The man with the golden…

I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again. This guys mic skills & beat choices get better & better. Everything new he sends me gets better & better. And this And Imma have to dig up some more heat from Mydus. Stop Sleeping.

810 – Adventures In Slumberland (beat by Mydus)

And no autotune in sight

Kanye & Common aren’t the only bros. in chicago. Probably my favourite ‘under the radar’ sound of the last few years. Chi-Space Volume 3 features some of my regular rotations as well as a few more I will soon know alot more about. And Nobley Nobes more than does his thing behind the boards. Enjoy!

Visual- The Planet
Psalmone ft Casual- Bitin n Freakin
Kwel- Heliocentric
1993- Empty Room
Pugz Atoms- Saturday
Scheme- The Flyest
Mick Luter- How we raised
Adad- Good
Family Jewels- Kings of rock
Nico B- Good Luck
Abu Chi-Put it down
Gemini- Ben Frank
Akbar- Good Food
Matlock Ft Wes Restless- Runaround

DJ Nobley Nobe – Chi-Space Volume 3

No need for Skepticism


The Last Skeptik has been doing some undercover work lately. Not only has he just let this super catchy remix go for the masses, but he is also working on a Free (yes Free) remix album featuring such luminaries as; Jehst, The Game, Lowkey, Daniel Merriweather, Joe Budden, Jawaad, Mongrel & More. Do not sleep! Enjoy!

Marina & The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road [The Last Skeptik Remix]

Grown (Wo)man’s business

master art incks

Man the niceness just keeps on coming. More quality freeness peepz. This time from FeMC Incksalonius. I’m listening to this one as I speak (or rather, type). Just when I think that it’s possible Nas is right (Hip Hop Is Dead) I get one quality release after another from artists such as these & I realise that there way too many talented artists out there who are doing what they can for that statement to be fully realised. Enjoy!

Incksalonius – Grown, Another Day

A word to the Wyze


This guy comes out of the same camp as Dulu & boy does it show. More superb stuff from these guys who i will be keeping a close eye on fromn now on. Don’t let the title fool you. This is not merely a simple Bitches & Hos album, there is meaning in Sean’s words. The beats are superb & it’s free sp no excuses. I defy any of you not to snap that neck (and have a nostalgia trip) to Step Back. Enjoy!

Sean Wyze – Chicks & Snares

Dulu know whats up

Dulu-TheGarageSaleVol1_Cover The Garage Sale has started & it’s a quality one too. Apparently these are beats that were rejected for various different projects. Bloody hell if this is the quality of his rejected material when is your best work dropping Dulu? Enjoy!

Dulu – The Garage Sale

Dulu’s Myspace

Foreign exchanges

the_foreign_exchange-daykeeper_feat_muhsinah-540x540 foreignexchange_ep

sincere_500 Leave-It-All-Behind-by-The-Foreign-Exchange_9Hksiat73Xkx_full Everybody’s already got the now fabled Foreign Exchange live session so there wasn’t really any need for this post other than the fact that I love The Foreign Exchange. CLICK A PIC for the youtube Behind The Scenes vid or to DL the entire session, Phonte one liners & all. Enjoy!

Word of mouth (until 25th of May anyway)


The Date mentioned on the title of this post corresponds with the release of Wordsmiths latest project. Baltimore Martini sees him doubling up with Dutch master of ceremonies I.N.C. The Poet. Don’t let the project title fool you. The pair trade verses about making a better life for oneself. I’m gonna drop 3 tasters over 3 days starting with this one. Enjoy!

Wordsmith & I.N.C. The Poet - Seasons

racing on Slicks

slick 1 Via a lifelong round trip that took in London, Nigeria, Los Angeles &…London, comes Slickmouth. I really like the way this guy gets down. I Made It, is the 1st release from his 2nd project ‘Superstar’ coming later this year. Enjoy!

Slickmouth – Superstar

Slick’s Myspace

The Joke(r)s on you

image007 I’m still waiting for the album to drop (come on bruv) from what I know about it, it sounds like a banger. Until then check out the mixtape HERE.

