chalk and funky cheese

Where the hell was I when this one was released!?!?! A superb quirky funk sound and catchy as hell. I have had this on constant repeat. Do not sleep people! Check out the video after the break.

a cure for your ailing bones

One of a favourite MCs is back on the prowl. Ramson Badbonez is now rolling with High Focus (i missed that news) and his first single from his new album 'A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch'. If I'm Judging on this track alone, Ramson is clearly a lot more focused on the delivery of a song as oppose to showing his skills. If he carries that through to his album then we are in for a treat. His Boot records album was somewhat eclipsed by his mixtapes. Hopefully this is about to change. Roll on 09/12/2013.

p.s. the video is genius!!!

more devine intervention

Devine Carama is one of those MCs that is constantly looking to use his craft as a form of education or inspiration and he does so without coming off as preachy. On top of that he is a very gifted lyricist. The picture represents my favourite project from his catalogue. The title alone should give away what he has done but maaan, he does it very very well.

Plus if you click the link below you can download this and his 11 other albums/mixtapese/EPs for free. But only for 24 hours (and the clock is alreadt ticking). Don't Sleep!

holy krumpet krust batman!!!

Not much to say about this one apart from the fact that I really like it. More please KR. Enjoy

if you don't clean up your language you'll get some soap in ya mouth!

The Baron is back! Mr. Samedi and his own slightly unique brand of Hip Hop are sounding superb. Don't let the mildly disturbing cover put you off. Enjoy!

Baron Samedi - The Sewarmouth Sessions

branching out

I have been diversifying of late. A couple of other sites have been willing to take me under their wing so to speak. Partake and see what you thing of what I have to say. Enjoy!

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ain't crying no rivers around here

This guys first album (also entirely produced by Lewis Parker) is superb. With that in mind, how the hell did I miss this... last year!?!?!