i just love your jazzy ways…

Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals V1-2-3-4  artwork

Anyone who doesn’t get the greatness of the consistancy of Funky DL’s backing tracks isn’t ready yet. Any of my fellow Jazz Hop fans out there will already be well informed of the instrumentals put forward on this guys work. Well you can now purchase some of DL’s favourite cuts are now available in a 4 part instrumental collection. Just over 50 tracks in total are assembled on bandcamps pages as we speak… write. Plus he’s got a few back catalogue bundle deals too. Check ‘em out!

Cool Classic Jazzstrumentals Vol. !-4

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AAAAAAHHH YEEEEAAAAH!!! This is me right here man! Anyone that waxed super lyrical over the Little Brother & Elzhi collaboration that is Hiding Place When The Minstrel Show dropped is gonna love this. I can’t get enough of this ish man! 9th flips Rose Royce’s original backing to perfection. ENJOY!

Phonte – Not Here Anymore feat. Elzhi

split personalities

From Their Krate Krusaders produced EP, Scribbled Thoughts. Coming soon. 1 more clips after the break. Enjoy!

a very short review

00 Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic-Mode 7-2011-HHB

REVIEW: The best Jazz Hop production I’ve heard for years meshes perfectly with Jun’s silky, at times complex yet laid back flow.

PROS: Glorious soundscape, uplifting vibe.

CONS: Too damn short (more please)

VERDICT: Buy this album! (HERE)

watch the clip after the break and tell me this isn’t awesome stuff

day of the live


Quite simply a glorious representation of the places Hip Hop can be taken. A supremely talented guy. Enjoy!

turn up the volume


Whoa!!! thi came out of nowhere. The IRS have (4 years later) finally released their 2nd album today. I’ll keep it simple. It’s awesome… and its only £4.00 (£5.00 if you want a hard copy too). And in these days for paying £10 - £15 for trash you’d be a fool to turn your nose up at this one.