Super sonar Radar to the 3rd power


‘On The Radar Vol. 3’ features artists from up and down the country including Northern Ireland, South and West Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge – Certified Banger fully represents the talent this country holds. If you don’t recognise the names on here, there’s all the more reason to download this – you need to hear these tracks and then you need to find out more.

In a time when so much music is given away for free it’s good to remember that these guys need to eat too. ‘OTR Vol. 3’ is intended to be a signpost that points towards the places where these MCs and producers sell their wares. Check these tracks out, then buy the albums, EPs and 12”s that these artists put out.

I’ve posted links at a couple of my other ‘hangouts’ if you want to catch the early editions. Otherwise April 6th is the place to catch it here.

Remedial medicines


I can’t wait for this one. After the greatness that was The Divorce, Edan’s has taken up the Beatsmith mantra on thi one. Enjoy!

Dagha – The Remedy feat AI-J (prod. Edan)

Lewis Recordings

Dulally Dulu’s The Garage Sale, album is gonna hit you this friday. Until then peep the tasters below, niceness too. Enjoy!

"Home" Feat. Funk Logik, Sean Wyze, Sincere

"Sunny Days" feat. Sean Wyze, Poetic Force, Avi, Funk Logik

"In The House" Feat. Sincere, Dulu, Funk Logik, Sean Wyze

"Bass Drum Kickin'" - Sean Wyze & Funk Logik

Use the (Geo)Metric system


DJ Geometrix sMASH edITs. These were festering in my inbox. Silly me for letting that happen. The mix is out soon but until then check these out. Then click the pick & see what else is going on.

Jay-Z vs. Robin da Hood - I Just Wanna Luv U

Wu-Tang Clan vs. Daze of Thunder - C.R.E.A.M.

Wale vs. DJ Mujava vs. Scottie B - Township Dig Dug

Notorious B.I.G. vs. Cold Blank – Hypnotize

Common vs. Cadence - Lazy Love H.E.R.

And in the morning their was good music…


Morning All!!! This’ll make it a real good one (obviously). Thank Kevin, Nappy & WhiteBoy, for a job superbly done. Volume 2?


Early to rise

I dig for CD's like beatsmiths dig for samples. I search long & hard in every nook & cranny of all my favourite (& newly discovered) underground stores hoping to unearth some yet to be shined upon talent. However, while doing this I sometimes come across some gems. Kero One's Early Believers is one of those gems. The release date I have is 4th of April, so why I found a copy still in its packaging on 17th of April is anyones guess. Especially seeing as it's original recipient didn't even have the foresight to listen to the quality that exudes from every paw of this (soon to be) release. Originality is the key to this albums success. Kero has taken cues from an assortment of genres & bent them to the will of his melodious take on Hip Hop. The 1st thing that struck me about this sophomore effort from KO is that everything about it is uplifting. The whole thing bounces along oblivious to anything other than great music. Lots of right pianos & electro horns, lots of funky bass guitars & happy go lucky keys & lots of sing songy hooks, Normally if there is alot of the latter I would be writing about how that has taken away from the album. But so lush are the funky backdrops created by Kero that it would almost be a disservice to the overall vibe if those vocals were removed. Ben Westbeech & Tuomo each provide 2 of the aforementioned hooks, with Ohmega Watts the only guest MC to be found. At 12 tracks deep (including a lovely sambafied skit) the lightly sprinkled guests are definitely the best policy for an album such as this. I can't help getting the feeling of escapism & while listening to this I always seem to be daydreaming of summer drives with the top down. Summertime is made for music such as this. Lovely stuff.

p e a c e

Time for some action


Due to family ties I was a regular attendee to some of London’s Illest poetry jams/slams. I do remember hearing these ladies name mentioned a few times as ones to watch but i was never able to catch them live. Thedn I stumbled across one half of them smashing it on Blind Alphabetz Luvolution album. Well they got an album coming real soon & it’s superb too. That reminds me, I gotta big up Kat (fam), Oneness (Queen) & That dude (i forgot his name) who killed it at the spoken word awards slam a couple of years ago with a superb skit about mobile phones (vocal wizardry). Anyway, enjoy!

