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my fav episode of supernatural featured….


Now here’s a name I haven’t heard in it’s own right for a while. Baron Samedi is back with a new lead off track for his new long player ‘Wanderland’. Hip Hop’s choppy electro synths are not what I was expecting but the track is nice and Baron S can spit! Enjoy!

Download: Baron Samedi – Hip Hop (Edit)

my IQ’s Gone up


Damn!!! Even when Ramson isn’t the developer in chief (this time he is part of a trio) of a project he’s still killin’ em. DJ Gone & DJ IQ have looped some very recognisable sample loops for Ramson (and friends) to tear up. Su-Bloody-Perb.

lets have a beer


Finally Sean Boogs newness has arrived. Light Beers Ahead Of You is real nice. Laced by 9th Wonder, Boogs P’n’C Khrysis, E. Jones and Amp. Plus it’s free so grab this people! Enjoy!

Sean Boog – Light Beers Ahead Of You

move over Punk

I had actually wondered how someone would sound going over this track since the first time I heard it. I must say that this freestyle also shows the current state of play on both sides of the Hip Hop atlantic. Whatever your taste, the boundaries between Hip Hop and other genres are forever being blurred over here. Sway goes at it over Daft Punks standout cut from there superbly atmospheric Tron: Legacy score. Superb.

comfortable? then let us begin


Got this in the mail today. Illset Infantry are a new name for me to get acquainted with as well as you peepz. So far so good. Sample the niceness below then grab the freeness.

light up the streets


This is the cover for what is apparently, going to be Mike Skinners last album. I’ve got all the other 4 and loved all of them and if the 1st single, Going Through Hell, is anything to go by i’m going to feel the same about this one. This guy is one talented dude. Peep the evidense below!

not an epilogue

One thing I have to give Stylah props for …. is originality. After the overtly ironic clip for the Anti-Gun track Killa, He comes back with ‘Prologue’. Stylah enlists a platoon of the UK scenes finest custodians to cover his video duties for him. superb! The Album, Treading Water is available now… and that’s nice too!

wow! album giveaway of the year?


Iron Braydz’ Devil May Cry is easily on of the UK’s best releases of recent times. Critically acclaimed and super nice, Braydz is giving it away for free. Check Out his new site (and the clip for Golden Legacy), join the mailing list and download the album for free. Don’t delay peepz!

no love drug


Dope is right. I just bought this somewhat short single track mixtape for precisely 64p and I must say, if this is just their mixtape then the album should be…. Dope. Exec produced by Aceyalone, Love On Hiatus is out soon… I hope. ch ch check it out!

he’s a baaaad boooy








Every time I discover something I haven’t heard before from Ramson I cant Stop Eulogising about it. This time it is these three tasty morsels I found while scouring the youtube heavens. The man spits pure venom and pretty much owns every track he cameos on. His 1st 2 mixtapes are absolute class and an album will surely follow the same path. peep the evidence here and via previous posts.

oh devourer of planets, where art thou?

The cosmic sexcapades of Galaktus…. as told by Kashmere. As soon as I heard that Zygote and Jazz-T were the beatsmiths on the album my copy was on its way. Order Yours HERE. Enjoy!

use this Stencil


It’s finally here! M9’s latest opus Orion’s Stencil is now available for free via bandcamp. Or you can Support, Support! and buy one of 200 signed copies for only £4.00. You done know i’m ordering mine!!! peep the new clip too. Enjoy!


