Dont Drop It!

Catch The Beat is the first official video from the double LP, Back To The Booom by Man Of Booom

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that house on stilts by the sea on grand designs was gorgeous

I absolutely love Granville Sessions new(ish) album, Forward and in Giuseppe Falcone they have an in house beatsmith that will surely become a go to guy for all and sundry sooner or later. Enjoy!

that's a rap for 2013

Mystro is back with his now customary Rap Up for 2013. Loving the So Solid Crew line! Enjoy

let's all have a laugh (you too michael)!!!!!

I felt like a laugh so i posted this. Enjoy!

carry on again....again doctor

After not hearing hide nore hair from this guy for more than a year, he turns Father Christmas and drops off a present on Christmas day (i was late unwrapping it). Typically straight Hip Hop with that ever so slight quirk that he seems drawn to. Niceness & Freeness. Enjoy!

the man just keeps on bowling me over (geddit?)

Sonnyjim can do no wrong. My favourite MC who spits pure fire. This time he borrows one of Chemo's gargantuan catalogue of superb beats. This is too bloody short Jim. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim - Roy Munson