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Q-Tip - Gettin' Up from Q-Tip on Vimeo.

Mixtape Mr.?

Got this earlier in the mail from MM's people. nice mixtape. All Danish production & since i have relatives in that part of the world i may be a little biased. But it is nice & it's free so, enjoy. And don't forget to say thanks.

Mr. Malchau - 2 Crack 4 Radio

Mr. Malchau's Myspace Page

And after aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall....

The reasons why this was put together are obvious, what with Jay's reluctance to let one of the brothers Gallagher's throwaway comment slide. 2dopeboyz have posted Cookin' Souls version of Jay's AG. It's a superb take on the original using samples of some Oasis favourites.


....Amd Some More...

The next 3 installments for the good people
01 K-Murdock- Pheonix
02 Guru Feat. Doo Wop- Who Got It On Lock
03 Buckshot & 9th Wonder- Go All Out
04 Big Noyd Feat. Kira- Things Done Changed
05 Akrobatik Feat. Little Brother- Be Prepared
06 Guilty Simpson Feat. Black Milk & Sean P- Run
07 Finale- Can't You See
08 Kool G Rap- On The Rise Again
09 Born Talent Feat. Torae & Rise- Deep With The Lyrical
10 East Feat. Outbrst & Silent Knight- Game Time
11 Fabolous- Fall Back
12 Consequence- Q.U.E. Another E.N.S
13 Kenn Starr, Hassan Mackey & Silent Knight- Let It Be Known
14 Chapter 13- Whatever It Takes
15 Reef The Lost Cauze & Skyzoo- Class Is In Session
16 Buff1- So Fly
17 Finale Feat. Supastition- The Bigger Picture
18 Guru Feat. Common- State Of Clarity (Remix)
19 Edgar Allen Floe- Livelyhood (Remix)
20 Y Society- Rather Unique 2
21 Jean Grae & 9th Wonder- Love Thirst
22 9th Wonder Feat. Styles P & Tyler Woods- If You Only Knew

Nueve - Hip Hop Vol. 4

01 Kixnare- Ebony
02 Torae- Callin Me
03 Styles P Feat. AZ- The Hardest
04 Big Shug- Play It
05 Supastition- Word Has It
06 Special Teamz- One Call
07 EMC- What It Stand For
08 Bishop Lamont & Black Milk Feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi- Go At It
09 Buff 1 Feat. Invincible & Guilty Simpson- Supreme
10 Evidence Feat. Phonte- Let Yourself Go (Remix)
11 Cormega Feat. Little Brother- The Rap Game
12 Statik Selektah Feat.Termanology, Talib Kweli & Consequence- Express Yourself 08
13 Skyzoo & Torae- Get It Done
14 Large Professor- The Radar (Remix)
15 Big Shug- Walk Away
16 Magestik Legend- Chosen Ones
17 NYGZ- Ya Dayz R 'd
18 9th Wonder Feat. Little Brother- No Time To Chill
19 9th Wonder Feat. Saigon & Joe Scudda- Saved
20 Dela Feat. Large Professor- Cheer
21 Theory Hazit- I Just Wanna Go Home
22 Eternia Feat. Torae & Ms. Davis- Nowhere No More
23 9th Wonder Feat. The Embassy & Torae- Merchant Of Dreams
24 Special Teamz- Main Event
25 Skyzoo & Torae- Click
26 Statik Selektah Feat. Styles P, Termanology & Q-Tip- Stop, Look, Listen
27 Dela Feat. Apani B- Let Me Know
28 Aloe Blacc- Take Your Time
29 One Be Lo- Gray
30 Buff 1- For U
31 Dminor & Phonte- All Right With Me
32 Tanya Morgan- Cuddle Bums
33 Torae- Promises
34 Statik Selektah Feat. Cormega & Royce 5'9- Back Against The Wall
35 AZ Feat. Little Brother- Rise & Fall
36 Elzhi- Fire
37 J-Live- Red Light, Green Light
38 Big Shug Feat. Royce 5'9, Termanology & Singapore Kane- Play It (Remix)
39 Chaundon Feat. Skyzoo & Torae- 3 Kings
40 The Problematics Feat. Masta Ace- Hurting
41 Statik Selektah Feat. Jon Hope, Reks & Skyzoo- Talk To Me
42 Little Brother Feat. Carlitta Durand- Time Of Your Life

Nueve - Hip Hop Vol. 5

01 Oddisee- Shadows
02 Fat Ray & Black Milk Feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi- Get Focus
03 Pete Rock Feat. Little Brother & Joe Scudda- Bring Yall Back
04 Busta Rhymes- Its Over
05 Focus Feat. Little Brother- Back When
06 Chaundon Feat. Darien Brockington- Don't Take It Personal
07 Torae- Crash
08 Nicolay & Kay- Keep It Live
09 The Roots- Get Busy
10 Fat Joe- That White
11 Common- The Light 08
12 Pete Rock Feat. Chip Fu- Ready Fe War
13 Chaundon- HPNY
14 AZ- Fire
15 Torae- (Hidden Track From Daily Conversation)
16 Royal Flush- Questions
17 A+R (Analogic & Rashid Hadee)- Explode
18 EMC Feat. Little Brother- Traffic
19 Cy Young- Better
20 Nametag- Red Alert
21 Pete Rock Feat. Lords Of The Underground- The Best Secret
22 Torae- Switch
23 Nicolay & Kay- As The Wheel Turns