M9’s Bandcamp/Orion’s Stencil

WTF: i’ll leave pink to my princess

20101126-LILNICKII don’t usually comment on such errr…. trivial matters but I was a biiig Lil Kim fan back in the day and I can’t believe I missed the oh so obvious comparisons with Hip Hops current sex kitten (sneaky), Nicki Minaj. In case ‘you didn;t know. Lil’ Kim has seen fit to school Nicki on the hierarchy of the Hip Hop vixen. You can Peep that below. But was the diss warranted in the first place. On Nicki’s Romans Revenge track, some people thought there was a disparaging reference to Kim. Nicki herself insists that this is untrue but Kim isn’t having that. But I have to ask, why would Nicki diss someone who paved the way for her to do what she does now. The picture above is a case in point. Is Nicki simply paying homage to the Queen Bee with that pose or firing a warning shot? Those of you with a high 70 or low 80 in your birth year will remember the fuss kicked up in some quarters when Kim’s Hardcore album cover first appeared. It’s saying something that Nicki can now adopt the same pose with practically no opposition as to her state of  (un)dress whatsoever. All the comments are clearly divided between Nicki showing respect to her ‘elders’ or Kim’s age. WTF has her age got to do with anything. No one disses a 40 year old Jay-Z when he decides to go at it. it’s this automatic ageist discrimination towards women that seems to be prevalent nowadays. We have that same problem here in the UK with the BBC’s obvious discrimination towards older female presenters in certain roles. I’m not sure if Nicki was dissing Kim or not but either way Nicki is on a win/lose. The younger Hip hop community will side for her because they have no idea of what Lil Kim represents for the FeMC. While the majority of the older heads will invariably side with Kim because the original is more often that not, the best. Make no mistake. Lyrically judging by the diss, Kim is getting better with age. As far as Nicki goes, i’ve listened to some of her stuff and personally Kim was better but more publicity means more sales. The label bosses must be loving it. peep the diss!

“tricks is for kids silly rabbit you my offspring…”

these trees ain’t for smoking


Indie Hip Hop. Not done very often. Maybe because it rarely works. The BC Trees have got it down to a fine art. Hip Hop serves as the spine while the Indie/funk sounds are built around it. As I always say, i loooove live instrumentation on Hip Hop. Partake & Enjoy!

the Stencils in school weren’t like this

These man dem will never lose their ear for the beats of yester year. Now if I can just remember the origin of this one (thinking…). Orion’s Stencil drops November 30th.

something to look forward to

Now this track is my ish right now!!! Time to pre-order the album.

New Antiheroes video and a chat with Lee Scott

Man,powdered fucking water, brilliant illness.

[Lee Scott]Thanks g, where the fuck are u nowadays anyway

new zealand place called glenorchy where they all like riding horses.

[Lee Scott]oh slick how is it

mountainous with farms, lakes. Very quiet, it has a population of like...400
locals = nut jobs

[Lee Scott]
like the place we shot the video
in switzerland

its mad u shot that in switzerland, how did that come about?

[Lee Scott]my boy lives out there, the dude who started blah with me back in liverpool in 06, he now lives in switzerland, well he's from there, he works for the biggest studio in swiss, in europe actually

so he shot the video? or he hooked you up with a director?

[Lee Scott]produced it, hooked the directors etc that crop field is literally 2 seconds from his door

2 seconds? haha shiiiit. nice, nice, the video is mad different from anything ive seen before.

[Lee Scott]no shit u walk out his doorturn left and there it is

what crops are they? is that where weet-abix come from? weet-a-bix crops?

[Lee Scott] think so yeah think they was shredded wheat crops

shredded wheat is decent, but i'd rather bump powdered water than eat them shits
so mensah did the beat?

[Lee Scott] molotov

oh yeah, mensah gets a shout out, molotov yeah, wheres that dude from? im interested in checking more of his ish

[Lee Scott]he's from switzerland, he dont have anythin out tho, i mean he done some shit for skinnyman way back, like some remix shit, but nothin out yet.
trust he's got an album on the way....he's mad stealthy, hes been doin it since he was twelve.

Ah, I see, so whats next for the antiheroes?
EP? LP? cus its been mad long waiting for this release

[Lee Scott]dunoo man to be honest but yo his (Molotov) album so far... ft roc marciano, young zee, pacewon, gdp, craig g, prince po, planet asia, sean price, rustee juxxx, d-stroy, phil da agony and loads i know ive missed
oh and the dude from fu shnickens

whaaaaat?....damn this sounds mighty fucken tasty is it all mad under wraps?
like hush hush shit

[Lee Scott]yeah hush hush shhhh shit lol

so nothing set in stone for the antiheroes then?

