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I've been championing Small Pro every time he lets a new project loose. His latest is an instrumental album & his 1st official release. Slow Bus takes instrumentals to a new level. This isn't simply a collection of beats that should have lyrics over them. This album takes the album part of the equation more seriously than the instrumental part. The drum patterns & sample arrangements are constantly changing during songs & there is always a story of sorts actually taking place within each track. It's only a matter of time before this guys name is being seen regularly on album credits.

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Small Professor's Crooklyn Gangster Instrumentals

Pajozo Q and A

Having eulogised my love of the beats concocted by my man pajozo for his project with K. Sparks (check the freeness), i decided to propose a little Q&A. This is the result.

So give me a bit of a musical background of yourself. your 1st hip hop experience, how you got into making beats, tell the good people a little about yourself.

When I was a kid I used to listned alot to my dad's cd collection, Jimi Hendrix & BB King among others, later I got my hands on a Soul compilation & that’s when I fell in love with soul sound.

My first real Hip Hop experience was when I was about 8 years old, and my friend's older brother had bought the Wu-Tang Forever double cd. I remember sitting in their living room when he came in and started playing it, and I was totally stunned by it. I had never heard anything like it before, and I loved it. From that day on I always listened to Hip Hop.

The beat making started about 3 years ago. I always wanted to make music/beats, so I decided to give it a try. So I started to play around with it, and later on I got better and started to get positive feedback, so I just kept going.

I notice you hail from Stockholm, while K.'s Myspace reads, Jamaica queens. was this a Foreign Exchange type of hook up & how did the collabo 1st come about?

We got in touch on Myspace, and I really dug his music and style, so I asked him if he wanted to collaborate and he did. So I started to send him beats, and we did a couple of song together until we decided to form a group.

Its obvious from your use of samples that you are a real crate digger. who would you consider major influences on your work & whos music, hip hop or otherwise is getting your juices flowing right now?

My main influence is Hip Hop between 1993-1999, for example D.I.T.C., Keith Murray, Ras Kass, Gang Starr and of course Wu-Tang, all kind of sweet Soul from the early 70’s til 75. Plus a lot of old Blues and Reggae as well.

With that last question in mind, obviously you & K have made the strides to embrace the internet age of hip hop with both hands. What do you think of the current state of hip hop as a whole & what would you say to artists who continue to ignore the change in hip hop as a whole?

I think the internet is a great tool to spread your music to people and connect with other artists etc. If there wasn’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be working with K. Sparks for example.

I think that Hip Hop need’s to be rescued from all this money-bling-bling-souljahboy bullshit. Cuz those songs that they play on the radio that aint Hip Hop, that's Hip Pop. We need to draw a line so people don’t get confused by what is Hip Hop and what isn't. I have no problem with people liking Soulja Boy or that kind of music, but DON’T call it Hip Hop, cuz it isn’t.

i'm not gonna lie, the 1st thing i did when i played Definition was to marvel at your beats skills. are there gonna be anymore collabos in the future & are there some projects from yourself in the pipeline or anyone else from your part of the world that we should be looking out for?

At the moment im putting together beats for mine and K. Sparks new project, that is gonna be released next year. Im also working with a couple of artists here in Sweden, rappers and a reggae artists. Maybe gonna Im put my own mixtape together aswell and put some dope features on it. We'll see.

Well, there you have it. Short, sweet & to the point. Now peep a brother's beat skills on the Definition freeness to the right (or Here)

Pajozo's Myspace

It's that (Nueve) time again!!!

