diggi deluxe

I will say it every time, I am a sucker for live instrumentation in Hip Hop! Mys Diggi is releasing a deluxe version of his superb Mystrogen LP and this is to be one of the extras on there. The Son Veneno band (via Harry Love) on the beat. Emjoy!

every little sticking plaster helps... doesn't it?

The Band Aid project is exactly what it says on the tin. A sticking plaster and oh so partial solution to what could potentially become a global epidemic (no I’m not scaremongering, just stating a point of fact). It was the same with the songs previous incarnations and will be so in the future whenever Sir Bob, or whomever takes the reigns, deems it necessary to once again assemble the Pop music Avengers.

one for all.... and all for one

Logic is back (as if he ever went away). This time he has teamed up with the RU1 Fam to help the masses 'Overstand' via new album, We Are One. Thought provoking, insightful and at times melodic, this is one of those albums that comes completely out of the blue and succeeds in opening many eyes... or in this case the minds eye. oh, and The Last Resort on the beats can't be too bad either can it. More clips and a link after the break. Don't sleep!

bey bey see

So... the Queen 'Bey' has done it again, if recent (and very naughty) photos are to be believed. Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are to be the guest vocalists on volume 2 of Beyonce's self titled, formerly surprising opus. I'm not going to add to what many have already covered regarding the rest of the albums particulars. That can be done when someone outside of Columbia's top brass has actually heard the fruits of Lady Carters labours.