Nueve - Hip Hop Vol. 6

....& Mix It Up Some More

My man came through with the links for his other 13 mixes (Big Ups Brett) So here we go. I'm only gonna post the 1st three for today as i don't wanna get too carried away. Plus i'm a lazy so & so to boot. Enjoy! & don't forget to give the guy some props on his myspace.
01 Kixnare- Bluestrain
02 Talib Kweli Feat. Jean Grae & Ne-Yo- Hot Thing Remix
03 Little Brother- Next Day
04 Scarface- Girl You Know
05 Outkast- Art Of Storytelling Pt. 4
06 Black Milk & Nametag- Go Hard
07 Murs- Better Than The Best
08 Little Brother- System
09 Jean Grae- My Angel Is You
10 Emanon Feat. CL Smooth- More Than You Know
11 Insight Feat. Ed OG- Heart
12 Buff 1- Focus
13 Royce 5'9, Elzhi & Supastition- Best To Do It (Remix)
14 Reef The Lost Cauze- Live As It Gets
15 Kaimbr- Closed Court
16 Kaze- The Stereotype Remix
17 Phonte,K-Hill,Masta Ace & Wordsworth- Ladder Of Success
18 Nicolay & Kay- What We Live
19 Little Brother- The Getaway
20 Apathy- Winter (Remix)
21 Wu-Tang- Life Changes (ODB Tribute)

Nueve - Hip Hop vol. 1
01 Statik Selektah- Intro
02 Cunninlynguists- Valley Of Death
03 Saigon & Memphis Bleek- Ryders
04 Hi-Tek Feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Dion- My Piano
05 Jay Z- Dead Presidents 3
06 Wu-Tang Clan- Take It Back
07 Busta Rhymes & Dilla- Takin Whats Mine
08 Murs- Babylon Fall
09 Blu- Mars (Remix)
10 Silent Knight, Kaze & East- Love You More
11 Hezekiah- Keep It Movin
12 J-Live- I Say Peace
13 Now On Feat. Aloe Blacc- I'm Sayin (Remix)
14 Ghostface Killah Feat. Method Man & Raekwon- Yolanda's House
15 L.E.G.A.C.Y. Feat. Sean Boog & Edgar Allen Floe- Fear
16 Torae & Mela Machinko- Just Chill
17 Kaze- Dynasty
18 Copywrite Feat. Skyzoo & Pacewon- From The Inside Out
19 Cormega Feat. Az & Nature- Who Am I Exclusive
20 Wu-Tang Clan- Windmill
21 Styles P Feat. Jadakiss & Sheek Louch- Gangster, Gangster
22 Saigon- Saigon Meets Just Blaze
23 Swann Notty- On The Move
24 Large Professor- Cheer (Nomak Remix)

Nueve - Hip Hop Vol. 2
01 Kixnare- War Zone
02 Lupe Fiasco- Paris, Tokyo
03 Kaimbr- Shotgun
04 Percee P- No Time For Jokes (Feat. Chali 2na) (Madlib Remix)
05 Ghostface Killah- Supa GFK
06 Masta Ace & Wordsworth- Imma Make It
07 Silent Knight, Oddisee, Raks One, Kaze- The Gathering
08 One Be Lo- Born And Raised
09 Hi Tek Feat. Talib Kweli & Dion- Time
10 Finale Feat. Invincible & Elzhi- Eye of the Beholder
11 Hassan Mackey Feat. Raks One- Stand Up (Get Up)
12 Silent Knight- This Is It (Remix)
13 Rashid Hadee- Six To Seven
14 Edgar Allen Floe- Off & On
15 Percee P- The Woman Behind Me (Madlib Remix)
16 Kaze- We Want It All
17 One Be Lo- House Rules
18 AC Feat. Skyzoo- The Healing
19 Bishop Lamont Feat. Prime & Indef- First They Love You
20 Fresh Daily Feat. Supastition & Outbrst- Next In Line
21 Joe Scudda Feat. Big Pooh & Chaundon- Plastic Cups

Nueve - Hip Hop Vol. 3

Mix it Up Mix It Up!!!

