I like it though

810 baltimore mc

New niceness from 810. Be sure to check the brothers album in the freeness column too. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

810 - U Won't Like This (Prod. By Mydus)

S.O.S (Save Our Summer)


Woeds by M. L. Rook: ‘At Nicolay Music, we have been longing for the arrival of summer. After all, who doesn't love the sunshine! To celebrate our favorite season, we will be providing you with the perfect soundtrack, all throughout the summer. While I can't give away too many spoilers yet, make sure you don't miss out on FREE downloads of new, unreleased or hard-to-find music, coming soon’... and here’s number 1


Right Click The Pic (or HERE) & away you go!!!

I would’ve posted it anyway bruv…


nofavours needed. Hey I’m off tonorrow & the day after. I now have somewhere wprthwhile to go!

Coolio was funny on CBB


I keep saying it & the man keepson proving me right. The new album is entitled Chasing Cool & is J’s best work to date. A where does he keep finding those beat mongers ??? Enjoy!

J. Nolan – Chasing Cool

edit: Carlito, Kev a Sureshot, BeetsofReen, Yung B Da Producer, Epic Instrumentals, Tim Bteats, Ben Styles, Code Halo, Mizzta Mizzo, Glass City Kid, De’vion & Blizz Cartel Big yaselves up!!!

Lost & Found


Custom Made – Somebody’s Hurtng



Sup peeps, been awhile. Anyway, I got this quality set of ditties in the mail the other day. Reaganomics is the name & features Torae, Skyzoo & Darien Brockington. With those endorsements thi link below should be heating up right!?!?! Enjoy!

MaG – Reagonomics

MaG’s Myspace

Use Your Imaginashun

I can think of many a DJ (and i'm sure we all can) who have lent their hand to production & should never do so again. Some of these 'DJs' have been at it for years but because they're surrounded by mindless yes men, they are never likely to give up the ghost. With the release of U Can't Lurn Imaginashun, DJ Vadim has propelled him self even further away from that catagory as you can get (baring in mund he was about a million miles away already. I could easily say that on this outing Vadim bends & moulds Hip Hop at will to craft a piece of work that in my eyes goes beyond speacial. But i'm not sure that the 1st part of that last sentence gives his work enough credit. We all consider him a Hip Hop beat man 1st & foremost but this is no 'mere' Hip Hop album. I'm not even going to list this longplayers many angles either. But if you know who Kathrin DeBoer (one of my fav vocalists of recent times), Snizza, Sabira Jade, Pugz Atoms, Yarah Bravo, La Methode &@ Kwasi Asante (amongst others) are, then you know this is a project that will take you places. Even with all this praise I still manage to find a little icky something somewhere. This time it's that fact that the superb instrumental tracks will be overlooked by most, with only DJ's who know a good something when they hear it making goos use of them. so far this year I only have 2 albums being in the same league. Yes I do think it's that good!

p e a c e

Culture Club

Progression... Be it beats or rhymes, any half decent MC/producer worth his salt has to show this in some way, shape or form through his or her career. Biggie said it best, 'I can't rhyme about strugglin' & hustlin' no more... i don't do that no more'. That mantra perfectly fits the underlying premise of The Delegates Of Cultures latesr offering ''Bad Guys''. Don't let the title fool you either, every aspect of this album oozes the P word. What originally gotthese guys atttention was the sheer grittiness of there sound. That core ethic is still a mainstay of what they are about but the execution has been fine tuned. The snares are snappier, the kicks are cleaner & the final mixes of the songs are taken to a superior level that they ever were before. The rhymes have more focus, the delivery is smoother & a range of issues are covered. These guys have clearly been honing there craft while they have been away. I took a decision a while ago to try & shy away from highlighting particular tracks from albums, so as not to discourage the appeal of an overall album. However, not to take away from this superb releases overal quality, i have to mention the genius that is 'C.R.E.A.M. 2009'. This is not simply a simple Wu remake. The relevance has been brought up to date then changed yet they keep the very same rhyme pattern of the original, genius. I have to admit (baring in mind I have always been a fan) I wasn't expecting the increased depth & maturity to go with the now expected fire delivery. The 'just right' blend offered up is something that too many of todays 'MC;s' need to pay attention to.

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