Too many cooks spoil the broth (this one's nice though)

I've been checking for these guys for a few years & now the musical chefs are back with the 3rd intallment of their remix series. This go round they've re-jigged tracks by The Game, Clipse, Biggie, CL Smooth, Jay Z, Steve Spacek, Scarface & more. It's nice & it's free so don't sleep now. Plus they've got plenty more freeness on their myspace including Their version of Jay's American Gangster & a remix of AZ's AWOL album. Give em some props & enjoy!

Big Ups to ICE-T

Ice-T schools Soulja Boy

2Fly for some, but not for others

UFP (MC)& Squid (Beat Man) are 2Fly Shirpas. As usual you would expect the media powers that be to big up their charges. But this is definately worthy of a lot more attention & it's a freebie too. A lot of head nods & rhymes with a message. Don't be afraid to give big ups on their myspace either peepz.

Cannon Fodder. Anyone remember that game?

Live instrumentation is the way of the walk. A few posts back i reviewed The ArtOfficial album, Fist Fights & Foot Races. I eulogised then about the wonders of what The Roots used to do best (that's right). Kaboom is a slightly rockier outing than Fists Fights & the varied tempo of the album keeps things interesting. There are droplets of harmonies & spoken word in here too from MC Eze Jackson (nice name). He & the other 4 members of the group create great soundscapes for Eze to ride on. As for my personal standouts on this one. The smooth Jazz Rock stylings of Dilapidated Buildings & the multi guitar driven Soul Slammin', are my favs. But a special mention has to go to Get Serious & the Lit fuse that is Phrases. Definately money well spent. Peep the taster then give em a heads up on their myspace

p e a c e

Meta Beatdown!!!

I'm a big fan of Metabeats.... errrr.... beats. And his boyz dem can spit too. His album Metaphysical, is real nice so go grab that. Check the vidz.

And by way of an album taster (yum & yum)