mys is the man!


The vet that is Mystro has been somwhat below the radar since the awesome 2010 UK Rap Up. Little did I know that he has a website and the 2011 Rap Up is available! WTF have I been doing??? Plus he has an awesome new EP he is giving away (titled in the pic). have at them peeps. Clip after the break. Enjoy!

Mystro – What Type Of Drug Is Mystrogen?


Reminds me of Brother Ali slightly. This guys is dope. One hell of a beat too.

Peoples Logic

Raw beats? Check. Nice flows? Check. Originality? Check. Good music? Check.

in the african sun


Ta Bomba! This man is a demon. He should be every MC’s favourite MC by now. 2 new tracks and both of them are superb. To be honest the African Honeymoon track is the stuff of legend as far as i’m concerned. Get involved!

Sonnyjim – African Honeymoon / Eatin’ Like A King

The Book Thieves

In spite of everything... we all seem to be lost in these hazy days of counterfeit raps, non sensical rhymes and beats that fail to hold the attention like a 5 year old with ADHD.
All the beats that are provided by 4 different beatsmiths certainly hold the attention with Fredo given the lions share of the production with 3 tracks on this extended player and all certainly provide ample backdrops with lovely chopped up samples, perfectly suited to the mc's flows along with drums that pop.

my 3rd great listen of 2012


This French duo have been making a few waves among those in the know with their Funky brand of Golden Era ish Boom Bsp ensembles. The cast list is full of heavyweights but none of them (in my opinion) out do the beats. Awesome Stuff. Peep the clips for evidence!

shut it down


These Boom Bap Professionals are non-stop. The Dark Side Of The Boom was only released the other day yet here they are with a side project featuring Steady Rock with Oliver sudden. The Shutdown EP is typical of the stables signature. sample chops, weighty kicks and snares and the Hip Hop homage paying vocals (amongst other topics). £2.00 on bandcamp. no excuses. Plus a studio clip after the break. Enjoy!

Steady & Oliver Sudden – The Shutdown EP

OG picnic


This is different! Ogmios fusion of genres took a few listens to grow on me but grow it did. I would advise giving this a real listen to fully appreciate the soundscapes that have been put together here. A patient but enjoyable listen. Plus peep the interesting little clip after the break. Enjoy!

Ogmios – The Last Picnic


Treehouse are a hip hop trio (Rico Sisney (MC), Mike Ruby (bass), and Aunnoy Badruzzaman (drums). based out of Chicago that have really caught my attention recently.
The 3 tracks that they have released so far are simply nice as hell. With Pocket Life being my personal favourite, Ana and Growing Conscious are both headnodding finger snapping masterpieces that followed perfect suit. All combining the smart, tight flowing and clever wordplay of intelligent lyricism with original musical backdrops of a bassist and drummer that ride off each other so smoothly, Treehouse are definately worth paying close attention to. Pure brilliance.

Ill Green

Intrigued by the tape recorder on his half-sister's boombox back in 1984, ILL GREEN has been recording his own music since the age of 8. Became a battle rapper on the streets of Brooklyn by age 16. After the death of his friend, ILL seperated himself from the world and became an alcoholic. Later he was infected with Dengue and near death. His life spared, ILL vowed to take back Hip Hop.