[Lee Scott]nothing really, salar is living in london right now
i'm still squatting in runcorn, salar got a few solo tracks in the studio that have yet to be heard

right right, still cold saggin?

[Lee Scott]never stopped, cold sag stoned swag, a way of life

for sure ha. oh yeah, macabre brothers 2nd lp? did i dream about that or is it real?

[Lee Scott]it is very real, working on a seperate deal for that one right now though, trust me that shit is dumb. gonzo lyricism! featuring craig g, ramson badbonez and the cotd click, production from hekla of squid ninjaz, me, sly moon, reklews and more
too many tracks, i listened to it for the first time right through last week in the studio. i forgot about half of it, it's my favourite album ever.

wow, release date?

[Lee Scott]still not sure, as i said still workin on a deal for that one, it's not going to be coming out on blah
we got some christmas give away though, mcabre got like 200 songs in the vaults

wow, ok, so theres always some shit in the pipeline then.....200 tracks? fuck man. u never sleeping i guess haha

[Lee Scott]were going to put a free download ep up for christmas to say thanks to everyone for showing us so much support! mcabre christmas!
yeah no doubt, i got another EP I recorded in york, just slamming out another deal for that one with a friend up in scotland, killin it!
i can't say too much about this ep yet as far as guest spots as were still working on the last track for it, but its going to be fire! produced by myself and maximus quackhandle who is a good friend of mine and helped me put out 2 albums in the past, always been there behind the scenes helpin out. basically i hitched to york sagged out and made some einstein shit.
its called peppered moth soup

damn, theres alot going on,im excited

[Lee Scott]man, thats not really half of it
we got reklews - rekstrumentals vol. 1 which is basically just a collection of beats from various projects rek has been involved in plus some exclusive joints. bill shakes - for goodness shakes ep produced by reklews and myself. monster/hekla got an album i think its called monster's ink, the shit is bananas! then monster got another project he's working on with dutchmaster j or astonishing jonathon for those die hard damned heads! and the man super dertie, straight money shit! nonchelant money moon funk shit. grubbs steadily building some shit too. no doubt i will probably bang out some more shit too. were addicts man!

fuuuuuck, so the whole clique be holdin tight. astonishing jonathon is the dude with the mad voice?

[Lee Scott] thats probably barebase your thinking of

ah, barebase, wheres he at?i wanna hear some shit from him too

[Lee Scott]barebase is the man, he's featured on the mcabre lp, as is astonishing or dutchmaster j as he now goes by
barebase will one day pop up with the greatest album you ever heard, but he's a real real wordsmith and perfectionist with his writing, eventually his album will drop and jeeeez its over

oh no....over...? what happens when its over though? i

[Lee Scott]blue screen, then we start again

hahaha, fucken blue screen, make a track about the blue screen, that can signify it being over

[Lee Scott]man so much shit i forget about half of it
im pretty sure ive missed some other stuff too

Powdered Water

This is it, pretty much the perfect soundscape that captures your attention, neck snapping head nod - check. Sharp word play - check. General dopeness - check.
Lee Scott and Salar deliver, after a much, much, much anticipated release. At least this is what i've been waiting for. Its finally here, and its fukkkkkeeenn brilliant.
The beat has a hint of eastern european flea markets and southern soulful country feelings. Kinda like a drinking session with Son House in a Bulgarian pub, at least thats how I felt when I closed my eyes and bumped it. The lyrical swords these 2 dudes swing aswell....this shit slices.....your ears right off. Lee spins it off with an off kilter approach and immediately its hitting you. His style is ridiculously fresh. I rate it word for word. Salar doesnt ease up either with some lovely lovely rhymes. Brilliant.

the love Below #2

Above-Below - - Two Sides - - A-B Two Sides Digi Front

QUALITY! Hip Hop / Jazz Fusion never sounded so good. I lauded these guys in a previous (HERE) post with regards to their ‘Above /Below EP’. The new full length album, Two Sides, is more of the same great sound. Live instrumentation is my bag and Two Sides is a Louis Vuitton. To top it off you can neme your price via bandcmp, with no minimum. But if you don’t intend to pay then make sure you spread the word.

