Kevlaar 7

Always attentive to such divine word play and supreme lyricism, this release from @Kevlaar7 is something that should not be overlooked. Buy it here.

Flooded Hallways

Original conscious hip hop from Deeq and Nemrot, both deliver deep and clever wordplay over unique soundscapes, shimmering with their own personal reflection, stories and theories skillfully delivered crating a world of brilliant polarity, moving between themes of love, death and existence.
The new offering from Flooded Hallways, Eidola, is something I cant find the right words to describe, but this EP is a solid slab of audible poetical beauty that reminds me of Atoms Fam in their heyday.


Sin Army

Sin Army (Feat ZOMBY)
from TunnelVision on Vimeo.

Revisiting old music, nostalgia, that old feeling that resurfaces when you hear a familiar sound but cant quite remember the last time you heard it. Bonus material.

Fat Gold Chain

Kick off your friday night with a night of absolute excellence,  £100 open mic prize, double album launch party, live performances and resident DJ's.
9pm - 4am, £3 before 11pm, £5 after.


don’t sleep: everything is kosher

Kosher - How It Is (2013)

Via North London & Leeds University, Kosher comes forth with his superb take on what Jazz Hop is all about. The formula is simple but the outcome is an awful lot better than the FREE download or £1.00 cost (UK) of a physical copy. Evidence and more links are provided after the break. Enjoy!

Kosher – How It Is

Just leave it!

@timelesstruth drops the truth, kicking pure science over a slick melodic head nodder. I anticipate his LP.


Digging for Charity

The one and only DJ esSDee whets our appetites for the follow up to his 2007 classic, Charity Shop Tapes , with Vol.2.

Follow him on twitter @djesSDee
Here is his Website
The story behind Vol.1

Edelweiss Pirates

Legoman, Pinny Piff, Terao Hedges, Ol-e Mac, Evolucian, Elliot Fresh, Verbal Assassin, BenOfficial & Rhymeskeemz make up the stars of this new collaberative album. Known simply as Edelweiss Pirates, from beginning to end this is pure non stop heavyness.

Get It Here

Knight Time Radio

Dont forget to catch Dagga G on the Knight Ryder show over at All FM featuring the latest hip hop, drum n bass, dub step, exclusive interviews, dj sets and a mix of underground sounds from Manchester and around the world wide web.

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