Poetic Pilgrimage – Freedom Times 2 Track Selection

Superm(e)n II

Jayceeoh's back at it again with a another gathering of himself & 6 other like minded types for a superb mix. Now, if only i could get those remixed tracks individually....


1. SUPER 7 - Intro

2. My Sweet Summer / Pitbull - Crazy Killer (JayCeeOh Edit)

3. Mann Parish - Boogie Down Bronx (JayCeeOh Edit)

4. Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot (JayCeeOh Edit)

5. Jackson sisters - Believe in Miracles / Manboogie - Leave your Fears (JayCeeOh Edit)

6. Swizz beats / Diana Ross - My Hero Is a gun / Rob Base - Joy and Pain (JayCeeOh Edit)

7. Midfielf General - Disco Direns / B-beat Girls - For the Same Man (JayCeeOh Edit)

8. Diplo Alt Clown Inst / Twista - Wetter (JayCeeOh Edit)

9. PQ - Jack Yo BFs G (JayCeeOh Edit)

10. Goody! Goody! (JayCeeOh + PQ) - Leggo a Dis One



11. Fashen Intro

12. Champion (Catchdubs Jeep Mix) - Kanye West

13. Sunshowers Blend - M.I.A.

14. Wrath Of My Swagger - TI vs. Queen Latifah

15. Gimme The Loot Blend - Notorious BIG

16. Arab Money vs. Shook Ones II Re-Fix - Busta Rhymes vs. Mobb Deep

17. Shook - Fashen

18. Im The Shit Remix - Dj Class Feat. Lil Jon

19. Donna Pops Champagne - Knish Hit Squad

20. Step Into vs. Juicy - Trap House vs. Notorious BIG

21. On The Bugged Tip Blend - Big Daddy Kane vs. G-Dep

22. MVP Blend - Big L vs. Santogold and Jay-Z

23. My President Is Black (DC Remix) - Jay-Z



24. Yay Let’s Dance Intro - Dj Illo

25. Don’t Touch Me (Illo Disco Edit) - Busta Rhymes

26. Don’t Touch Me (U-Tern Disco Edit) - Busta Rhymes

27. Shove It (Grandtheft Disco Edit) - Santigold

28. Domino (Illo Remix) - Van Morrison

29. I Go To Work (Illo Remix) - Kool Moe Dee

30. Tribe Vibes (Illo Edit) - Jungle Brothers vs Sinden



31. A-Skillz - Strawberry Fields Forever (Remix)

32. Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe so, Maybe no

33. The New Holidays - Maybe so, maybe no

34. Mountaineers - Apart from This vs. Brand Nubian - Don’t Let It (DJ Spider Remix)

35. Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds Break

36. DJ Spider’s Super 7 Saturday Sample Mix (bunch of songs)

37. Mr Magic - Rappin with Mr. Magic vs. Cherrelle - Saturday Love (DJ Spider Remix)

38. Architecture In Helsinki - Heart it Races (Trizzy’s Tin Can Mix)

39. The Virgins - Rich Girls (Remix by The Beatards, The Twelves & XXXchange) vs Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud - I got a good thing (DJ Spider Edit)

40. Roxanne Shante - Wiggle it (DJ Steve1der Remix)

41. LMFAO - I’m In Miami Bitch (Smash Bros Remix - DJs Spider, Steve1der & Mr. Best)



42. Cookie Monsterz f. Tyree Cooper - Hip Housin’ (Kid Massive Remix)

43. Eric B & Rakim/Cookie Monsterz - I Know You Got Soul (Excel Edit)

44. Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys

45. Diplo & Laidback Luke - Hey! (V.01)

46. Shinichi Osawa vs. Salt n Pepa - Push It (Tronik Youth Remix/Excel Says Push It Edit)

47. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Jesse Rose Remix)