Download/Buy: Above/Below – Two Sides

a Huge one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Just done listening to Benny Huge. Dr. Syntax new album is bloomin’ awesome. Pete Cannons got beats. Boom Bap head nods are neatly broken up by futuristic snaps and b-lines. Peep the clip for the first single off the album, Hire Me. Then you can buy it for just £0.70 from HERE.

Bonafide 4orce

issue_04Fiiiiinally!!! The new Bonafide Mag is upon us. To top it all off issue 4 is a UK special. Look at those names on the picture. i’m gonna be doing some fiiiiine reading when my copy arrives. Don’t sleep!

Order your issue 4 here

and the nominees are…


There are a few quality releases still to come this year and one or two of those should be really special. However, i’m gonna call my personal album of the year early. i havent heard an MC suit a sound more than Celph Titled’s voice and flow suit Bucks golden era defining beats. Celphs one liners are LOL stuff and any ‘real’ head worth his salt who isn’t breaking his neck to every beat on the album should have his licence revoked. Nineteen Ninety Now…. Hooooly S%£t!!!

volts, amps, watts & ohms

DJ Vadim hasn’t put a foot wrong since I belatedly discovered him a few years ago. The first single from his new group Electric continues the trend. Pugs Atomz & Sabira Jade make up the trio and the single is out on December 13th. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of the single and as well as the 2 album cuts there are 5 addtional (and funky) mixes. peep he clip!

clear your mind

Ohhhhhhh! So this is what happens when you get one of the UK’s underrated clan and the Krate Krusaders crew (well at least one of them anyway) together in the studio. Over The Great Divide is a socio-political, yet spacey, take on life as we know it (with a few bragging rights thrown in), through the eyes of one of UK Hip Hop’s unsung heroes. Clarity reminds me a bit of Ghostface Killah. In that he puts his rhymes together with some out there phrases thrown into the mix. So there are times when you have to rewind and listen closely to decipher what it is he is conveying. But make no mistake, the method in his madness (ish) is most definitely there for anyone who listens properly to hear. As for Bad Habitz beats, your headphones maybe for Clarity’s rhymes but your stereo speaker were surely made for beats of this kind. I had to take my guinea pig (yes, guinea pig) into another room cause the rumbling b-line was driving him mad. Boom Bap is right with added emphasis on the boom. A very nice 2 pronged attack by Clarity with an album that is easily digested whether your in a mood for beats or lyrics. Superb stuff. Buy it now for £4.00 via Bandcamp or you can grab one of only 100 copies of the CD from the same place (thanks Darren).


!!… got you all in check

(chuckling to myself)…. folks drop mail all the time asking me to check out their music or vid. They know that myself and Mischief like to support unrecognised talent. But lets not confuse you guys, if we don’t like it we ain’t postin’ it! Just being an ‘up-and-coming MC or Beatsmith doesn’t give an automatic post. No i’m not up my own arse i’m just being honest. Most ‘real’ bloggers are the same. Luckily there is waaaay too much superb stuff for any of us to start disappearing anytime soon. The vid above is a perfect example of that. RoQ'y TyRaiD dropped me an ‘electronic’ line. I caught the superb vid and tune ‘Woosah’ and after the good people do the same, you can download his free album, ‘The New Millenium Man’ via the link below. Don’t Sleep!

Download: RoQ'y TyRaiD – The New Millenium Man

i need that… special Delivery

sway delivery 2

It’s here!! Sway is back with another ‘Delivery’. His ability to appeal to all without “selling out”, as they say, is superb. a definite keeper. Enjoy!

Download: Sway – The Delivery

you must learn


Black history month is here. I’m loving the fact that my princess is asking loads of questions about those who enabled her to live the way she does today. For all those that want to go deeper the list of sites below will help. Support, support!

Black History Month UK

Black History Month

Guardian|Black History Month

Black History UK

Hip Hop History

Black Football/Soccer History

Black Political History

Mary Seacole

adventures in Bandcamp #19: viva la… edition

Peep the taster just like I did, break ya neck to the track just like I did, download Revolutionary Rhythm’s ‘Just Listen’ mixtape and wonder to yourself why you haven’t had to pay for such great music, just like I did. Enjoy!