01 K-Murdock & Nueve- Intro
02 Black Milk Feat. Royce 5 9- Losing Out
03 Statik Selektah Feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda & Chaundon- On The Marquee
04 Reef The Lost Cauze- I Wonder
05 Butta Verses Feat. Joell Ortiz- Rock Mics
06 Evidence Feat. Phonte, Blu & Will.I.Am- For Whom The Bell Tolls
07 Big Shug- Bring It Back
08 The P Brothers Feat. Roc Marciano- Outta Control
09 East Coast Avengers Feat. Termanology & Apathy- Vengeance
10 K. Sparks- Ambition
11 U-N-I Feat. Big Pooh, Evidence, Aloe Blacc, Mickey Factz, Fashawn, Theo & Kes Kaos- Beautiful Day (Remix)
12 Saigon- Bad Mind
13 Statik Selektah Feat. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli- Talkin Bout You (Ladies)
14 Jake One Feat. Little Brother- Bless The Child
15 Critical Feat. Lil Vic- Whatcha Say
16 Incise Feat. Tunji- True Greatness
17 Q-Tip Feat. D'Angelo- Believe
18 Statik Selektah Feat. Torae, Sha Stimuli & Jon Hope- Destined To Shine
19 88 Keys Feat. Evidence, Rakaa, Aceyalone & The Alchemist- Fresh Rhymes & Video Tape Anthem
20 Black Milk Feat. Pharoah Monch, Sean P & DJ Premier- The Matrix
21 Heltah Skeltah- Ruck N Roll
22 Nueve Outro

Yep, my man's back at it with another batch of nicely spun niceness. Enjoy!

Nueve - Hip Hop 17


UK heads should know who Clarity is (SFDB, Secondson...). Well he is giving away his latest creation, The Properganda Pulse, for free. This is seriously top notch stuff. Don't forget to thank the man. Enjoy!

Clarity - The Properganda Pulse

Clarity's Myspace

More freeness. This time it comes courtesy of J. Natural. Female MC's always seem to get overlooked these days. This girl can spit & the lead vid's a nice head nod so check it out too. Enjoy!

J. Natural & DJ Ray Ray Raw - Sez, Lies & Sextape

J. Natural's Myspace

DJ Ray Ray Raw's Myspace

Ladies & Gentlemen.... Boys & Girls

More quality freeness for the good people. This time in the form of The Gent$. Pugz, Wes & Illy clearly have great taste in women too. Enjoy!

The Gent$

Food Glorious Food....

Second in the series. Foreign Beggars, Manage, Kashmere, Skinny Man, Mr. Ti2bs, M9, MCD, Super Novar, Shameless & More. If that list doesn't get you interested, nothing will. But just in case......Enjoy!

Terra Firma - Git Down Remix

Kashmere, Ghost & Verb T - Invisible

Foreign Beggars ft. Aqueel - 2nd Hand Contraband

Food 4 Da


RA The MC A Trip To Neptune drops November 27th. The Announcement, is the obligatory appetite wetter. Enjoy!

RA The MC - The Announcement

Samo kicks bum

Skit Slams album, A Blessing On Disguise, sounds like it's gonna be worth the wait judging by this track that Cymarshall Law sent me in the mail. Featuring Cy & Sticky Fingaz (Sticky ain't happy). Plus November 4th sees Cy dropping a new project of his own called Hip Hop 4 Da Soul. He's got KRS-One & Supastition on there too. Anyway. Enjoy!

Skit Slam & The Beatniks - Just Like You ft. Cymarshall Law & Sticky Fingaz

Cymarshall Law's Myspace

Not Bone Idle

More quality freeness, this time from Cross Bone T. Never really heard anything from this guy until now. Silly me., this is nice. Some really clever wordplay & he keeps things real. No glorification found here. Give him some thanks. Enjoy!

