quality over quantity: the foreign edition

Is it funny that when certain other MC/crooners dare to show their emotion through song I can't get over how bad they sound yet when Phonte Coleman does the same over beats laid down by the marvelously talented best Dutch export since Denis Bergkamp, I proclaim the results Beautiful Music and proceed to go into detail as to why? Call it professional bias, call it the fact that I think the MC/crooner in question fell off (or in some respects was never really on), or simply call it impeccable taste, The Foreign Exchange never disappoint... apart from the really cheesy album title!
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the twist at the end was superb though wasn't it?

I'd Never heard of these guys before today but the moody beats and street orientated dropping of gems are a top notch combination. Click the link and name ya price people but before that Peep the clip & enjoy!

Haan & Sixth Sense - The Format EP

Herrotics - Odder Official Video

Herrotics always come correct. Heavy.

i sentence you to...

Life MC has a new album out and I almost missed it!?!?! Magnificently aided by the living legend that is beatsmith DJ Nappa, Gift Of Life is the latest in a catalogue of great beats laden with this mans seemingly endless source of gems. Peep the evidence and Enjoy!

i don't know about the game but this...

Tuuuuune! This guy has been heard on many a ill tune for a while now and doesn't get his due outside of certain circles. He has re-released his superb longplayer, The Retrospective. That may be slightly inaccurate but I seem to remember the album being available 2 or 3 years ago, albeit with fewer songs. Either way its a keeper and the uninitiated should get familiar. Beat Butcha can turn his hand to pretty much anything. Enjoy!

Buy: D.ablo - The Retrospective

that reminds me, it may be time to invest in a new pair of headphones...

Click the pic for tickets people! imma be there! Check out last years winner in action after the break.

...and nothing was stirring, not even a mouse...(don't sleep)

This laid back groove is my personal favourite track from The Mouse Outfits latest release (the next clip is a very close 2nd). Escape Music features a bevvy of the UK MCs (they really love Dr. Syntax) over some super super nice Jazzy/Boom Bap grooves with a sprinkle of Dub for good measure. This is one of my regular rotation and has been for some time (yes i know i should update that list more often). Peep this and other clips after the break. Enjoy and support support!

i saw green parakeets fly by my window the other day....

After 8 years away the Menagerie are back! and they've expanded. Bionic Beatsmith Tom Caruana, Dr. Syntax, DJ Nick Maxwell & Professor Elemental are joined by Koaste, Dizraeli, Teej, Vecks and even more besides. Irregular Spirits is available now and Are You Serious? is the first clip from said release. peep the clip and click HERE for more info. Enjoy!

The Menagerie - Irregular Spirits

the great british bake off... great tv

The Album that this visual accompany's is 2 months old now. Its All Luv is Big Cakes latest project and i entirely produced by Geo. Soulful yet sparse beats allow BC's own brand of street science to take center stage. Gems are dropped in large portions on this one kids! peep  the clip and my favourite album track after the break. Enjoy!

R.I.P Mel Smith

Stig Of The Dump is back with some freeness for the masses. 6 tracks deep of Raw, straight Boom Bap in all its guises. Stig says you should be lighting one up to this but seeing as i don't partake in such frivolity i obviously will not be co-signing that statement. I do however, expect to be seeing Esyoube's name attached to many more projects in the near future. Oh and its only free for the first 2000 downloads. Enjoy!