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Gummy Soul _ The Stuyvestants Meet Gummy Soul (2011)

Anyone of you who grabbed instrumental awesomeness that is The Stuyvesants’ Brooklyns Finest album, will have been in no doubt that sooner or later someone(s) was going to jump on those beats. Gummy Soul are those someones. Grab both projects and enjoy!

The Stuyvesants – Brooklyn’s Finest

The Stuyvesants Meet Gummy Soul


Mr Flex (Chosen Spokesmen) - Nothing To Prove EP - front edited Bandcamp

Now this is how you introduce yourself to the world. Acquire the services of some steller beatsmiths and make your guestlist an awesome one. Chemo, Ramson Badbonez, Kelakovski, Iron Braydz, Beat Butcha and a few more all contribute a beat or some bars to this EP. Enjoy!

Mr Flex – Nothing To Prove EP

plausible deniability

beat by Chemo

Phoenix Da Icefire, Logic, Rewd Adams, Cyrus Malachi, Skriblah & M9. Just play the clip and buy the track (and the instrumental if you like.


Globalfaction – Vigorous Denial


Whoa! ! These guys are niiiice. this is the clip for the title track of the FREE debut release. The raw factor found throughout is superb. Although that is bound to disappear somewhat as they polish their mixes, the overall package bodes very well for the future. Plus my fave MC Sonnyjim is along for the ride on a couple of the cuts. The link and an extra clip can be found after the break.

i still want some new 4Hero though

big ups marc mac

As much as I hope that 4Hero are going to be back sooner or later, Marc Mac proves he doesn’t have to make any sudden announcements by producing T.R.A.C’s entire debut long player. The Network is out tomorrow (24.04.2011). I pre-ordered mine. Peep the clip.

there’s always time for badbonez


I’ve always got time for some Ramson Badbonez. His latest offering, Buried Bonez, is a sum of a generous helping of his collabos plus a few exclusives to boot.

Ramson Badbones – Buried Bonez

There’s some more Ramson inspired freeness after the break. Enjoy….

royal marriage eh?

Pure unadulterated awesomeness (unlike my beloved Gunners!). How come i’d never heard of these guys before. You can pick this track up for free HERE… after you peep their other clip after the break…

don’t F up the NHS!!!

We in the UK all know that Andrew Lansley seriously f’d up the ridiculously drastic NHS reforms. Using much needed funds for such a major shift that will not only effect our health service but our society as a whole just to leave some kind of legacy is a callous and nonsensical thing to do/oversee. It appears the dud who dropped this vid shares the same views. Enjoy!

it’s gettin’ hot in here…


Now this is something to look forward to. Eat Good Recoreds & The Accossiated Minds camp are to release a collaborative EP. Ralph Rip Shit, Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Beatbox Fozzy, Mudmowth, Taharka, RTillery,  Metabeats, Redbeard, P.L.O. Ruffstylz and Willo Wispa will all make an appearance on The Highball. This is most definitely something NOT to be missed. Hit the link to partake in a tasting session.

P.L.O. – The Heat feat. Sonny Jim & Mudmowth

she’s a star


I like the softer side of kelakovski. And Tanya’s voice is sweeeet. More of the same please.