soundwave was my favourite transformer?


Uplifting. That’s the one word i would use to describe this under the radar release from the combination of Mohammed Yahya and Songstress Sarina Leah. Although billed as a fusion of Hip Hop  and African rhythm, its the Hip Hop takes centre stage. The African backdrop is definitely evident but takes a back seat for most of the proceedings. The constant positivity given translated by both artists is also to be commended. These guys spend the majority of their time saying what should be happening as oppose to what shouldn’t be. A great departure from the norm. Peep the evidence and support!

Buy: Native Son – Indigenous Soundwaves

yeeees blood… whaaa gwaan bredren


With a name like Joker Starr, one would be forgiven for thinking that this Slough born and bred MC's signature flow was a forgone conclusion. In many ways it is but his charisma and delivery will coax you into overlooking the deeper thoughts some of Joker's songs betray. It is those thoughts, alongside production that also enters darker realms at times (Jokers tone has a habit of lifting those songs out of there darker depths), that makes Blood-ren both an entertaining and intriguing listen at the same time. With Apa-Tight handling the vast majority of forging the soundscapes, and Jehst also lending his beat skills, Blood-Ren is a very well executed debut.

Buy Joker Starr’s Blood-Ren

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Year Of The Kos

Year Of The Kos was a Mix knocked up by Kosyne which chronicled his production, features and remixes that surfaced in 2011 originally hosted on the stream only Mixcloud service; Kos has now setup a bandcamp page where it's up for free download!

huey lewis? scott parker? parker lewis?….

Probably our finest export (and my favourite) Lewis Parker is back with the second release from his upcoming album. Sadat X & Shabaam Saadeeq join him on ‘Walking on a Razor’. Maaaaan I love this mans samples! Bloody Brilliant! peep the bonus clip after the break. Enjoy”

light the fuse


And its another cheap as chips release from Verb T. This time JJ Malone provides the all too short but neck snapping collection of beats, while VT is joined by Sonnyjim & Joker Starr. It’s only £3.00 so get involved. Enjoy!

Verb T – More Dynamite



The mixtape has arrived. The artists formerly known as Iron Braydz has hand picked some well known niceness and some original beats for Holla@Braydz. Who can ignore free music? Enjoy!


adventures in bandcamp: boney elbows edition


Never heard of the guy, never heard any of his stuff. But while searching for something completely different, this is what i found. Only 3 tracks deep but real nice all the same. Enjoy!

Matt Schwartz – Skeletons EP

Mr. Wrong - Bi-Polar Jazz Funk (Nick Cannon Remix)

Blah just keep doing it, unlimited for the skies. Cant stop wont stop. Fanatics kid. Peace.


Another ingenious original cut from the two and only.

larger than life


Dr. Syntax is back with ‘Still At Large’. This is one neck snapping mixtape peeps. reeeeewiiiiiiiiiind!!! Enjoy!

Dr. Syntax – Still At Large

single track download

twice re(moved)

I recently said of another new release that I like to see folks straying from the norm. Dizraeli & beatsmith Tom Caruana have teamed up for the White Man [Moves] (there is an explanation for the title below]. My only gripe is the album is too damn short. Enjoy & Support!

White Man (Moves)

‘Being a white Western male abroad, you travel trailing centuries of history behind you. You are always White Man - you can't escape that’ – Dizraeli

pursuing a life of rhyme

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Real thoughts put over a beat. Its not a difficult concept to grasp now is it? So why then do so many of todays ‘MCs’ fail to grasp the concept? Huey Newton (education) gets the gist & the proof is in this here EP. Enjoy!
The Huey Newton EP

adventures in bandcamp: cosmic roses edition


I will simply say WOW!!! Name your (decent) price and Enjoy!

D. Rose & DJ Cozmos – The Daily Journal

adventures in bandcamp: cape fear edition


I stopped my regular bandcamp raids a few months ago. Not on purpose, it was just one of those things. For some reason today I decided to get back in to the swing of it. I am reaping some very, very nice rewards for my troubles. Kourvioisier hails from the same outpost as Little Brother and that signature sound is there for all to hear. 10 tracks deep and super nice. Enjoy!

Kourvioisier – The Fear Of Progress 

adventures in bandcamp: nighttime vultures edition


Hey i ain’t afraid to say it (purpose spelt bad prose and all), i’d never heard of these guys until #i came across this while on yet another bandcamp run.But it is a damn nice (FREE) album. Enjoy!

Queens… Revisited