750 bottles of beer on the wall....

Really nice Aussie neck snappers are the staple diet of 750 Rebels new release, Kold Heat. Not much else to say really. Peep the additional DJ Premier inspired niceness after the break. Enjoy!

chemistry got him out of a jam

This is my Jam man! (pun intended). This clip is slightly eerie but then again so is the wonderful tune. Chemo (or Telemachus for that matter) can do no wrong. The album, which Chemo produced from start to finish, is out on 1st December. Can anyone say pre-order. Enjoy!

Sharknado 2... the first was popular enough for a sequel!?!?!

The Lincoln lads are back on the scene with a quality piece of freeness. All four tracks are nice but the remixes are where things get cranked up for me. Plus Iron Braydz too. Clip and link after the break. Enjoy!

you sleazy little so and so

This onecame at me from nowhere. From Greasy Vinyl, the same camp that brought one of my recent favourite releases (Jman's Auronography) to mass audiences comes this FREElease from Sleaze. At ten tracks deep and a hazy Boom Bap heads dream one would be mad to miss out.... so don't! Enjoy.

Grab: Sleaze - The Rise Of Isaac Roberts

i love chocolate flavour.... oh, not that kind of mousse

Another super nice track and clip from those Moose Funk peeps. If you haven't taken a more detailed look at these guys don't sleep folks.

did action man ever have a kung fu grip?

An interesting piece of promo freeness from a Jazz trio thathat admittedly, I'd never heard of before now. I only caught on because Confucius MC holds court on the mic on 2 tracks. The EP is 6 tracks deep (smile) but is only one file (frown) but is more than worthy of your attention. Enjoy.

The Grip - The Grip Tape

its a play on 'network southeast' for those that aren't aware

Remember the good old days? When the term Boom Bap had a simple definition. Tony Blair was still the man. Knight Rider and Airwolf re runs were still cool and Arsenal's defence moved forwards in unison (those were the days)? Are you like me, making regular, Golden Aged acoustic excursions to satisfy the craving? Tony Olabode was supposed to deliver what would probably have been the UK's first class ticket to that fabled destination. However the obligatory record label wrangles and contractual disputes rendered that a non starter. 18 years later however, comes the South East London residents own interpretation of the phrase 'better late than never.

Lets be honest, to myself and those of you reading this review with genuine interest, the emancipation of Dettwork Southeast is long overdue. But in the cold light of day this is a niche release of sorts. An album highly sought after by those in the know who are well versed on a particular era of music from a certain part of the world, or those studious enough on modern UK Hip Hop to have been self schooled on what Tony Rotten means to the culture. But even after putting those camps together and adding on international equivalents, that is still quite a select group. Quite frankly from the outside looking in, for Sony to have remastered and released this album in the first place (albeit with virtually no promotion) is quite something. Luckily the nostalgia fest (in more ways than one for Londoners) is worth the wait.

rip john ritter

And now for something different.... but still bloody superb. I copped the album and it is more of the same. Another Mortal Kombat nostalgia inducing clip and link after the break. Enjoy!

steptoe and son never got down like this

High Focus' resident soul man is back with a limited edition vinyl only (so far) release. Put That Soul On Me is entirely produced by Dirty Dike and also includes the instrumentals. The main pic however, is from a lovely piece of pop tinged soulful freeness for those of you that want to try before you buy. It really is a quality listen and i am surprised that even in the blogasphere that there hasn't been a little more coverage. Clips, stream and links after the break peeps. Don't sleep!