48. Peter, Bjorn & John - Nothing To Worry About (Steven Bloodbath Remix)

49. Excelara8or - Shake’em Down



50. Biggie - Party and BS (BLADERUNNER ReMix)

51. Wu Tang - Mystery of ESG (BLADERUNNER ReMix)

52. Big Daddy Kane - Warm it up Edits (BLADERUNNER EDIT)

53. BLADERUNNERS - Brazilion Edits

54. Herbie Hancock - Rockit (BLADERUNNER EDIT)

55. SoHo - Hot Music (BLADERUNNER EDIT)



56. Vin Sol -Pass the Peas Intro

57. Traxamillion -808 (Vin Sol refix)

58. San Quinn - Blue Dolphin

59. Turf Talk - We All Getting Paid (Vin Sol Remix)

60. Keak da Sneak - Blurpt

61. Trackademicks- Enjoy What You Do

62. Sergio Mendes Brasil ‘88- I’ll Tell U (Vin Sol re-edit)

63. The Jacka,Lee Majors ft.Mistah F.A.B -I’m a Gobot

64. Born and Raised- Bammer Weed


DJ Jayceeoh - Super 7 Volume 2

Prophetic abilities

rezofinalcover(2) South African Emcee Rez Proph is someone i will be looking out for. Big time. This guy can spit. Download the freeness & you’ll soon be converted.

Rez Proph – The REZ olution Mixtape

Deal with it


Remember Redmans circa Malpractice & the Ill At Will Mixtapes. Icarus (or Icadon as he is now) was Robin to Reggie’s Batman. Well he is now labelmates with Joe Budden & Saigon at Amalgam Digital. The Mixtaape shown above, is the release that announces that fact. Speaking of which Ic’s also releasing an album with non other than Rockwilder. If he can still reach the heights of his fabled Redman beats, that will be something well worth a listen. Enijoy!

Icadon – The New Deal Mixtape

Process of Elimination


It’s nice peepz (man i’m getting lazy)

Radius -Process Of Elimination

So now your on the vid tip…

eh Aidan? Volume 3 coming soon. In the meantime

Volume 1

Volume 2

You’re All Welcome

preach mix

damn you Preach, I can’t believe you didn’t dop this to me sooner! Superb stuff.

Welcome To Blutopia

Doctors in the House


Imma Definitely gonna check for at least 2 of these.

The Doctor’s Orders 29
9pm-3am Friday 1ST May 2009
@ Herbal 10-14 Kingsland Rd, London E1
Waajeed (PPP / Bling 47)
Spin Doctor
Benji B (1xtra)
Mr Thing (Extended Playerz)
Morgan Spacek &
Bruce Wayne
£5 in advance or £10 on the door
Advance tickets available from / 0844-477-1000

London’s No.1 Hip-Hop party, The Doctor’s Orders, is synonymous with quality underground music brought to you by the very best DJs and live acts from both sides of the pond and enjoyed by one of the most fun loving & diverse crowds in the capital.

Other upcoming dates with The Doctor's Orders:
Friday 3rd April: The Doctor's Orders @ Herbal: Royce Da 5'9", Killa Kela, Sarah Love & more
Sunday 12th April: The Connection Album Launch Boat Party: Bobbito, Rich Medina, Spin Doctor & Kyri R2
Friday 17th April: On The Real @ Plan B: Shortee Blitz, Spin Doctor, DJ MK & more.

Heads up!!!

my man G over at HHHead put together this lil Nas compilation. You’ll know all the tracks, but it’s always nice to have some of his best in one place eh peepz. Click the pic & enjoy!

1. A Message To The Feds, Sincerely, We The People 2. Queens Get The Money 3. Thief's Theme 4. No Idea's Original 5. You're The Man 6. Take It In Blood 7. Nas Is Like 8. The World Is Yours 9. Shoot 'Em Up 10 .Get Down 11. I'm A Villain 12. Come Get Me 13. Purple 14. Live Nigga Rap 15. One Mic 16. Money Over Bullshit 17. Undying Love 18. Just A Moment 19. Dance 20. War 21. You Can't Stop Us Now 22. N.Y. State Of Mind 23. Back To The Gril l24. Hope

Runnin’ Tingz

grit late 1

khz and

UK stand up!!! three for free. Yeah i’ve got a favourite but they’re all nice. Don’t sleep now.


