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Alphabetix - Up North Tip (Produced By Steady) Cover Art

Remember Mobb Deep’s classic ‘The Infamous’. Up North Trip was one of there more under appreciated tracks. Alphabeti (DJ Sir+, Mr Ris, Angel S & ABD) have flipped the premise with their release (via Prose’ Boom Bap Professionals) of Up North Tip. Hailing from Yorkshire the reasoning is obvious. Prose’ Steady oversees beat duties so the heavy knock of the original is retained. Long live Freeness! Enjoy!

Alphabetix – Up North Tip

the ghost who works


Best Kept Secret is right! I remember remarking a while ago that this was going to be released. However at the time I thought that there would be a cost involved with getting hold of it. Today while performing my regular Bandcamp rounds I came across Volume 1. Kashmere, Genesis Elijah, Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun can be found sprinkled amongst a few intrumentals…. niceness. Enjoy!

Ghost - Best Kept Secret Volume 1

i’m goin’ craaaazaaaay…


Blaktrix is back with a new album this autumn. ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ is to be released in association with… errr Associated Minds and you should know by the the quality music that seeps from the paws of those guys (eezzee Danny). Peep the taster.

respect your elders


The lab man is back with the second installment of his ‘Jawn’ series (since i’m from the UK I have no idea what Jawn means). This one is a collection of previously released stuff in vocal less form as well some unreleased stuff. Loving the cover poses. Enjoy!

Small Professor - Elderly Jawns

boom bap… boom bap… boom bap


Regular visitors will already have seen my eulogising over pretty much anything that Small Pro turns his hand to. I hadn’t actually heard anything from him in awhile only for him to then tell me he has 6 projects all due for release before this calendar year is done. The first of these (Beats & Rhyme Jawns) is already available on Bandcamp now. Let’s see how long it takes somebody to jump on one, a few or all of these beats and put ‘produced by Small Professor’ in their credits. Shirley Bassey In The Rear!!!*

Small Professor – Beats & Rhyme Jawns

*no i am not being rude. Grab the freeness and you’ll see what I mean


I cannot wait damn it!

check out the Bane pic after the break… geddit… break? (if you don’t know find out)

i get psycho, killer, norman bates…


It’s out real soon & i’ve pre-ordered mine. Sonnyjim’s Psychonaut is my most anticipated Hip Hop release his year. Illmind, DJ IQ, M-Phazes, Jehst, Pete Cannon, Kelakovski & Dag Nabit is a ridiculous list of beatsmirhs plus Jim’s brought Foreign Beggars & Prince Po along too. Peep the Preview!

Pre-order HERE or HERE


in the words if Michaelangelo (the ninja turtle not the other one) AAwwesooooooome!!! Love Has No Recession is out now folks

oh boy!


Jesse’s back with a new EP. Way Of A Wayfarer is a bit of a departure from his more soulful stuff. i had to give it a second listen to really get into it but make no mistake, it is a nice listen. And besides its free so get on with it.

Jesse Boykins III – Way Of The Wayfarer EP

Walk on the wonder side


Ski (Beatz) is among those adding their touch to this real nice but all too short mixtape from the now out of hiatus Terri Walker. I’ve heard she signed a deal with Dame Dash’s re-energised Roc-A-Fella. I’m assuming (and hoping based on current evidence) that there is an album on the way at some point. Hurry up Terri!!!

Terri Walker – Terri In Wonderland

good knight

I’ve always considered Omar and this lady right here as our finest exponent of the art. She is back with a collection of her own interpretation of some of this country’s finest soul, period. Soul: UK is due any minute now.

As a sidenote, i’ve often wondered why our Bev has been overlooked for an X-Factor judging slot!?!?!

Bon a petit: course 5


Just received my copy of issue 5 of Bonafide. This issue is a double sided old school/new school edition. Grandmaster Flash, Ghostpoet, El-P and the Almighty EPMD all make an appearance, the reviews are on point as ever and i got 1 free download single & 1 free CD single (both by Big Dada’s Dels). Plus there always seems to be a spotlight shined on a release I never knew was coming. No reason not to grab your copy. Quality Stuff!

Bonafide Magazine issue 5