adventures in bandcamp #11: eh!?!


WHAT THE F%$K!!! How the hell is this a free download??? Do NOT miss out peepz. Enjoy!

Half Past Calm 2

i choose you


The EP is well worth a look too peeps.

tea anyone?


Sorry about the lack of posts lately but the world cup takes precedence i’m afraid. Soon come!!!

beep… BEEP… beep… BEEP


Damn !!! Just a couple of months ago Jack hit us with his Sound Of Colours EP (only £3.95) Now he completes a combo with ‘24’ a 24 week verbal assault over many a quality instrumental. Aaaaaand… it’s a name your price release with NO minimum. be a sport though and donate something Enjoy!

Jack Flash - 24

adventures in Bandcamp #10: french connection


Aaaaaaaahhh the French. Wine and cheese have been among their finest exports for years. French Hip Hop is overlooked by some, probably a reference to a lack of understanding of the language. Fisto, for those that need something to measure against, is of the Hocus Pocus, Kohndo mould. Well worth the download.

FistoUn Oeil Le Retro

Classic was the day

Classic Example Artwork

The pic speaks for itself

Funky DL: C’mon feat. Lei-An

Funky DL: Wealthy feat. Lei-An

back II Rap, back II reality

Back To Rap Front Cover

Funky DL is back with Volume 2 of his adventures in the wonderland of Amy Winehouse. The first foray is really good but this is even better. Plus this time Pyrelli and MCD (amongst others) are aling for the ride. Do Not Sleep peepz. Enjoy

Volume 2: Back To Rap

War Stars


another superb LP

COVERLewis Parker, the man who doesn’t know the meaning of the often mentioned Hip Hop phrase, ‘a weak beat, has put together another project that does not contain… a weak beat. John Robinson is LP’s partner in crime on International Summers. Peep the taster/trailer below. Don’t sleep peepz.



rhbrb & cstrd


You won’t be disappointed


(courtesy of 2dopeboyz)

sound Klash


This is the cover for Klashnekoff’s 3rd album which, judging by the title is something of a follow up to his debut. I could be wrong but quite frankly who cares. After providing modern masterpieces with his first two, i’d expect nothing less tjis go round. Damn I hope I havent jinxed it. Klash Anthem is the first taste of the new opus. Grab it now on iTunes & enjoy!

buy: Klash Anthem feat. D.Ablo

it takes the L Bowz of millions…

albzvlr copy copy

The Ashy’s are back with another bout of freeness. Viva La RevaLotion sees the L bowz carry on where they left off. Humour is the staple diet when these guys are involved but there are one or two gems to be found as well. Enjoy!

Ashy L Bowz – Viva La RevaLotion