clear your mind

Ohhhhhhh! So this is what happens when you get one of the UK’s underrated clan and the Krate Krusaders crew (well at least one of them anyway) together in the studio. Over The Great Divide is a socio-political, yet spacey, take on life as we know it (with a few bragging rights thrown in), through the eyes of one of UK Hip Hop’s unsung heroes. Clarity reminds me a bit of Ghostface Killah. In that he puts his rhymes together with some out there phrases thrown into the mix. So there are times when you have to rewind and listen closely to decipher what it is he is conveying. But make no mistake, the method in his madness (ish) is most definitely there for anyone who listens properly to hear. As for Bad Habitz beats, your headphones maybe for Clarity’s rhymes but your stereo speaker were surely made for beats of this kind. I had to take my guinea pig (yes, guinea pig) into another room cause the rumbling b-line was driving him mad. Boom Bap is right with added emphasis on the boom. A very nice 2 pronged attack by Clarity with an album that is easily digested whether your in a mood for beats or lyrics. Superb stuff. Buy it now for £4.00 via Bandcamp or you can grab one of only 100 copies of the CD from the same place (thanks Darren).


!!… got you all in check

(chuckling to myself)…. folks drop mail all the time asking me to check out their music or vid. They know that myself and Mischief like to support unrecognised talent. But lets not confuse you guys, if we don’t like it we ain’t postin’ it! Just being an ‘up-and-coming MC or Beatsmith doesn’t give an automatic post. No i’m not up my own arse i’m just being honest. Most ‘real’ bloggers are the same. Luckily there is waaaay too much superb stuff for any of us to start disappearing anytime soon. The vid above is a perfect example of that. RoQ'y TyRaiD dropped me an ‘electronic’ line. I caught the superb vid and tune ‘Woosah’ and after the good people do the same, you can download his free album, ‘The New Millenium Man’ via the link below. Don’t Sleep!

Download: RoQ'y TyRaiD – The New Millenium Man

i need that… special Delivery

sway delivery 2

It’s here!! Sway is back with another ‘Delivery’. His ability to appeal to all without “selling out”, as they say, is superb. a definite keeper. Enjoy!

Download: Sway – The Delivery

you must learn


Black history month is here. I’m loving the fact that my princess is asking loads of questions about those who enabled her to live the way she does today. For all those that want to go deeper the list of sites below will help. Support, support!

Black History Month UK

Black History Month

Guardian|Black History Month

Black History UK

Hip Hop History

Black Football/Soccer History

Black Political History

Mary Seacole

adventures in Bandcamp #19: viva la… edition

Peep the taster just like I did, break ya neck to the track just like I did, download Revolutionary Rhythm’s ‘Just Listen’ mixtape and wonder to yourself why you haven’t had to pay for such great music, just like I did. Enjoy!

Blackz Thought

Hmmmm. Never heard of this guy, or this beatsmith before but there both nice so check it out.

teach the children


Young’n’s, get some edutainment. Dubbledge gives a modus operandi on slavery as only he can. Superb stuff. Be on the lookout for his mixtape 'Dubbledge vs The Boondocks', coming soon.

Download: The Making Of A Slave

Support: Save The Children

instant recognition

instance - Fly Ep - cover

Got this in the mail yesterday. Instance is a name i’d never heard of before yet he already has one album under his belt. This EP is the precursor to the second album due soon. Enjoy

Download: Instance – Fly EP

Blacc Koy found


I’m sure the regulars out there were feeling Koyto’s Forth & Back series (2 deep so far) to date. If you haven’t checked for those yet click his tag. But before you do, you should peep these remixes first. The Spanish beatsmith continues to do it very well indeed. Enjoy!









adventures in Bandcamp #18: forceful Souls edition

1306173017-1 Clear Soul Forces _ Departure EP (2010)









Clear Soul Forces have 2 superb releases available. First out is Clear Soul Radio which was actually put out back in February (I guess quite a few of the blogger brethren overlooked that one). Then the new EP, Departure. Damn these guys have a great ear for beats! and yes they can spit too. Enjoy!

Clear Soul Forces – Departure EP

Clear Soul Forces – Clear Soul Radio

another Soul-ful Pete


Soulpete is another talented beatsmith from the vintage beats stable (they’ve got quite a gathering over there). If you like your Boom Bap this guy should be on your radar. I’ve grabbed a load of top qulaity remixes for the good people to enjoy. So… enjoy!

Soulpete – Remixes: Volume 1

ELEBScrew – Joint Dia Osiedli (Soulpete Remix)


adjustable Spana #1b



So…. a few minutes of diggin’ later I have come up with these little gems. The first track is from a Roux (piano) collabo with Temzki Tema (on the mic), Mario Pras (bass guitar) & Œwiêty Miko³aj on the drums. Sounds reeeeeal nice too. The second track is a track from MArdi Gras’ Podaj Delaj album. Roux on the boards (on some tracks i'm guessing) with Temzki & Exo. the album, regardless of my lack of understanding of the Polish language, is superb. Don’t sleep peepz.

Vibe Quartet – Ms. Fat Booty 3
Mardi Gras - Nie_Zasypiaj

adjustable Spana #1a

Roux Spana  _  1nce Again [The Remixes](2009)

I’m real late on this guy people. But for those that still aren’t aware, Roux Spana is going to be a veeeery busy man. His 1nce Again remix album is a collection of some of the best beats i’ve heard for quite a while. His discography goes back to 2003/4. I’ve got some (electronic) crate diggin’ to do for sure. i’m loving this guys sound. Do not let this guy’s music pass you buy.

Roux Spana - 1nce Again: The Remixes

New Blueprint

<a href="">Blueprint Who (Free Version) by BLUEPRINT</a>

Heres a good idea, similar to what Radiohead did with "In Rainbows" you type in the amount of money you wish to pay and there is no minimum. Plus the EP is kinda dope. Some of blueprints best beats yet. CANTSTOP!

Opus - The Save Me Gallery

<a href="">THE SAVE ME GALLERY - DJ by the OPUS</a>

The Music Speaks for itself. This is bonafide dope. Cantstop.....

adventures in bandcamp #17: the study hard edition


That’s the beauty of Bandcamp. You discover one new album, then you look down the right side of the page and discover 4 or 5 more. Sean E. Depp has just put out a real nice free street album called Catharsis. But since he is a part of The Understudies crew, there are many more goodies too. Enjoy!

Download: Sean E Depp - Catharsis

viva la Ghettolucion!!!


Mark Anthony’s Ghettolutionary came at me pretty much out of leftfield but is well worth a listen, especially as you can name your price for the album (no minimum). Check it out.

Download: Mark Anthony - Ghettolutionary

aaaaahh, Precisely

I’m really diggin’ this track. so i’m ordering the album. plenty of nice folks joining him on there too. Dubbledege, Skrein, King Kaiow & Ed Strong. peep the vid. Plus i’m loving the album title too (shallow i know).

Buy: A Hip Hop Head In A Brit Pop World

where others fear to Tread


Buy: Stylah – Treading Water