Blackz Thought

Hmmmm. Never heard of this guy, or this beatsmith before but there both nice so check it out.

teach the children


Young’n’s, get some edutainment. Dubbledge gives a modus operandi on slavery as only he can. Superb stuff. Be on the lookout for his mixtape 'Dubbledge vs The Boondocks', coming soon.

Download: The Making Of A Slave

Support: Save The Children

instant recognition

instance - Fly Ep - cover

Got this in the mail yesterday. Instance is a name i’d never heard of before yet he already has one album under his belt. This EP is the precursor to the second album due soon. Enjoy

Download: Instance – Fly EP

Blacc Koy found


I’m sure the regulars out there were feeling Koyto’s Forth & Back series (2 deep so far) to date. If you haven’t checked for those yet click his tag. But before you do, you should peep these remixes first. The Spanish beatsmith continues to do it very well indeed. Enjoy!









adventures in Bandcamp #18: forceful Souls edition

1306173017-1 Clear Soul Forces _ Departure EP (2010)









Clear Soul Forces have 2 superb releases available. First out is Clear Soul Radio which was actually put out back in February (I guess quite a few of the blogger brethren overlooked that one). Then the new EP, Departure. Damn these guys have a great ear for beats! and yes they can spit too. Enjoy!

Clear Soul Forces – Departure EP

Clear Soul Forces – Clear Soul Radio

another Soul-ful Pete


Soulpete is another talented beatsmith from the vintage beats stable (they’ve got quite a gathering over there). If you like your Boom Bap this guy should be on your radar. I’ve grabbed a load of top qulaity remixes for the good people to enjoy. So… enjoy!

Soulpete – Remixes: Volume 1

ELEBScrew – Joint Dia Osiedli (Soulpete Remix)


adjustable Spana #1b



So…. a few minutes of diggin’ later I have come up with these little gems. The first track is from a Roux (piano) collabo with Temzki Tema (on the mic), Mario Pras (bass guitar) & Œwiêty Miko³aj on the drums. Sounds reeeeeal nice too. The second track is a track from MArdi Gras’ Podaj Delaj album. Roux on the boards (on some tracks i'm guessing) with Temzki & Exo. the album, regardless of my lack of understanding of the Polish language, is superb. Don’t sleep peepz.

Vibe Quartet – Ms. Fat Booty 3
Mardi Gras - Nie_Zasypiaj

adjustable Spana #1a

Roux Spana  _  1nce Again [The Remixes](2009)

I’m real late on this guy people. But for those that still aren’t aware, Roux Spana is going to be a veeeery busy man. His 1nce Again remix album is a collection of some of the best beats i’ve heard for quite a while. His discography goes back to 2003/4. I’ve got some (electronic) crate diggin’ to do for sure. i’m loving this guys sound. Do not let this guy’s music pass you buy.

Roux Spana - 1nce Again: The Remixes

New Blueprint

<a href="">Blueprint Who (Free Version) by BLUEPRINT</a>

Heres a good idea, similar to what Radiohead did with "In Rainbows" you type in the amount of money you wish to pay and there is no minimum. Plus the EP is kinda dope. Some of blueprints best beats yet. CANTSTOP!

Opus - The Save Me Gallery

<a href="">THE SAVE ME GALLERY - DJ by the OPUS</a>

The Music Speaks for itself. This is bonafide dope. Cantstop.....

adventures in bandcamp #17: the study hard edition


That’s the beauty of Bandcamp. You discover one new album, then you look down the right side of the page and discover 4 or 5 more. Sean E. Depp has just put out a real nice free street album called Catharsis. But since he is a part of The Understudies crew, there are many more goodies too. Enjoy!

Download: Sean E Depp - Catharsis

viva la Ghettolucion!!!


Mark Anthony’s Ghettolutionary came at me pretty much out of leftfield but is well worth a listen, especially as you can name your price for the album (no minimum). Check it out.

