not exactly jim carrey is he

I'm sure i am not gonna be the only one who finds this a somewhat disturbing clip but it does also resonate with how many people out there with regards to the feelings they have about the lives they are currently living. Lee Scott does his off kilter thing as well as ever & Illinformed as now a very big man in the UK scene and rightly so. He has taken it a little leftfield this time though. The album, Stupid Poignant Sh!t, is available now. Enjoy!

BUY: Lee Scott & Illinformed - Stupit Poignant Sh!t

no ladies of a certain age bracket, i don't mean that macca

Broken Culture is a website that like us, is dedicated to bringing great untapped music to a wider audience & Macca's The Great Escape is their first release. The 20 track mixtape is free but show some support as it is quality product. Enjoy!

Macca - The Great Escape

Broken Culture site

the remains of the day

Verb T is back with his entirely self produced album, I Remain. Partner in crime Kashmere, Fliptrix & Genesis Elijah make up the only features on an album that seemed to be somewhat of a labour of love for the man. Peep the clip. Album snippits & link after the break. Enjoy!

Stop what you're doing and....

Take a damn trip, just take 
Herrotics deliver a package full of delightful goodness. Dark, hard, deep and simply dope.

marvin, marvin, you were a friend of miiiiine

Liverpool born MC Mico's debut sees yet another wordsmith going at it over some Marvin Gaye samples.... or is it? I must say that Mico's decision not to mess with the great mans original work is a thing of beauty. Yet he hasn't merely picked the most well known samples and tried to win a popularity contest. Sure there are some tried and tested hits but there are also a few that aren't immediately recognizable. Plus its freeness so no excuses people. Enjoy!

Forever Less

Forever Less is a collection of music that is sure to make your head nod with plenty of boom and stacks of bap. Simply delicious.