Got this in the (E)mail today. I dare you to take a look at this track list & tell me that this mix isn't nice. Plus its volume 14, so there must be 13 others. i'll se if i can get links for all of them & post them for the good people. Enjoy!
01 Freddie Joachim- Sauced
02 Buff1- There's Only One
03 Nas- What It Is
04 DJ Revolution Feat. KRS-One- The DJ
05 Elzhi Feat. Ayah- The Leak
06 GZA- 7 Pounds
07 DJ KO Feat. Torae, John Robinson, Talib Kweli & Tiffany Paige- Someday
08 Large Pro Feat. Killa Sha & Guardian- Maica Living
09 Jozeemo & Kaze- Where Yall At
10 NYGZ Feat. Nick Javas & Black Poet- Legendary Pt. 2
11 King Syze Feat. Vinnie Paz & Apathy- And Now
12 The Loyalists- Loyal Theory
13 Blu- High Music
14 Kay- I'm On A Run
15 Rhymefest- Bring It Back
16 S1 Feat. Skyzoo, Supastition & Dow Jones- Upper Echelon
17 Dumhi Feat. Kay- Go Left
18 Supastition- Wrong
19 Rashid Hadee- Get Mine
20 Murs & 9th Wonder- Free
21 S1 Feat. Inspectah Deck & Blu- Supafly

Thursday Throwback

We all cant be pimps and we all cant rap.

Lightening Bolt

What a ridiculously gifted talent this guy is. And before anyone asks, i do not for one second believe that Usain Bolt is in any way artificially enhanced. That 200m meter run was almost as unbelievable as it was mesmerising. After his showboaty (?) antics in the 100m, i reckon his coach among other people, made him realise just how close he is to greatness. Michael Johnsons 200m record is arguably the greatest world record in track & field. For Usain to beat it the way he did was phenomenal & there is an obvious case for it not being broken again by anyone other thatBolt himself. When he does hang up his gold Pumas (he is still only 21) I would bet that no one else will beat it again for another 20 to 30 years. Michael Johnson had a unique running style & knew how to maximise it. Usain is a 6' 5'' powerhouse who has a great coach who through years of training has engrained a coheision in his running. To get that kind of leg speed from that long a stride has to be a one in 20 million, let alone 1 million. My favourite moment from the Olympics so far was Bolt's 200m semi-final run. Shawn Crawford (200m champion from the last olympics) was running flat out to qualify. Bolt was jogging alongside him while looking Crawford in the face. I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter.

On a downer Heptathlon silver medalist Lumila Blonska has tested positive for banned substances for the second time. She has the cheek to smile & jump for joy while collecting her medal knowing full well what she was doing to get there. Although sometimes you can never be sure, it was a bit of a gieaway when after the final Heptathlon event, She was celebrating by herself while everyone else was busy giving eachother hugs & high fives.

I only hope that the greatest sporting spectacle onearth is remembered for the Bolt's of this world & not for the Blonska's.

p e a c e

Something New

My email was rather loaded today. I had some great news for this blogs future (more to come in a few weeks) & lots of freebies. The Mixtape About Something...She Thinks, is one such example of top quality freeness. I actually got some of Ra's other bits too so i might as well provide some links for some of that lot too. For any skeptics out nthere Mick Boogie doesn't associate his name with just anybody so seeing it here should encourage you to click the link.

Ra The MC - The Mixtape About Something

Ra The MC - Not Incredible (Single Version)

Ra The MC - What Else Freestyle

Ra The MC - Halftime Remix

My Negligence Will Never Pay Off

Before we got cats runnin up on me with baseball bats heres some freshness to stop an auditory mind relapse. (I got the freshness) I would like to give nofrillz an E-Hug, well done you made this blog. MAD fuckin props mate. When I get more stuff to post, I will be posting alot more. And as I start to accumulate some more stuff thats of interest, I shall also post that. But for now, here is some J Dilla/MF Doom/Ghostface thingy that I found, sorry I dont have any more info on this, although I have heard that the Ghostface/Doom LP has been shelved....


The smart moneys on being saved

You Shoud've done checked for the 2 albums above by now. But since the 2 chief creators of said albums are about 2 release a collabo project, The A Loop Theory, real soon (can't wait) , i have been given this nice little number to tide y'all over (nice 1 Nigel). BEEFY!!!.

Asaviour & DJ IQ - Beefy


Until those 'people' at tiscali sort out my damn telephone line i will be back on track with some more freeness. i'm posting this from work by the way.

Breathe Damn It !!!

Time for some more freeness. Anyone worth their weight as a Jazzy Rap fan should already have the albums above (or at least 1 of them). If not go find a copy. Well, since they are gearing up for the release of the next album, Ragz & Mudd, eerr Ragz & Mudd are giving away this nice bit of freeness. An instrumantal EP inspired by a studio beat session. Enjoy!

Jazz Addixx - The Intermission EP

(Legendary).... YOU DAMN RIGHT!!!

This Should Be Enough


Don't know... well Find out people

My Man Heaps over at Musical Schizophrenia & the rest of the peepz have finally put out the 1st issue (Zero) of the magazine. The Find is free, downloadable & it's nice (i've got a review in there too) so hit the link, check it out & spread the word.

THE FIND Issue Zero (mediafire)

THE FIND Issue Zero (rapidshare)

Correct I-Dee Only

Love the track, love the clip too. Very Much looking forward to the album. August 26th.

DJ I-Dee - The Right ft. Jean Grae & Wreckognize