podcast #1

STWP#1 cover

Just a Little something i decided to start putting together. A tracklist with links to the artists download/music/website/blog is below. Enjoy!

Podcast #1

1. Intro
2. Stylah - Girl Is Mine feat. Tony D   [LINK]
3. Stig Of The Dump - U Want Some   [BUY]
4. Kev Turner - The Breaks   [GRAB]
5. Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates   [LINK]
6. Batsause - A Lady In Summerfeat. Dillon   [GRAB]
7. Loudmouth Melvin - Total Package   [GRAB]
8. Jyager - 24/7   [GRAB]
9. Brandon - I'm In Love feat. M.E.R.C & Trumaine Lemar   [GRAB]
10. J. Nolan - Inner City Beauty   [GRAB]
11. Real Talk & Authentik Made - Episode 2: The Bandwagon   [GRAB]
12. Prose feat. Ed Strong & King Kaiow of The IRS   [GRAB]
13. Tom Johnz – Henny   [GRAB]
14. Terrence Franklin - A League Of Their Own feat. Nine30   [GRAB]
15. Ramson Badbonez - Let Ya Self Go   [BUY]
16. Funky DL - Rhymin' 76 feat. Dukus Alemay & DJ Stixx   [LINK]
17. The Lyricists - Come On   [GRAB]
18. Mystro - Around My Way   [BUY]
19. Deluusionists - Super Lyrical Excursion Pt. 2 (Figment Remix)   [GRAB]
20. Benjamin Diggins - Fiended Up feat. Foreign Beggars & Simon Amon [BUY]
21. The Natural Movement - We Are F...   [GRAB]
22. Outro

adventures in Bandcamp #16: Doors edition


Figment takes on some UK Hip Hop niceness and gives them The Doors sample treatment. The outcome is very good indeed. definitely worth checking out.

Download: Figment – Love H.E.R Madly

a definitive Example

51Wa6U OxdL._SS500_

You have probably noticed that lengthy reviews have al but disappeared on the blogs. There are only so many times i can think of different ways of saying the same things… over ….and over…. and over again. I have however, continued to shed light on all the good music I discover on my electronic travels. And so it is Funky DL who, once again, shows the good people how top quality JazzHop is put together. I can’t believe it has taken me until now to give this album a full front to back listen. Superb stuff. check out his Hip Hop hero tribute, ‘My 20’ as a taster. Do Not Sleep peepz!

Funky DL – My 20

adventures in Bandcamp #15


Discovered a few Tom Johnz stuff. And once I saw Best Kept Secret’s moniker on the beat credits i had to grab these. I’m now waiting in anticipation for Kickz Kush N Coogi. Coming soon (i hope)

Henny/Do What I Must/Don’t Leave Me

still standing

My man Scuba Steve is back with the second podcast of his Standup Worldwide series. Von Pea, The IRS, SAS, Black Milk, Mohammed Yahya & Bodega MAn are amongst those that can be found on the project. Enjoy!

jammy b@$?£#d


Jam Baxter first tweaked my eardrums with his now hood rich ‘Champion Fraff’ (if you don’t know, get familiar). Now the double CD laden and superbly titled ‘Rinse Out Friday/Spack Out Monday’ is being readied to hit the streets. I’ve been spinning it for a couple of weeks now and it is inventive, entertaining stuff. Until you too can partake and enjoy, you can grab a track off of the ‘Spack Out Monday’ disc. ‘Banana Shaped Armour Plates’ (another superb title) should wet the appetite. Enjoy!

Download: Banana Shaped Armour Plates

no assumptions please

The full vid is coming soom. Kep ‘em peeled

Mally Geeee

MALICIOUS%20MUSIC%20JOKERPOSTER Deep cover, and an ill track too. I wanns hear some more from this guy for sure.

Download: Malicious Music

i am not a number…


Time for number 4…

Loudmouth Melvin – E.P. 4

thieves in the night

These 2 are readying an album. If this track is a benchmark it should be a good one. Partake!

Download the track for free… HERE

Diggin’ in the crates



Cover Art

The Natural Born Spitter is back with his latest project, ‘Digmund Freud’. To keep it simple, the only thing that pissed me off about this one is that it’s only 8 tracks deep. But what an 8 tracks they are. Mystro’s done it again. Oh, and I looove the clip. UK stand up!!!

Buy: Mystro – Digmund Freud EP

Barca or Real this season?


Spanish beatsmith Koyto is back with the 2nd instalment of his Forth and Back series. An international motley crew of gifted MC’s on this one too. Phil Da Agony, Kohndo & 1773 are among those along for the ride. Peep the taster vidz below and enjoy. I’ve also included a link to Volume 1. Enjoy!








Download: Koyto – Forth & Back Vol. 2

Koyto – Forth & Back Vol. 1

adventures in Bandcamp #13: Detayls Detayls

895903127-1Detayl is the man behind the beats for the subject of my last post. The cover art above is for his instrumental EP. Plus he has a few indie remixes under his belt. Biggie, Common, Slum Village, Little Brother, Les Nubiens & Groove Theory are among those got treated. Grab both and enjoy!

Detayl – From The Loops… To The Breaks

Detayl – Detayled Remixes

adventures in Bandcamp #12: Turn it out edition


All those peepz who agonise over the lack of ‘Golden Age’ memory invoking albums, or anyone who just longs for straight up, no gimmicks, quality Hip Hop, DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM NOW. Kev has the same menacing persona that Freddie Foxx has on the mic and Detayl’s Boom Bap schooling has served him very well indeed. This will definitely be on my annual favourites list. And at the very reasonable price of £/$0.00 you have no excuses. Do not sleep on this one. Enjoy!

Kev Turner - Soul City Music (beats by Detayl)

all Prose, no cons

In case you didn’t catch my previous post on these guys, peep it HERE. Then check for this new track. Taken from their soon to be aired album ‘Force Of Habit’, Run For The Hills features both King Kaiow & Ed Strong of The IRS. Definite niceness.

and he stays ‘Black as Black’


An absolutely superb mixtape by Poetic Republic. I’ve had this on regular rotation for a few days now. Awesome stuff. Do not sleep.

Download: The Blackest Man Alive