my cup of T


How the hell did i not know that this album existed until now. Spaar zoot is my favourite piece of Verb T inspired wirk thus far. And only £2.00 (thats right) via Bandcamp so there is no excuse. Check it out!

Download: Verb-T’s Spaar Zoot

chupa chups

I’m really feeling this tune. ‘What Willo’s On!?!’ coming soon. ‘The Lollipop Ladies Favourite’ is available now on itunes, Amazon and other download type places.

Trix of the mind


New Blaktrix for y’all. The Houdini Footprints. Its nice and it’s free so get familiar.

Blaktrix – The Houdini Footprints



I love a discovery. Tommy Illfiggga & DJ Butcher are one seriously gifted pair. Remember when you heard that first banger all those years ago? And remember a few years later when you wondered by beats just didn’t sound the same? Well, these guys are doing their damnedest to render the second question irrelevant. A stellar list of North American, UK & Oz MC’s spit some sweet vemon (if such a thing exists) over the Creep’s awesome work. ‘It’s About That Time’ is available on iTunes. Don’t Sleep!. Peep The Sampler.

Creeps’ Myspace

Spice it up Jon

jon con jung cover

The on point, yet happy go lucky rhyme style & superb production on this album/EP have left me with two questions. Why is this release so damned short and does this mean that we can expect more from Jonski & Danny Spice (beats) in the near future? Peep the tasters. Enjoy!

JonskiHall Of Mirrors

JonskiPoorly Rich

Grit & determination

I like this tuuuuuune!!!

Reconstructive surgery

recon coverI got this in the mail today - “So before you discard this email, all I ask is if you please give my music an honest listen”. Listened to and duly posted. Big yourself up for a real nice piece of work. Peeps it’s free, it’s nice and the lady can spit. Enjoy!

Download: Ensilence – The Reconstruction EP

paper round


1. Intro (prod Endemic)
2. Praying mantis
3. Millennium ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod Beat Butcha)
4. Bloodhounds ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
5. The hammered bracelet ft Melanin 9
6. 1000 daggers (prod Diplimat)
7. Robin hood theory freestyle (prod Endemic)
8. Captivity’s tear
9. Lion’s den (prod Jon Phonics)
10. Feathers of Tahiti ft Melanin 9
11. Redemption
12. 7 plagues (prod Blastah beats)
13. Politikin remix feat crown nectar & melanin 9 [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
14. Hood Novelists ft Melanin 9 & Njeri Earth
15. Hell’s Gate ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness]

Hell yeah!!! This is the ish that i’ve been waiting for…

The Isis Papers: Download

Buy a hardcopy

powerful impak

Chima Anya – Power

New Day is available now HERE

and grab the free mixtape HERE

cherished beliefs


Damn I can’t even remember how i came by these. They are taken from Masikah’s Iconoclast Mixtape (which is winging it’s way to my door as we speak). From listening to these tracks Mas has continued in the same vein as his cohorts, whicj can only be a good thing obviously. Enjoy!

Masikah – Iconoclast selection

(i bought mine fom here)

grissom, the virus, marner…


This is one that I am very much looking forward to.

July 12th

Cyrus Malachi - Hell's Gate Ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar

courtesy of Hyp3Dog

let’s make a Trade

trading stan remix  

M-Phazes, Jon Phonics, Kelakovski (twice), Wizard, Lotek, Sivey, Kosyne, Shears, 184…. These are the beatsmiths that Sonnyjim has assembled to form 10 tracks. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more consistent collection of 10 beats this year. and all for only £4.99 (plus P&P). Peep the snippets.

Running Late (Kosyne Remix)/On All Cylinders (Jon Phonics Remix) snippet