Download: Mark Anthony - Ghettolutionary

aaaaahh, Precisely

I’m really diggin’ this track. so i’m ordering the album. plenty of nice folks joining him on there too. Dubbledege, Skrein, King Kaiow & Ed Strong. peep the vid. Plus i’m loving the album title too (shallow i know).

Buy: A Hip Hop Head In A Brit Pop World

where others fear to Tread


Buy: Stylah – Treading Water

podcast #1

STWP#1 cover

Just a Little something i decided to start putting together. A tracklist with links to the artists download/music/website/blog is below. Enjoy!

Podcast #1

1. Intro
2. Stylah - Girl Is Mine feat. Tony D   [LINK]
3. Stig Of The Dump - U Want Some   [BUY]
4. Kev Turner - The Breaks   [GRAB]
5. Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates   [LINK]
6. Batsause - A Lady In Summerfeat. Dillon   [GRAB]
7. Loudmouth Melvin - Total Package   [GRAB]
8. Jyager - 24/7   [GRAB]
9. Brandon - I'm In Love feat. M.E.R.C & Trumaine Lemar   [GRAB]
10. J. Nolan - Inner City Beauty   [GRAB]
11. Real Talk & Authentik Made - Episode 2: The Bandwagon   [GRAB]
12. Prose feat. Ed Strong & King Kaiow of The IRS   [GRAB]
13. Tom Johnz – Henny   [GRAB]
14. Terrence Franklin - A League Of Their Own feat. Nine30   [GRAB]
15. Ramson Badbonez - Let Ya Self Go   [BUY]
16. Funky DL - Rhymin' 76 feat. Dukus Alemay & DJ Stixx   [LINK]
17. The Lyricists - Come On   [GRAB]
18. Mystro - Around My Way   [BUY]
19. Deluusionists - Super Lyrical Excursion Pt. 2 (Figment Remix)   [GRAB]
20. Benjamin Diggins - Fiended Up feat. Foreign Beggars & Simon Amon [BUY]
21. The Natural Movement - We Are F...   [GRAB]
22. Outro

adventures in Bandcamp #16: Doors edition


Figment takes on some UK Hip Hop niceness and gives them The Doors sample treatment. The outcome is very good indeed. definitely worth checking out.

Download: Figment – Love H.E.R Madly

a definitive Example

51Wa6U OxdL._SS500_

You have probably noticed that lengthy reviews have al but disappeared on the blogs. There are only so many times i can think of different ways of saying the same things… over ….and over…. and over again. I have however, continued to shed light on all the good music I discover on my electronic travels. And so it is Funky DL who, once again, shows the good people how top quality JazzHop is put together. I can’t believe it has taken me until now to give this album a full front to back listen. Superb stuff. check out his Hip Hop hero tribute, ‘My 20’ as a taster. Do Not Sleep peepz!

Funky DL – My 20

adventures in Bandcamp #15


Discovered a few Tom Johnz stuff. And once I saw Best Kept Secret’s moniker on the beat credits i had to grab these. I’m now waiting in anticipation for Kickz Kush N Coogi. Coming soon (i hope)

Henny/Do What I Must/Don’t Leave Me

still standing

My man Scuba Steve is back with the second podcast of his Standup Worldwide series. Von Pea, The IRS, SAS, Black Milk, Mohammed Yahya & Bodega MAn are amongst those that can be found on the project. Enjoy!

jammy b@$?£#d


Jam Baxter first tweaked my eardrums with his now hood rich ‘Champion Fraff’ (if you don’t know, get familiar). Now the double CD laden and superbly titled ‘Rinse Out Friday/Spack Out Monday’ is being readied to hit the streets. I’ve been spinning it for a couple of weeks now and it is inventive, entertaining stuff. Until you too can partake and enjoy, you can grab a track off of the ‘Spack Out Monday’ disc. ‘Banana Shaped Armour Plates’ (another superb title) should wet the appetite. Enjoy!

Download: Banana Shaped Armour Plates

no assumptions please

The full vid is coming soom. Kep ‘em peeled