Cross Bone T - The Vault Vol. 1

Cross Bone T's myspace

Great Stuff

I've recently noticed that whenever I have used any kind of comparison of 1 artist to another, I always apolgise before doing so. But having thought about it why should I have to. Its not my fault that the source of said comparisons are so god at what they do, that I turned to them in the 1st place. Upon hearing illustrate's flow & finding out that he is white the obvious comparison will be made regardless of the fact a cockney accent is present here. Whether it be a help or a hindrance, it doesn't change the fact that's this is one seriously talented MC. Fortunately, Ills only lyrical misstep comes in the 1st 15 seconds of the very 1st track. The hook from My Hat is not good enough for someone of his ability. From then on its uphill all the way as everyday tales of life in london are intricately weaved into a fondness for a fitted cap. Social conciousness is at the forefront of this album, with UK strife, getting through a stressful day & the powers that be all covered & then some. The album sound is also very well constructed. Varied without alienating the listener, cohesive without becoming monotonous. 90's reminiscent Boom Bap drums are joined by guitars on a frequent basis, which on UK shores makes for a fresh & seldom used approach. One necessary facet of a great MC as oppose to a good one, is being able to tell a story. With tracks like Work, Broke & Relax, an ability to construct great songs from everyday scenarios is abundant. UK Hip Hop has always been the afterthought of the UK mainstream & It always irks me that people still make music judgements based on the colour of someones skin with Hip Hop being where its most prevelant (Racism does go both ways). But as technically sound as Jehst & Braintax are, Illustrate has what it takes to bring both of these issues to the radio friendly forefront. Eminem did it for the US (with mixed results) but whether Ill is given the tools to do so over here remains to be seen.

p e a c e

Illustrate - The Stuff selection

The 8:10 will be arriving shortly

Someones been busy. My man 810 got an album in the pipeline. More info as i get it but for now, check these out.

Double J.

2 quality pieces of freeness from J. Nolan. I'm rather embarassed that it has taken me about a week to actually listen to these. Superb raw Jazz Hop goodness. from someone I will now be expecting to see more of the same from in the future. The beats he's borrowed fit very well & the original beats are top draw (especially the Chubb Rock send up J). Enjoy!

J, Nolan's Myspace

To infinity, & beyond!!!

Got this in the mail. Infinite brings Dom Pachino along for the ride too so you know its definately worth the download. Be sue to pass by the mans myspace & show him some support.

Infinite - Best Of 2 Seasons: Aquarius/Gemini

Infinite Elite's Myspace

DInner Time!!!

New track from The Gents. Pugz, Wes & Ills' album drops October 21st. Until then here another little bit of freeness from said album.

The Gents - Supper Time pt. 2

Issue One

The 2nd issue is here people. click the pic (or Here) for your monthly dose of niceness. Interview with Freddie Joachim. Plus Lone Cats, Mr. J Medeiros, french musical magicians Hocus Pocus and more.......

Too many sweets means bad Teef

New EP by Teef & Toes. As well as some real nice music, you get 2 desktop wallpapers & an accapella track, just in case you fancy a remix. Don't forget to say thanks. Feeling the artwork bigtime too. Click the pic to find out about the artist.

Teef & Toes - REI EP

Teef Online

Teef's Myspace

Does anyone still wear Tag Hauer watches?

Check the production credits & tell me if this ain't nice. This dudes been quite busy lately. I just hope that he hasn't used all of his best stuff on the mixtape. Probably not since his EP, which is due in november is entirely produced by Black Milk. Nice one for the hook up Dub. Enjoy!

Intro Speech
02. The Campaign (Produced By Magnif)
Champagne Bottle Flow (Produced By Ski Beatz)
Stylin On 'Em (Produced By Black Milk)
Grammy Family (Freestyle) (Produced By Kanye West)
Back To It (Produced By Magnif)
Pipe Down (Produced By Black Milk)
Forfeit (feat. Marv Won & Quest M.C.O.D.Y) (Produced By Black Milk)
American (Freestyle) (Produced By Will-i-am)
Bang Dis Shit (feat. Black Milk) (Produced By Black Milk)
Neva Heard Neva Seen (feat. ONPoint) (Produced By ONPoint)
12. The Beaten (Produced By Black Bethoven)
The Lookout (feat. Black Milk & Fat Ray) (Produced By Black Milk)
Rambo Rap (feat. B.Stormz) (Produced By B.Stromz)
Say Somethin' (feat. Black Milk & Slim S.D.H) (Produced By Black Milk)
Red Alert (Produced By Black Milk)
Hollywood Divorce (Freestyle) (Produced By Andre 3000)
Outro Speech

Dub MD presents Nametag - Classic Cadence: Vol. 1