so you wanna be bad just beat iiiiiit…

I may be a bit late but I am human (and a little lazy at times). London born MC Jacksun’s self titled album has been available for a while. Some really good stuff to be found on the album, aided by gifted beatsmith JLBeats. Definite potential to be a trul;y great pairing. Peep both clips (1 more & album link after the break) & Enjoy!

The names blu.... Harleighblu

I'm loving this girls voice (he says avoiding the obvious comparisons). Most definitely one to look out for when her album drops in the Autumn. This tune is available from 29th July. Enjoy!

not a patch on this guy

Anything Sonnyjim lets loose i am involved with… end of!

remember garbage pale kids scratch and sniff cards?


Its that Time again folks. Rodney P’s involved and so am I. If you and a mate would like to be added to the guestlist then drop me an email at simply stating ‘i want to go to the DMC UK DJ FINALS’. The 7th and 12th person to do just that will be added to the guestlist with a plus one for your homeboy(or Girl). For more DMC info and tickets click the link.



edit: nice 1 corin

my new edge to edge samsung tv is a thing of beauty

When I first watched i would have sworn I had heard this one a while ago somewhere before. I was right (if you havent already d/l THIS)but that doesn’t make this track any less entertaining. I defy anyone to not get into Dubbles flow. This one is (now) off of Meta’s Caviar Crackle where Von Pea, Action Bronson, Oddisee, Ralph Rip Shit, Chuuwee and more besides can all be found. Peep a couple more tracks after the break…


……is the man, album out now. Nuff said. Enjoy!

time for a beer?


Ale! Any MC taking that name is asking for at least a little bit of stick isn’t he? If you like something different in your albums then look no further check out the preview track after the break. Enjoy!

and so it begins…???

As far as i’m concerned this man can do no wrong. Hot on the heels of the superb ‘Like You Never’ comes the just as superb ‘Let’s Start’. Kick Snare & An Idea part 2 is out now and its not a exactly a wallet buster either so support, support!.

little brother’s little brother and another brother


Farewell To Fair Game has been on repeat via my headphones for a while now. A ode to hip hop (to borrow a song title) is the name of the game and to that end these guys definitely do not disappoint. The samples aren't exactly original but the way they are utilised is very original and Maurice's quick witted style has kept my eardrums in tune for the last few days (am I the only one who can hear a hint of Jigga in there?). A soulful, easy to get into and ever so slightly quirky piece of freeness for the masses. Don’t sleep. Enjoy!

LittlestBrother & Maurice Daniel – Fairwell To Fair Game