Tracker is my favourite bar…

Rapper Big Pooh - Delightful Bars (Artwork All Versions)4 big pooh 2Rapper Big Pooh - Delightful Bars (Artwork All Versions)1 big pooh 1

Khrysis, Young RJ, Illmind, Oh No, Jake One, Phonix, 9th Wonder. This is a list of beatsmiths all plying their trade on Pooh’s Delightful Bars. There are gonna be 4 versions (covers shown above). CLICK A PIC on the right hand side for some audio leakage type goodness.

Dates to remember: 24th of March & 21st of April.

Even mechanics walk around with their Toolz...

DJ Toolz - ‘The cheesier my covers get the doper the music gets... I hope’.

nofrillz - ‘No hope necessary bruv’.

01 - Terence Blanchard - Opening Credits

02 - Focus - Homage to Pete Rock (feat. Big Pooh, Sha Stimuli & Kurupt)

03 - Finale - Heat (prod. by J Dilla)

04 - J.R. & PH7 - Let's Move (feat. Skyzoo)

05 - Baby Blak - Act Like You Know Me (prod. by Tone Spliff)

06 - Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song (prod. by Statik Selektah)

07 - Access Immortal - Days Go By (prod. by 9th Wonder)

08 - Move.Meant - Someday (feat. Silo & Trek Life)

09 - Verbal Kent - Faith (feat. Braille)

10 - Prevail (of Swollen Members) - Gasoline

11 - Rise & The Avid Record Collector - Wra Cypher (feat. Wordsworth & Masta Ace)

12 - XV - Somethin' Better (feat. Tanya Morgan) (prod. by Illmind)

13 - Brother Ali - Palm the Joker

14 - J.R. & PH7 - Rock for Y'all (feat. Supastition & J-Scienide)

15 - Scholarman - Change Has Come (feat. Random & K-Mynez)

16 - O.S.T.R. - Flow Virus (feat. Torae)

17 - Finale - The Waiting Game (feat. Invincible) (prod. by Khrysis)

18 - Kidz In The Hall - Cool, Relax (feat. Jay Electronica)

19 - Apathy & Royce Da 5'9'' - If You Forgot My Name (prod. by Tone Spliff)

20 - Capone-N-Noreaga - Grand Royal (prod. by DJ Premier)

21 - Shuko - Midnight Madness (feat. Heltah Skeltah & DJ Revolution)

22 - Earatik Statik - Knock 'Em Out (feat. Sean Price) (Khrome Remix)

23 - Tha Connection - Take It Higher (Cradle Orchestra Remix)




Bloody hell Scholarman, it’s just one bit of niceness after another with you isn’t it. Enjoy!

Scholarman – How It Is (prod. X3M)



The Albums out now so pick it up. In the meantime if you want to know what to expect then this mix is superb taster. Click The Pic & Enjoy!

Recordkingz feat The Beatnuts - Rock Ya Shoulders
Recordkingz feat Little Brother - Playin To Lose
Recordkingz feat Guilty Simpson - Hip Hop Throwback
Recordkingz feat Mobb Deep - Heat
Recordkingz feat Glasses Malone - Da Money
Masta Ace - So U Wanna Be A MC 'Juliano Creator' Remix
Nas - I Can 'Juliano Creator' Remix
The Creators feat Mos Def and Talib Kweli - Hard Margin
Dilated Peoples - Expanding Man 'Juliano Creator' Production
A Tribe Called Quest - One Two Shit 'The Creators' Remix feat Mark
Pritchard & Pino

My way

00-STW front cover

I a little thought I decided it was time to enter the world of the compilation. I’ve been on this blogging thing for long enough now. Besides, such is the number new releases & new artists that i find/discover everyday that this may become a regular thing (pending reactions of course). I decided to cover as much of the Hip Hop sphere as possible. As well as the usual US & UK suspects i’ve also got Poland, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia & Japan covered this go round. I’ve got more covered for the next one so click the pic or the link at the bottom peepz. Enjoy!!!

