Jason Rose, 2mex & Empuls "Bullets Travel" The Swashbuckler Volume 1 Man...

       A track that no doubt will be overlooked by many but should be acknowledged by all, the beat provides that throwback boombap feeling but doesnt sound like it belongs in that era, all vocals rock hard, modern sounds for a new dawn of music. Big things to come from these guys!                                       

i’m just bad boneded


Ramson gets the remix treatment. No denying the spitters ridiculous ability and the remixes (184, Kashmere, Destro & More)are very well done & strech across the urban spectrum (what?). I’m also loving those Squared Roots t-shirts too! Enjoy!

Ramson Badbones: The Remixes

nice T-Shirts

associated mindfest: part 3 (or what a lovely fruit basket)


Ralph Rip Shit is another of my favourite spitters and he has been away waaaay too long. Surely there is another one on the way? Don’t let the tracks title fool you, Lemonface Basketcase is a mellow piece of summertime sunday drive Hip Hop niceness with a somble melody and vibing horns to boot. Enjoy!

Ralph Rip Shit – Basketcase

associated mindfest: part 2


DJ Moyma has put together an awesome mix of classic & new hardbody Hip Hop for those tha know. Jean Grae, Wu-Tang Clan. Statik Selektah, De a Soul, Black Moon, Metabeats & more can all be found among the 30 track mix. Enjoy!

Microphone Mathematics (mixed by DJ Moyma)

associated mindfest: part 1


Anything involving Sonnyjim is a must grab! I’ve said too many times that the man is a demon. Beatbox Fozzy (aided by Dockmini) provides the type of backdrop that SJ thrives on. Apparently this the first release of Fozzy’s compilation album. If there is more to come like this then bring it on!

Joe Jackson feat. Sonnyjim

kevy kev’s done it again!


A year (or 2) ago Kev Turner Hit me for 6 with Soul City Music. A superb blend of Kevs gruf street narrative and Detayls awesome Boom Bap Soul. This time it’s J-Slant’s turn to marry his talents with Kev’s distinctive flow. I’m at pains to decide which is better but they are both so damn good that I don’t care anymore. Enjoy!

Kev Turner – The Definition

The Buttered Cat Paradox