An American Asher in London

Yesterday Ash dropped this while on UK publicity duty.

Soulculture TV

I can’t wait for…




4.0 x 2


Music so good he compiled it twice. Toolz is back with double the head nods. Enjoy!


101 - The ARE - Iran [Intro]
102 - Black Milk - In the A.M
103 - DJ Honda - Magnetic Arts (feat. Mos Def)
104 - J-Live - Super Good (prod. by Domingo)
105 - Sareem Poems - Tell It
106 - Charlie Ross - Love&Change
107 - Kam Moye - Step by Step
108 - D.O - Bully (prod. by Marco Polo)
109 - Atmosphere - Mother's Day
110 - Rapsody, Thee Tom Hardy & D-Mal - Shine (prod. by 9th Wonder)
111 - Pseudo Slang - Bedouin
112 - Brown Bag AllStars - The City Never Sleeps
113 - ScholarMan - In My Life
114 - Bambu & Fatgums - Peddlin' Music
115 - Emskee - Why's Gotta Be Like That
116 - Breez Evahflowin - Dot Dot Dot
117 - David Lee - Restructure the Case
118 - DJ Spinna - New York (Duck for Cover) (feat. Jigmastas)
119 - Shabaam Sahdeeq - Nite Time (feat. Sadat X & Steele)
120 - KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills (prod. by llmind)
121 - OJ Simpson (Madlib & Guilty Simpson) - Coroner's Music
122 - Capone-N-Noreaga - Follow the Dollar (Small Pro Remix)
123 - K-Def - Preying Mantis [Outro]


201 - CanBeatz - Lanetli Büyücü [Intro]
202 - Rakim - Holy Are You
203 - Raekwon - House of Flying Daggers (feat. Deck, Ghost & Meth) (prod. by J Dilla)
204 - Swollen Members - Red Dragon
205 - Felt (Slug & Murs) - Protagonists
206 - The Roots - How I Got Over
207 - Dialek - Sincerely
208 - J.R. & PH7 - Across the Globe and Back (feat. Caucasian)
209 - Quite Nyce - This Is My Life
210 - Grey Matter - The Problem
211 - Jern Eye - So and So (feat. Guilty Simpson) (prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
212 - Nametag - Courtesy of Ambition (prod. by Black Milk)
213 - Grynch - Right Now
214 - The Niyat - Iraqnoid Ninjahz (feat. Tabu)
215 - DJ Honda - KGR & Honda (feat. Kool G Rap)
216 - Nut-Rageous - Wat's Poppin (feat. KL) (DJ Brans France Remix)
217 - Kev Brown & yU - Marvelous (O.G. Mix)
218 - Skyzoo - Beautiful Decay (prod. by 9th Wonder)
219 - Fresh Daily - Me First (feat. Tanya Morgan) (prod. by Analogic)
220 - Statik Selektah - Critically Acclaimed (feat. Lil Fame, Saigon & Sean Price)
221 - Prince Po & D Strong - Get Off the Playground
222 - 100dbs - Long Island and Jersey (feat. Sirah & Hicoup) (Small Pro Remix)
223 - J. Rawls - Requiem for Brooklyn [Outro]

Watch out now


Sorry Laks my man. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get this one up. Enjoy peepz!

01. Whygee & Sunkenstate - Hustle And Flow(prod: Kid Hum)
02. Rhyme Asylum - The Uprising (Produced By Don K-Sen)
03. BURNTmd - Good Guys(prod: Reef Ali)
04. Cleo - Table Has Turned ft Syster Sol(prod: King Al)
05. Caligula - Savings Withdrawal ft Lyrikal(prod: The Don)
06. Adebisi - 80s babies(prod: Ren)
07. iLLite - Classic s**t (prod: by Mules)
08. Solo For Dolo - The Joint RAW cuts Dj Total Eclipse(exclusive)
09. Dubshot Brothers - Write 2 Remember(prod: qb beats)
10. Indefinate Etticate - Dark Side(prod: Ken Houston)
11. Rare Jewelz - Top Gun(prod: Klarity and Denz)
12. Sunkenstate & Naeem Oba - Keep It(prod: GoodKnight)
13. Allyawan - Grind Or Die(prod: Kids on DMT)
14. 40Love - Interlude (G-Off PSA) cuts by Dj Whooligan(prod: Mikos)
15. Sk8board Squeez - Vampire(prod: Midi Mafia)
16. Clarissa Santiago - Clarissa of Death(prod: Ralph Random)
17. Rugged N Raw - Smashmouth Music(prod: JJ The Jenius)
18. Awar & iCON the Mic King - Sparks Fly(prod: Vanderslice)
19. Dan Bull - Thistopia(prod: Dan Bull)

From The States To Overseas Volume 1



words by M. L. N. Rook

“This week's 'Off The Shelf' installment was actually requested through Twitter. You may know the song "So Far" in the instrumental version that is included on City Lights Vol. 1.5, or in the remix version that is included on The Dutch Masters Vol. 1, but the original vocal version is a little less known. The song, performed by Ilwil (Donwill and Ilyas) featuring Jameze, was recorded around 2002, during what you could call our Okayplayer days. I'm sure that we posted it up on The Lesson, and Ilwil included the original version on their 'Beat Thieves Vol. 1 Mixtape', that is no longer in print”.