Spread The Word: Volume 1

Alternate link

Shrunken Professional



You know the saying ‘Your favourite MC’s favourite MC’. Well the 4 pieces of work above are by this bloggers favourite producer. Everytime I get something new from Small Pro I eulogise about how talented this guy is. His beats just seem to speak my (Hip Hop) language. Well this time it’s not 1 but 2 new projects from the man. The 1st (top left pic) ‘Resurrected The Remix’ is as stated. CL Smooth, Talib Kweli, The Smile Rays, The Roots, Shawn Jackson & others get the treatment with amazing results. The 2nd installment (top right) sees Small showing homage to his larger predecessor & is also a superb piece of work. I also included SP’s glorious taker on Jay’s AG & a 3 track sample of Small’s instrumental Opus ‘SlowBus’. Surely more shine is gonna come this guys way sooner or later. CLICK A PIC & see what lies beneath. Enjoy!

Money Talks


Produced by Maryland native but the Utah residing emerging beatsmith GC, SHOW ME THE MONEY is about making the most of what you have during this economic battle we all find ourselves fighting. "During these hard times its important to find something to take your mind off of all the stress and try and find some joy," explained Fokis. "So I reached out to Mr. eXquire & E-Cashe$ who are two very talented and hungry up and coming emcees and well the result was this, a joint to have a bit of fun with basically."

Fokis – Show Me The Money (feat. Mr Exquire & E-Cashe$

Fokis’ Myspace

Immortal Technique (the meaning not the MC)


More From DUB MD. This time in partnership with Access Immortal. Old, new & now is represented on The Scrapbook Volume 1. Look out for Acc’s album with DJ Ruckspin (tka Project Gotham) entitled Birth Of A Dream, in the spring.

01.) The Scrapbook (Intro)
02.) The General (Produced By 7L)
Ring The Album (feat. Golden Child) (Produced By Ruckspin)
Monday Night Raw (Produced By J-Zone)
Everything I Know (Produced By Ruckspin)
Fuck The Rap Game (Produced By Access Immortal) 07.) Welcome To The Hood (Produced By GreenSteez)
Culture Shock (Produced By Ruckspin)
Styles Upon Styles (feat Karniege & Medinah Starr) (Produced By Nygh)
Acc The Villian (Produced By Ruckspin)
Days Go By (Produced By 9th Wonder)
The Reign (feat. Oktober) (Produced By GreenSteez)
Million Dollar Rapper (Produced By The Wisemen)
I Will Not Lose (Produced By Lawz Spoken)
The Mechanic (feat. Mello & Emaze) (Produced By Alchemist)16.) Resident Evil (Produced By Vanderslice)
The People (feat. Medinah Star) (Produced By Kanye West)
M.V.P. (Freestyle) (Produced By DJ Premier)
DJ BMV (Freestyle) (Produced By Pete Rock)
New York (feat. Ph7) (Produced By Ph7)
The Scrapbook (Outro)

Access Immortal & Dub MD – The Scrapbook Vol. 1

UK attendees

The Doctor's Orders present

On The Real

Bringing you true school Hip-Hop & Soul
from Prince & Premier to Motown & Mos Def
9pm - 4am Friday 20th March 2009
& 3rd Friday of every month!

@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY
(Brixton Tube)

£5 in advance through


£10 on the door

With the dream team of Resident DJs
Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players)
DJ 279 (Choice FM)
DJ MK (Kiss FM / Roots Manuva)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor's Orders)
Snuff (Speaker's Corner / End Of The Weak)

& Trill London hosting Room 2

Now with MARCHITECT performing live!

What Hip Hop is capable of…

Hip Hop isn’t dead, it’s official. Just when you think that there is no hope left for Hip Hop’s perception in the mainstream. Along comes a little reminder of what It is capable of. I usually do my own right ups of whatever comes my way but I thought it best to post this one as is.

Keep Reading!

