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What the people say about Elzhi’s Elmatic

“People called Nas the new Rakim and before that, Rakim was hailed as the Melle Mel… Fortunately, I never had to sit thru Nas’s version of Follow The Leader or Rakim’s version of The Message. Not that they wouldn’t have been dope, but I just think there’s a line between honoring what came before and being derivative. I guess because all these cats are from my era and I’m old enough to lap eras, this feels a little unnecessary. Maybe I’d feel different if I had a couple of solo Elzhi albums before this.”

“This is dope, my only complaint is I wish he didn’t switch the original beats up. If it had the original beats this would be incredible, I just think that kind of made this lose a couple of points considering it’s an ode to Illmatic.”

“So happy he switched the beats up…. Illmatic is hot but we’ve heard it. Time for something. Also Ill-Matic tributes are dead. Didn’t Fashawn do a whole illmatic mix about a year ago. Stop switching up the album.”

“Listened once and deleted it. I'm not able to listen to this without thinking about Nas rhymes, they just stuck in my head over the years.”

hooliganism isn’t always a bad thing

Whoa! Terry Hooligan! New to me but this is a bad man tune. It’s freeness too. Enjoy!

Terry Hooligan - Genuine Article

cold as ice

Put the guns away folks. One of my favourite ever head nods and Kyza’s fire over it too!

whats love got to do with it?

The double A is out now. Grab the album too. Superb!

oh bama!

Whatever you may think of Barack’s time in office to date, if you’re up on the current state of affairs regarding his place of birth, this clip is super funny!