Ilwil – So Far feat. Jameze

Fine Dyning

Your home is your sanctuary. Whether you work in a studio, a bank, a store, the city or Mcdonalds, the one place where you are always thankful to be after a hard days work... Is Home. Most of my memorable moments in life -good or bad- took place when I was at home.. The Apartment is an album that takes this very theme & takes a deep breathe. With varied subject matter that covers the good and the bad, Dynas has kept family at its core. Real issues are covered throughout from shady relationships to the possible tribulations of childhood & many more in between, which, although may be nothing new, the delivery and execution is second to none. Dynas' ear for beats is superb. Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, and the late J Dilla all lend the considerable talents and this is some of the best work I've heard from all of them for a long time. But as good as they are, none of their work overshadows the charisma and flexibility Dynas' carries from start to finish. One of my new favourite tracks of the year so far, Family Jewels, is a perfect case in point. Buoyed by an on form 'Uncle' Slick Rick and some old school infectiousness, Dy ups his tempo to make the perfect counter for Ricks laid back flow. As is Totally Tanya, that sees a superb opening verse of Ragga tinged niceness. It seems to me that this dude has it all. Thanks to his ear for beats i'd put him in the Ghostface catagory of nice. I'd be willing to wager that Dynas' catalogue is gonna grow into something just as consistent as Toney's. Any 'True Head' would be undermining his status if he/she doesn't add this to the collection. Easily one of the years best.

p e a c e

Dynas -Crown Royal

whats my m$%&£r f@#?*!n name


If Black Milk’s involved, i’m involved. Enjoy!

01.) A Million Rappers (Produced By A.Will Productions)
02.) Back On My Sh*t (feat. Skyzoo) (Produced By Black Milk)
03.) The Beat Bang (feat. Quest M.C.O.D.Y) (Produced By Jay Edgar)
04.) Stylin On 'Em (Produced By Black Milk)
05.) About You (Remix) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
06.) Set It (feat. Moe Dirdee) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
07.) Let The Beat Play (feat. B.Stormz) (Produced By Doc Illingsworth)
08.) DJ Graffiti Interlude
09.) Ask Around (Produced By Koyto)
10.) Chips (feat. Fred Knuxx) (Produced By by Sean Ross)
11.) Crash Course (feat. Street Justice) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
12.) Stylin On 'Em (Remix) (feat. Kopelli, Kanglosta, ONPoint & Young Scolla) (Produced By Black Bethoven)
13.) The Matic Track (Produced By Lou Matic)
14.) Ain't I (Produced By B. Franks)
15.) Tag Surfin' (Produced By K.E.)
16.) Courtesy Of Ambition (Produced By Black Milk)

Nametag – Creative Cadence 2

never less than Ill


Illmind is back with a big bang! This is simply awesome stuff. Just think Curtis, all these gems could’ve been yours for the picking….. aaaaah well. Enjoy!

The Official Illmind Remix Album

Fortilive - "Cowboys" featuring 84

Fortilive - "Trunk Pop Music"

Fortilive - "Goin' Thru It"

Illmind’s Myspace

Small Pro


My man Small Pro has been a busy man. Between winning remix contests & finalising his 1st Label backed project (Gigantic Volume 1), these isn’t much left of his time. I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, this guy is one ridiculously talented beatsmith, I highly recommend anything with his name on it. Peep the above for a starting point. And be on the loo out for the album. Enjoy!

Small Professor – Ressurected The Remix

Everybody’s Relaxation


Digital is the way of the walk these days. Everything that the gods of the 1210’s were doing back in the day is being done these days with a decent MAC & some software to go with it.. Hence the logical progression to releasing vinytl tracklistings in a digital format, accapellas & all. Kevin Nottingham, CEO of HIPNOTT Records is going that route. Simple really & the track is nice too. Support, Support!

BUY from iTunes or Amazon

Centre of attention

OTR 4 Front

The ever improving On the Radar series should now be a staple inn most peoples diets. In case the rest of the world doesn’t know, the UK has an abundance of top notch beatsmiths & MC’s. The amount of exclusives alone should get you started. Don’t underestimate the work my man A puts into this series. This latest volume has been a staple in my ears since it arrived in my inbox. Big yourself up A. Click the pic or below & Enjoy!

1. Delusionists: Parallel Worldz feat. Invizible Frenz (CB Exclusive)

2. Chosen Spokesmen: Mad Real (Prod. by Chemo) (CB Exclusive)

3. C-Froo: Financial Times

4. S.Kalibre: English (Prod. by Mike S)

5. Instance: Can't Get Down (Prod. by Mike D) (CB Exclusive)

6. Vee-Kay: Backroad ft. Dead Residents (CB Exclusive)

7. Rapskallions: Battleslang (Mr. Loop Remix) (CB Exclusive)

8. Runamuk: No Gimmicks ft. Unfriendly N’bours & Blaze (Prod. by Terror) (CB Exclusive)

9. Lunar C: Stop Stressin’ (Prod. by Ant Orange) (CB Exclusive)

10. Uncle Dicky: Running On Fumes ft. Nozeeny (Prod. by Lazyb0nes) (CB Exclusive)

11. Nutty P: Why So Serious? (CB Exclusive)

12. Leady: Travelling Man (Prod. by Irn Mnky)

13. Joker Starr: Get Up (CB Exclusive)

14. EdXL: Crocodile Smile (Prod. by Cranky Fatso)

15. 10Shott: Soldier Salute

16. Skinnista & Gadger: Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)

17. The Riddlah: Mind Right (Prod. by Nasty P)

18. Knew Jeru’slum: Dreamcatchers ft. JND (Prod. by Eliphino) (CB Exclusive)

19. 30KB: Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine) (CB Exclusive)

20. JVF Clique: Lose The Chains (CB Exclusive)

Bonus Track: Zion I: Legacy ft. Ty

On The Radar Volume 4