Today marks the official digital release of Lowkey's single Tears to Laughter through iTunes. The single was first heard when he performed it as a poem at the London protests against the Gaza massacre at the beginning of the year. It has already become the unofficial soundtrack to many protests, university occupations and fundraising events for
Gaza and Palestine across the UK. Lowkey and the single have already received support from the likes of Palestine Solidarity, Tony Benn (Stop the War), Lauren Booth (Aloha Palestine) and George Galloway MP (Respect Party/Viva Palestina). Lowkey and his
record label SO Empire Recordings will be donating all their profits from the sales of the single to the DEC's Gaza appeal.


"The Palestinian people of Gaza have suffered and continue to suffer a terrible injustice. We need everyone of goodwill to give them whatever support is possible. Lowkey has produced a brilliant song to express his solidarity with Gaza and Palestine. I hope you will buy it and listen to it. Above all, I hope you will be inspired by it to do whatever you can to
ensure that we all remember Gaza and that the call for Palestine to be free grows ever louder."

George Galloway MP “This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza,
This is for a child that is searching for an answer,
I wish I could take their tears and replace them with laughter,
Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza...”

All Profits goto DEC's Gaza appeal so click the link below or…

Click 1st pic for Song sample

Click 2nd pic for PDF to show what’s going on

Click 3rd pic for Link to buy full version

Plus check these out:

Humanitarian Monitor | UN HumanitariAN AFFAIRS



Damn bruv it’s been a long time.

01 Intro- Nueve (Evidence- Pest Instrumental)
02 Raekwon Feat. Method Man & Ghostface- Wu Ooh
03 Pacific Division- Pac Div
04 CNN- Grand Royal
05 M.O.P.- Blow The Horns
06 Focus Feat. Big Pooh, Sha Stimuli & Kurupt- Homage To Pete Rock
07 Saigon- The Rules
08 DJ Wich Feat. Little Brother- Give It Up
09 Termanology Feat. Skyzoo & Reks- Bars 4 The Stars
10 Braille & S1- For Life
11 Jazzanova Feat. Phonte- So Far From Home
12 Kaze- From Dusk Till Dawn
13 Termanology Feat. Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway- Say It
14 Focus Feat. Royce 5'9, Phonte & Stat Quo- Homage to Premier
15 Blaq Poet- Aint Nuthin Changed
16 Termanology Feat. Lil Fame- Thugathon
17 Torae- Hats Off
18 Ms One Feat. Black Milk & Big Pooh- 2 MC's
19 JR&PH7 Feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk- Top Rank
20 Termanology Feat. Steele- Enemies
21 Talib Kweli- My Favorite Song
22 Q-Tip Feat. Busta, Raekwon & Lil Wayne- Renaissance Rap (Remix)
23 Mos Def- Life Is Good
24 Nueve- Outro (Kev Brown- Good Times Instrumental)

Nueve – Hip Hop 19

Recess is a funny cartoon…


Yeah I got it in the mail & everyone beat me to it. But it is such a superb piece of work by one of a fav MC’s that I had to post it anyway.

01. Intro (Produced by M-Phazes)
02. Keys To The City
03. On The Ave (Feat. Fashawn) (Produced by M-Phazes)
04. Just One Night
05. Young, Fresh & Fly (Produced by Illmind)
06. Here I Am (Feat. Mela Machinko) (Produced by Khrysis)
07. Let It Out (Bounce)
08. Dont Go (Feat. Mela Machinko) (Produced by DJ Noodles)
09. 585 (Remix) (Feat. Hassan Mackey, Black Sinatra, L.I. & Nikal Fieldz)
10. Murder (Feat. Donny Goines & Mela Machinko) (Produced by Illmind)
11. 10 Player Commandments
12. Way She Moves (Feat. Stat Quo & M. Priest) (Produced by M-Phazes)
13. Free

Emilio Rojas – Recession Proof Mixtape

Emilio’s Myspace

Oh he who could be King?


I wasn’t gonna post this but i found myself listening to Nas’ interview during the Takeover /Ether saga when he spoke out against Hot 97 so…. anyway it’s a remake of ‘If I Ruled The World featuring a Nice hook from Marsha Ambrosius (drop the album already). Enjoy!

Nas – If I Ruled The World ‘09 feat. Marsha Ambrosius